White horehound keeps your heart free from plaque build–up

white horehound health benefits

White horehound has many health benefits such as ability to eliminate spasms, detoxifies the body, eliminate indigestion and gastrointestinal distress, soothe inflammation, boost heart health, treat diabetes, prevent certain types of cancer and protect the immune system. The common name for Marrubium vulgare is white horehound. This is a small flowering perennial plant which looks like a great deal like mint and this is a part of the same family. Also it has many of the same health benefits as other members of this family which is making it an important plant in many traditional medicinal practices. White horehound is relative small plant which is not growing higher those 18 inches. It has small leaves covered in small hairs. If you take it in excess, then the effects of it which has on the heart can intensify to dangerous levels and even it can cause arrhythmias and abnormalities. Also people who have serious stomach issues or ulcers should avoid it because it can exacerbate the symptoms. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should not consume it because in it there is a powerful blend of compounds and chemicals which can be potentially dangerous for infants.

Health benefits of white horehound

Boosts immunity: This home remedy has some antimicrobial and antibiotic properties which are making it a natural wellness booster. It is protecting your immune system from foreign agents and pathogens and it can reduce the stress on your immune system and it will keep it prepared for more important health concerns. This is a reason why white horehound is commonly found in toothpastes, mouthwashes and candies.

Cholesterol control: Even if small doses of this herb are taken regularly, it can reduce overall cholesterol levels. It can balance the cholesterol levels, by eliminating the bad cholesterol and keeping your heart free from plaque build – up. Also it can protect and prevent atherosclerosis which can lower your risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Indigestion issues: White horehound is very effective in eliminating issues in the gut, namely indigestion and constipation. Also it has anti – inflammatory properties which in the combination antiseptic qualities to clean up the gastrointestinal tract and to improve the function. When it is eliminating the inflammation in the colon, then you can prevent flatulence, constipation, excess bloating and even hemorrhoids.

Menstrual symptoms: White horehound can be very effective home remedy for women who experience painful menstruation. This herb has soothing organic compounds which are reason why many women are using white horehound to reduce the pain of intense cramps and to improve their mood or reduce mood swings. There are powerful active ingredients in white horehound which are giving hormonal effects of white horehound.

white horehound

white horehound uses

Antispasmodic: The use of white horehound as antispasmodic agent is one of the oldest uses of this herb. If you suffer from cramps, muscle twitches, seizures or other spasm – related conditions, then you should use this herb as your natural treatment because it can soothe your nervous system and it will prevent the onset of these attacks. The relaxing nature of white horehound has made it popular as tea, as it can calm the mind and body.

Reduce toxicity of the body: People who consume this herb can get benefits because it can induce sweating. When we have a fever, then we know that the first step to break it is to start sweating. Also it can help to eliminate toxins from our bodies, as well as excess fats, water, salts and dangerous substances which can cause illness.

Diabetes treatment: It can lower the overall cholesterol but also it can reduce the blood sugar levels. There are some studies in which is found that the white horehound when is introduced to our system, then our body is better able to handle large influxes of glucose, without flooding the body with it, resulting in common sugar crash and rush. This is one of the best natural cures for diabetics because it can keep blood sugar levels in a normal range.


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