Best 21 Motion Sickness Home Remedies

pressure points for motion sickness

The motion sickness can cause symptoms that can range from mild nausea to dizziness, sweating and vomiting. Any type of travel (ship, train, plane or automobile) may bring it on, sometimes suddenly. There are some things which you can do that may help you most immediately, like looking out to the horizon. But also, there are some long – term solutions, like taking certain vitamins. Some of the home remedies can interact with the underlying condition or with medications that you are already taking. The motion sickness can cause different symptoms, such as vomiting, acute awareness of the stomach, belching, sweating, salivation, nausea, headache, dizziness and in extreme cases, there can be hyperventilation.

It is not fully understood why some people get morning sickness while others not. Doctors believe that it is caused by incongruence in the body’s sensory systems. It is very important not to be embarrassed of your motion sickness and to ask for help, because it is a normal thing and many people can experience it. It is far way more common than you think.

It can happen to all people from all ages and both genders. You can get medications to control the symptoms of motion sickness, but you can try with home remedies. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from motion sickness before you use some of the below mentioned home remedies, so in this way you can avoid some side effects. Here are some home remedies for motion sickness:

Get some air in motion sickness

You should crack a window or go outdoors if the motion sickness is overcoming you. If the weather or your travel mode does not permit to go outside, then you should turn the air vents toward or you can use a fan to blow the air on your face. The cigarette smoking can make your sickness worse.

ginger for motion sickness

Take control

If you are passenger, then you should take the wheel of the vehicle. Doctors believe that the motion sickness is caused when the movement your eyes see is different from the movement your inner ear senses. If you are driving car, then your senses may connect better.

Drink some water or a carbonated beverage

It is noticed that sips of cold water or a carbonated drink, like ginger ale or seltzer, can curb the nausea. You should not drink caffeinated beverages, like coffee and certain sodas, because they contribute to dehydration and they can make the nausea worse. Other good choices include apple juice and milk.


There are some studies in which are noticed that eating or drinking ginger can help to prevent the motion sickness. It is effective home remedy for the motion sickness due to the antioxidant substances called gingerols.

Nibble on crackers

You should eat light snack, like saltine crackers, because they can ease nausea. Foods that acidic, greasy or heavy can make your sickness worse, because they are slow to digest. You should plan ahead if the road stops on your travels mostly offer fast food options. Other good snack options include bananas, apples, cereal, bread and other grains.


You should try to sleep if you have motion sickness. Even if you have trouble sleeping, lying down can prevent histamines from reaching the brain and it will decrease the nausea. Also, when you close your eyes, your brain will be on the receiving end of fewer of the mixed signals which can lead to seasickness.

Put down the screen

It is noticed that people who have motion sickness may have trouble reading books or text on different devices. This is going back to the sensory disconnect between the inner ear and eyes. It is noticed that if you are focusing on something up close, you may make your symptoms worse. You should switch to music, audio-books or even nap to pass the time.


This home remedy can help with the symptoms of nausea in people who have motion sickness. It is noticed that this home remedy can interact with medications, so you need to talk with your doctor before you use it as your home remedy for motion sickness.


It is noticed that the acupressure point along your wrist, called P6 (nei – kuan) can give you a quick relief. You should place the index, middle and ring fingers on your right hand on the inside of your left wrist, starting under the crease. The P6 point is underneath your index finger, between your wrist tendons. You need to apply firm pressure on one or both wrists for 4 – 5 seconds.

Avoid sudden or rapid head movements

You need to avoid sudden or rapid head movements, especially those that involve twisting or turning. If you can lie down with your eyes closed or rest your head on the back of your seat.

Black horehound

The black horehound is used in people who have motion sickness, but there are no scientific studies which can approve it. It is noticed that this home remedy can interact with the medications for Parkinson’s disease, so people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia should be careful about it.


There are some scents, like lavender and ginger essential oils which can be helpful in the motion sickness. In hospitals, peppermint essential oil has been used to reduce the nausea in patients. There are many different ways in which you can use essential oils, but diffusing them has the lowest risk for interactions. You can buy a portable diffuser for your trip and you only need to use a couple drops of oil per session. The maximum recommended time to diffuse is one hour. You should take sniffs from an essential oil bottle or use an essential oil necklace because it would be a more convenient in a moving vehicle.

Vitamin B1 or Vitamin B6

There are some studies in which are noticed that Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 can help with your motion sickness, but you need to talk with your doctor if you are going on trip, so you will know how much of these vitamins you should consume.

Distract with music or conversation

You should switch on radio or strike up a conversation to keep your mind off how you are feeling. You should distract yourself, so in this way you will feel better. There are some studies in which are noticed that listening to music can help with nausea and other physiological symptoms which are associated with motion sickness.

Face the direction you are going

If the driving is not an option, then you should face the direction in which you are travelling. Also, it can help the disconnect between your visual sense and the inner ear. If you are travelling on a ferry, then you should try moving from the stern (the rear) to the bow (the front) of the boat. Some people have said that sitting in front seat can reduce the symptoms. If you are in a car, then you should swap rear seats with someone that is in front.

Change positions

Some people have noticed that lying down can make their motion sickness better. For other people, standing up can be a better position. Your options will depend on the type of travel, so you should experiment to see what works best for you. If you are in a car, then you lean your head against your headrest because this can help you to lessen your movements.


You should take deep breaths if you suffer from motion sickness. Also, it helps with the upset stomach and it can reduce the dizziness. You should breathe slowly and deeply because it will give you bursts of relief on a short trip and it can help you to relax overall.

Tea good for motion sickness

Tea can be a good home remedy if you suffer from motion sickness. Tea can soothe the stomach. Mint and chamomile teas are very effective for this, so you can buy them. Also, the ginger tea can help you to treat the motion sickness.

Biofeedback training

The biofeedback training can help you to relax. You can also learn to control your body responses to decrease the vomiting and nausea. When you are combining the biofeedback with the gradual muscle relaxation, then it can help you to control the nausea in a more effective way.

Do not overeat before travelling

If you overeat before your travel, then you have increased chances of worsening symptoms of your motion sickness. This is a reason why you should eat small meal and avoid greasy, spicy or fatty meals.

Keep your eyes on horizon

You should focus on a stationary object in the distance because it can help with visual stimulus. Also, you may need to move positions in the vehicle in which you are travelling.


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