Health benefits of boysenberry


Boysenberry resemble blackberries in shape but they are reddish maroon in color. They are large seeded and juicy berries. These berries are cross between the European raspberry, Logan berry and Pacific berry. Mature berries are sweet in taste but the reddish colored are slightly sour and tangy. Boysenberries are made in jams, jellies, dessert dressings, syrups and spreads. These berries are not available throughout the year and they have less harvest periods. They are rich in Vitamin C but also they have minerals and vitamins which are very important for our health.

You should avoid fresh or frozen boysenberries instead of canned ones so in this way you will avoid the consumption of excess sugar. Excess consumption of boysenberry can lead to diarrhea, acidity and stomach disorders. Those people who are allergic to berries can experience rashes and throat irritation when they consume boysenberries. Also, high amounts of boysenberries can decrease sodium levels in your body which can be dangerous. Canned boysenberries are not diabetic friendly and they can increase your blood sugar levels.

Health benefits of boysenberry

Health benefits of boysenberry

Maintains healthy blood pressure: Boysenberries are rich in potassium and this can help to inverse the levels of sodium in your body. In one cup of boysenberries there are 1.3 mg of sodium and 183 mg of potassium. This will help to regulate the blood pressure and it will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. You should consume one cup of boysenberries in a form of smoothies, snacks or salads on daily basis.

Reduces risk of kidney stones: Boysenberries can reduce the formation of kidney stones. They are rich in dietary fiber so they will ensure a good kidney health by promoting smooth movements in the colon. Boysenberries can help to eliminate problems related to constipation and digestive disorders. These berries can help in the prevention of gallbladder stones. You should consume one serving of boysenberries to reduce kidney problems.

Helpful for pregnant women and babies: Boysenberries are rich in many essential nutrients, such as B – Complex vitamins like folate. This vitamin is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and prevention of neural tubes in fetus. It is known that the folate deficiency can lead to birth defects in babies which will result in neurological disorders and underweight. Pregnant women should consume at least one serving of boysenberries to ensure healthy and safe pregnancy.

Increases bone strength: Boysenberries are rich in Vitamin K which is very important for retaining the calcium levels in the body and improving bone health. The regular consumption of Vitamin K can reduce the chance of getting osteoporosis. It can help to prevent the excess drainage of calcium from urine. You should consume one serving of boysenberries on daily basis in form of smoothies or juices.

Gives you energy: You should consume boysenberries if you had a long and tiresome day. They will pump instant energy in your body. You can make a juice or smoothie with boysenberries and consume it for instant energy.

Healthier vision: Boysenberries have healthy and natural properties which can boost your eye health and they will make you sure that your vision will improve. You should add boysenberries in your daily food to improve your vision.

Prevents diabetes: Boysenberries are rich in Vitamin K which is very important for our bodies. It can help to remove kidney stones. Also, it can help to prevent diabetes and treat it. Boysenberries will improve your overall health and they will make you less susceptible to any disease. You should take at least one serving of boysenberries on daily basis to prevent diabetes.

Good for heart health: You can consume one serving of boysenberries on daily basis in fresh or frozen smoothies because it can prevent any cardiovascular disease or heart related problems. They will boost your immune system and will fight against viruses. Boysenberries will reduce your cholesterol levels and you will be able to have light, healthy and very active life.


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