Radicchio has insulin which naturally controls the diabetes

Health benefits of radicchio

We all want to add green leafy vegetables in our diet because they are tasty but also healthy. The radicchio is a cousin to the familiar lettuce. It has all the nutrition which will give you many health benefits. The radicchio has bright red color and distinct white veins. This is a cabbage – like vegetable which looks striking beside the other greens. Its color makes it unique but also it is rich in antioxidants. You can use this vegetable interchangeably with other greens in your kitchen. It is known fact that among fruits and vegetables, the red ones are considered as best for the overall good health. When you consume radicchio, then you get a green leafy vegetable for the benefit of a red colored one. This vegetable is rich in zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, copper, iron, selenium, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folic acid. These nutrients are required in our diet because they can supplement the body. Also these nutrients are working in many ways to improve our health.

Radicchio health benefits

Better immunity: Radicchio has Vitamin C which can enhance your immunity because the Vitamin C is antioxidant which can promote the wound healing and detoxification.  Also this vitamin can promote healthy stomach environment and builds collagen.

Lovely skin: This vegetable offers an entire spectrum of B – complex vitamins which can replenish your nails, eyes and skin. These vitamins are essential for many cellular processes such as energy conversion. Also radicchio has folate which is required for optimal red blood cells.

Fights cancer: It is rich in antioxidants which can help in the fight against the free radical damage. Antioxidants check cancer cell growth and they can prevent the onset on several cancers.

Health benefits of radicchio

Radicchio nutritional benefits

Controls diabetes: Radicchio has inulin which naturally controls the diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels. The regular consumption of radicchio in your diet can help to keep the blood sugar levels stable and also this can prevent any other related diseases.

Heart friendly: This vegetable has many qualities which are very beneficial for the heart. It has fiber which can reduce the cholesterol while at the same time there is an increased bile production which can support the same. Also it can aid in cleansing the blood and removing the harmful toxins, thereby maintaining an efficient circulatory system. This vegetable can maintain good cardiovascular health through more ways than one.

Weight loss: We know that the fiber is an effective tool which can help to keep the fat away. This vegetable is rich in fiber which aids in fuller stomach, smoother digestion and excretion. The fiber will give you a feeling of satiety and it can prevent you from overeating. Also this can help to promote the weight loss.

Boosts digestion: This vegetable has promoting effects on the bile production which in turn will boost your digestion. When you have improved digestion, then it will support a healthy digestive system and cleansing. The radicchio can help to avoid indigestion and other related issues.

Brain health: Radicchio is rich in Vitamin K which is high enough to ensure healthy neurons in your brain. Also it can ensure limited damage from natural diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Also it is known fact that the Vitamin K is playing an important role in the bone health.

Protects eyes: Radicchio has lutein and zeaxanthin which can filter harmful UV rays from the sun. Also it can protect your eyes from age – related macular disease which means that this is a better than sunglasses.

Analgesic: Radicchio has sedative and analgesic properties which were known since ancient times when a Roman philosopher promoted its therapeutic qualities. This vegetable was admired for its ability to cure insomnia and purify blood. A lactucopicrin is a component in radicchio which renders radicchio its bitter taste. This component is anti – malarial agent and also it is possessing sedative and analgesic effects.


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