Stone Fruit: 7 Impressive Benefits

stone fruit

The stone fruit is also known as a drupe. It is a type of fruit that has a large stone in the center. These fruits (called stone fruits) generally belong to the Prunus genus and tend to have thin skin with soft flesh. Stone fruit is one of the most popular fruits all around the world. It is fleshy, tart, and sweet. All of the stone fruits are versatile, tasty, and brimming with important nutrients. They are tied to an impressive list of health benefits, ranging from improved eye health to enhanced immune function.

stone fruit
stone fruits list

There are many different types of stone fruit available, such as mulberries, blackberries, lychee, dates, olives, pluots, coconuts, apricots, green almonds, nectarines, raspberries, plums, apriums, mangoes, cherries, and peaches. The stone fruit is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants and could potentially help enhance bone health, improve immune function, boost weight loss, and more. People, with stone fruit allergy, should avoid stone fruit, because it can trigger symptoms, like swelling, itching, and even anaphylaxis. If you have some food allergy symptoms after consuming stone fruit, you should stop using it. Here are some health benefits of stone fruit:

Improve vision

Stone fruit has a wide array of antioxidants and polyphenols. You can enjoy a few servings of stone fruit on a daily basis because this can help to maintain eye vision and protect against diseases. In some studies are shown that stone fruit could aid in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration, a disease that is affecting nearly 9% of the global population and is considered to be one of the leading causes of blindness among older adults.

Boost weight loss

Stone fruit is low in calories but high in fiber. This makes it a great addition to a well–rounded weight-loss diet. It moves through the body slowly, so increasing your intake of fiber can help you to feel full between your meals and you will fight against cravings and it will enhance weight loss.

Support immune function

You can add a few servings of stone fruit to your daily diet. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet. This is a water-soluble vitamin that doubles as an antioxidant, blocking the buildup of harmful free radicals that contribute to disease. Also, Vitamin C is very important when it comes to immune function. When you get adequate amounts of Vitamin C in your diet, then this can help to reduce the symptoms and decrease the duration of respiratory infections, like the common cold. Also, Vitamin C foods can help to improve outcomes for other conditions as well, including diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia.

High in antioxidants

Stone fruit is rich in antioxidants, which are very important compounds that can help in the fight against free radicals to protect against cell damage and disease. Antioxidants are playing an important role in preventing chronic conditions.

Strengthen bones

Most types of stone fruit are rich in Vitamin K, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that is well–known for its role in blood clotting. Also, Vitamin K is essential for bone health and it can help to prevent serious issues, like osteoporosis, bone loss, and fractures. One study was said that low Vitamin K intake is associated with the decreased bone mineral density in women. In another study was shown that supplementing with Vitamin K can help to protect against fractures in postmenopausal women.

Promotes digestive health

The stone fruit is rich in fiber, which is an essential nutrient and it is involved in several aspects of health. Fiber moves through the intestinal tract undigested, which is slowing the emptying of the stomach and adds bulk to the stool to support regularity. It can help to promote better blood sugar control. It will lower blood pressure and it can keep cholesterol levels in check. Also, a good intake of fiber can help to protect against digestive issues, such as diverticulitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, and acid reflux.


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