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Top 25 Natural Treatments for Transverse Myelitis

Transverse myelitis is inflammation that is happening on both sides of one section of the spinal cord. Often, transverse myelitis damages the insulating material which is covering the nerve cell fibers. This condition interrupts messages, which the spinal cord sends throughout the body. This could lead to paralysis, muscle weakness, pain, sensory problems, and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Natural Treatments For Transverse Myelitis
Treatments For Transverse Myelitis

The most common symptoms of transverse myelitis include bladder and bowel problems, pain, weakness in your arms or legs, and abnormal sensations. There are some cases when the cause of transverse myelitis is not known. Some viruses which can spread transverse myelitis include zika, herpes virus, HIV, hepatitis B, echovirus, influenza, Epstein – Barr, mumps, measles, rubella, West Nile, cytomegalovirus, etc. The most common bacterial infections which are associated with transverse myelitis include tetanus, Lyme disease, pertussis, diphtheria, syphilis, tuberculosis, and actinomyces.

Also, inflammatory conditions can cause transverse myelitis, such as sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis, vaccinations, autoimmune disorders, and neuromyelitis optic. Transverse myelitis can lead to complications, such as sexual dysfunction, pain, depression or anxiety, partial or total paralysis, and stiffness, tightness, or painful spasms.

You need to call your doctor if you experience some symptoms of transverse myelitis, so the treatment for you will be given at the right time and the risk of complications will be reduced. If you suffer from transverse myelitis, then talk with your doctor before you use some of the below-mentioned home remedies, so you will avoid possible side effects caused by the mentioned home remedies. Here are some home remedies for transverse myelitis:

Natural Treatments for Transverse Myelitis

Physical Therapy

This type of therapy can help to improve the strength and coordination of people who suffer from transverse myelitis. Your physical therapist can help you to learn how to use any assistive devices, such as braces, canes, or wheelchairs. Also, your doctor can help you to learn ways to keep your muscles strong and your limbs flexible while you are recovering from transverse myelitis. Your doctor will help you to learn techniques to control your bladder and bowels.


The psychotherapist can use talk therapy to treat sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and other emotional or behavioral issues from coping with transverse myelitis.


This is a homeopathic remedy that is used as a home remedy for transverse myelitis, because it can help with the weakness, trembling, and stiffness all over. Also, it can help with the itching in your toes and if your feet feel frozen. Also, the cramp insoles of the feet and the spasmodic contractions of the arms can be treated with the Agaricus.

Reduce Your Intake of Saturated Fat

When you eat saturated fats in your diet, then they can worsen your symptoms, so you need to avoid them. You need to eat less butter, cream, fatty meats, unskinned chicken, high–fat cheese, and products made with palm kernel oil.

Avoid Fast Foods

Fast foods can have many toxic components, which can worsen the symptoms of transverse myelitis. This is a reason why you need to avoid them from your diet.

Occupational Therapy

This type of therapy can help people with transverse myelitis to learn new ways of performing everyday activities, such as housecleaning, getting dressed, preparing a meal, and bathing.

Ledum Pal

This homeopathic remedy can be used for the treatment of nerve pain and pain that is increased by movement.

Plant Protein

You need to replace the animal protein with plant protein as much as possible because the animal protein can worsen your symptoms.


This home remedy is good for strengthening the nervous system. Also, it has a calming and sedative effect on the body. This home remedy is most famous for its rejuvenating and nourishing properties. It can be used as a home remedy for transverse myelitis. This home remedy can be used for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety, which can be linked with transverse myelitis, so this home remedy can help you to sleep better and will not cause any side effects. Also, it is effective for muscle strength due to its sweet taste and warm potency.

Vocational Therapy

This type of therapy can help people with transverse myelitis to find a job that suits their abilities or to work with the employer to make changes that they need.

Extra–virgin Olive Oil

You need to use extra–virgin olive oil as your main fat. You need to eliminate all partially hydrogenated oils, vegetable shortening, margarine, polyunsaturated vegetable oils, and all foods that might contain trans-fatty acids.

Vitamin C

You can add this vitamin to your diet because it can help to boost your immunity and it can help you to fight against the symptoms of transverse myelitis.


You need to drink pure water or drink drinks that are mostly water, such as sparkling water with lemon, very diluted fruit juice, and tea.

Decrease Protein

You need to decrease the amount of protein that you are consuming to 10% of your daily calories. When people suffer from transverse myelitis is not recommended to use a lot of protein in their diets.

Eliminate Cow’s Milk

You need to eliminate cow’s milk from your diet because it can worsen your symptoms. Also, you need to eliminate milk products from your diet. You need to substitute milk and milk products with other calcium sources.

Rasayana Chiktsa

This is an Ayurvedic home remedy that has been shown that it can be used in any stage of transverse myelitis to help to stop future degenerative changes with time in this condition.

Tarantula Hisp

This homeopathic remedy can help to decrease the sensation of insects crawling under the skin. Also, it can help with the extreme restless of the limbs with a desire to move constantly and this can partially relieve all the complaints.


This home remedy is used a lot in traditional medicines all around the world and it has been shown that it can be used as a home remedy for transverse myelitis. You can add ginger to your diet or if you do not like its taste, then you can take it capsule form. It is recommended to start with one capsule two times per day.


You need to rest while you are fighting against transverse myelitis, so you will avoid worsening your symptoms. Rest can help your body to function better and be more energized.


This is an Ayurvedic home remedy and its name literally means, a plant having abilities to rejuvenate. This home remedy can be added with other plants to regenerate the myelin sheath. You can use it as your home remedy for transverse myelitis.

Avoid Alcohol

You need to avoid alcohol because it can worsen the symptoms of your transverse myelitis, so you should not risk it at all.


This is an Ayurvedic home remedy for transverse myelitis and it can help to reduce pain. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to strengthen the urinary system. Also, this home remedy has calming properties on nerves, so it can help to regenerate the good energy in your body.

Dry Massage

This type of massage is good for the affected extremities or the whole body. It is usually done with a special herbal mixture of various powders like Haritaki, Pippali, Devadaru, Ashwagandha, Vacha, and Kolkulathadi Churnam. The dry massage can help to reduce the negative energy in your body and it can help to strengthen the muscles with stimulation.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

It is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis because they are rich in vitamins and minerals which can help you to stay healthy and decrease the symptoms caused by transverse myelitis. It is possible, you need to buy organically grown, so you will be sure that they are free of toxins.

You need to aim for a variety of fruits and vegetables, so you will get more vitamins and minerals which can help in the treatment of transverse myelitis. Fresh fruits and vegetables can help you to fight against transverse myelitis, so the symptoms that you have will be reduced too.

Omega – 3 Fatty Acids

You need to increase your intake of Omega – 3 fatty acids because they can help you with the symptoms associated with transverse myelitis.



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Elene Jordanova
Elene Jordanova
Elena Jordanova is a medical researcher from Macedonia with specialization in Internal Medicine


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