How to beat your sugar addiction in natural way


Sugar Addiction is a bad habit which we must avoid if we want to have better health. It can make problems in our bodies so we must rid of it. When we consume sugar products, then most of us think this is like a paradise. When we enter some amount of sugar in our bodies, then we want more and more. We cannot be pleased with small amount of these products. You see donuts, chocolates and cakes. You feel that you cannot stop focusing on them. You cannot throw them away. Here is the bad news for you. You have sugar addiction. But we have also good news. You can change this bad habit. If you have noticed that you suffer from sugar addiction, then you can try to use some natural remedies which can help you to improve your condition. Here are some ways how you can beat your sugar addiction:

Treating sugar addiction in natural way

Drink plenty of water: Many times we think that our body needs sugar but in fact it needs water because it is dehydrated. You should increase the intake amount of water. You should drink body ecology lemonade which is made from 5 drops of Stevia, ½ lemon juice and 8 oz. of water. Also you should drink warm cup of green tea. This kind of tea you can mix it with Stevia. Add this tea in your meals. In this way you will be satisfied with sugar in natural way, which will avoid sugar addiction.

Chew a gum: There was a study in which was shown that people who have chewed gum for at least 3 hours in the afternoon have reduced their cravings for sugar products there by reducing sugar addiction. [1]

Avoid processed foods: When you eat sugar and processed food in your diet, then you are feeling a bad addiction like some people have addiction from cocaine and heroin. There was a study which was made from Connecticut College in which was proven that when someone starts to eat Oreos, then he or she is addicted to this type of cookie [2]. They will feel addiction from it which in this study was compared with addiction from cocaine. They were tasting rats. When they have eaten these cookies, then scientists have noticed change in the brain function and their behavior. When sugar enters your body, nucleus accumbens start producing dopamine. Dopamine is pleasure neurotransmitter while the nucleus accumbens is part of your brain. Then, the dopamine levels in your body are dropped and we feel bit down or flat down. We are feeling a pleasure when we enter too much sugar in our bodies which means that we have sugar addiction.

Satisfy your sweet tooth naturally: You should consume all natural sweetener. This kind of sweetener is known as Stevia. This kind of sweetener has 0 calories. When you consume it, then your blood sugar levels are not increased. They stay normal. Also this kind of sweetener is 300 times sweeter than the sugar. If you feel addicted to sugar and you want to beat your sugar addiction, then you must stop eating sugar and to start using Stevia. In natural way you will enter enough sugar in your body.

Boost your Serotonin: Serotonin is known as happiness hormone. This kind of hormone can be raised through exercises, right sleep schedule and diet. When you have too much of this kind of hormone in your body, then you do not want to consume sugar all the time.

Keep your blood sugar levels stable: You should keep your blood sugar levels at normal levels. You should not eat 3 large meals. Instead you should eat 6 small meals through the day. You should eat healthy food. Increase the intake amount of fruits and vegetables. If you want to add animal protein in your diet, then you should enter it between 11 am and 2 pm. In the night you should not consume this kind of food. Instead you should consume gluten free grain like seeds. When you are making this diet, then the serotonin levels in your body are increased which means that you will feel happier [3]. This can help you to have better sleep and will reduce sugar addiction.

Sugar AddictionSugar addiction

Have plenty of greens: Green drinks are very effective for your body because they will keep your health at stable levels. They have high amounts of nutrition. They will boost your energy. You will have more energy for everyday activities. When you drink green drinks, then you do not feel desire to go at sugar products. Also you do not consume so much processed food. [4]

Eat more sea vegetables: Sea vegetables are rich with minerals and vitamins. They are healthy food for your body. They are rich with minerals which make them a perfect snack for you. When you eat sugar products, then the sugar depletes the minerals from your body. You should add a portion of sea vegetables in your diet. You should be sure that they have all minerals which you need to enter in your body.

Enjoy fermented foods and drinks: When you consume fermented foods and drinks, then you are eliminating your desire for sugar. There are many studies in which people who have consumed this kind of food and drink have said that they have reduced their desire for sugar products in a period of 4 – 5 days. You can add coconut in your diet. They are healthy for your body. They are available in the most health stores in the world. You can drink the juice from Thai coconuts. You should be sure that this kind of coconut is young. Also you can drink coconut kefir made from young coconut and Kefir Starter. Also you can drink ready – made probiotic liquids which can reduce your need of getting sugar products. Any time when you feel need for sugar you should drink 2 oz. from some probiotic liquid such as Innergy Biotic and Coco Biotic. In this way you feel better. You will not have to enter sugar products in your diet. Also you will feel healthier. [4]

Cultured vegetables: You should enter these kinds of vegetables in your diet. They will help you to reduce the need for eating sugar products. They will improve your health because they are reducing the damage which is made from the sugar.

Substitute whole fruit for sweets: They have fructose. It has satisfying feeling. It will help you to metabolize these elements faster compared with the sugar that you enter from candies and gummi bears. But you should enter enough amounts of fruits. If you consume too much whole fruit, then you have increased risk of getting diabetes type 2. This is a reason why you should talk with your doctor before you start using them as your natural remedy. Cherries and grapes can be added in your diet. They have high amounts of sugar and also they will help you to decrease the desire of sugar addiction. [5]

Clean house: If you see any sugar product in your kitchen or in other part of your house, then you must throw them away. We cannot control the environment around us. There are many people who want to enter sugar in their bodies. But you can control your family. You should tell them not to eat sugar. Instead consume fresh fruits which will help you to get rid of sugar addiction.

Create a backup plan: If you do not consume sugar products, but you feel desire to eat them again, then you must make a backup plan. You should think what will help you in this situation. You should not enter sugar in your diet after this period has passed. You can choose something from many choices such as going for a walk, eating a piece of fruit, listening to some music, texting or calling some friend. If you know what will you do at the moment when you have sugar addiction, then this can help you a lot. You will know what you must do and what you must not do.

Manage your magnesium levels: When people consume chocolate, then they may have magnesium deficiency. You must make test for magnesium levels in your body. In this way you will be sure if you have deficiency of it or not. You should add food which is rich with magnesium such as nuts, tofu, dark leafy greens and legumes.

Move your body: There are many ways in which you can move your body. You can go out for a walk, you can do some kinds of exercises, you can go swimming etc. When you are done with your meal, then you should go out for a walk at least because in this way you will reduce the sugar spikes. When you are making some exercises, then your muscles need to replenish the old energy store with new one. In this way each cell from your body has the role of glucose transporter. In this way the glucose can enter on the surface of your skin. Also the white cells are transporting the glucose apart from the insulin. They are making special channels which can allow glucose to enter in them, thereby getting rid of sugar addiction. [6]


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