Natural slipped disc treatment – Burdock and colchicine

Natural cures for slipped disc

Our spinal cord is made up of small bones (known as vertebrae) and these bones are attached to each other. There are seven in the cervical region, twelve in the thoracic region, five in the lumbar region which are followed by the sacrum and coccyx at the bottom. The bones which we have mentioned are lined by discs that are protecting them from shock. These discs are having two parts – gel like inner portion and a strong outer portion. It is known that any kind of damage or injury to the discs can cause the inner portion to come out and to cause a bulge like an appearance on the outer part. This condition is known as slipped disc or herniated disc. When normal activities are performed, then slipped disc is accompanied by pain. [1]

There are some cases when the bulge presses a nerve ending which is resulting in severe pain and numbness. If this gets severe, then surgery is required to remove the disc. Any region of your spine can be affected by herniated disc but the lower part is having highest risk due to continuous bending and turnings. This can cause tremendous pressure on the nerves and blood vessels around it. There are many signs and symptoms which can predict slipped disc such as pain when you take small steps; pain which increases when you sit or stand for a long time; pain which increases with movement; pain that moves up to arms or moves down to the legs; pain and numbness which usually occurs on any side of your body; tingling or a burning sensation in the region of the slipped disc and muscle fatigue without any kind of workout. If you suffer from slipped disc, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for slipped disc.

Natural slipped disc treatment

Passionflower: This home remedy has essential oils which can reduce the muscle spasms in the back and neck. Also it will reduce the symptoms of inflammation. You can take capsules that have passionflower extracts but talk with your doctor before you start taking them. Also you can massage yourself using passionflower essential oil. [2]

St. John’s Wort: This home remedy has many therapeutic properties such as antibacterial, antidepressant, anti – inflammatory and antioxidant. This home remedy has a component known as hyperforin which effectively fights inflammation and it can help your body to get a relief from back pain. [3]

Burdock: It has antioxidants which can detoxify the body from harmful radicals that are a reason for increasing the swelling and inflammation in the back [4]. This home remedy is also recommended as a natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and it can help to cure scalp rashes. You can consume burdock as a decoction once or twice per day.

Colchicine: This is an active amino – alkaloid which is found in the plant of Kurchi or autumn crocus. When the seeds of the plant are crushed, then this powder is obtained from them. Also it has anti – inflammatory properties which are very effective against slipped disc. [5] You should make a paste by mixing honey and kurchi powder and consume it once a day. Also you can make a tea out of the powder or you can mix this powder in milk and consume it once or twice per day.

Omega – 3 fatty acids: It is known that they can help to decrease the pain and inflammation which are experienced due to slipped disc. Omega – 3 fatty acids are forming collagen which is used by broken discs for repairing itself. You should eat foods that are high in Omega – 3 fatty acids such as walnuts, sprouts, almonds and fish.

Natural cures for slipped disc

Natural cures for slipped disc

Boswellia: It is a naturally occurring painkiller which is very effective home remedy for slipped disc. You can make a decoction of boswellia and you should consume it two times a day to reduce the discomfort and pain that are associated with herniated discs. This organic painkiller can effectively treat the problem of herniated disc. Also it can be used as a natural treatment for osteoarthritis. [6]

Comfrey leaves: There are some studies in which are said that this natural cure has a power to heal bones and connective tissues of your body [7]. You should take some fresh comfrey leaves and add them to cold water. You should let them stay there for around 12 hours. After this time passed, you should heat this home remedy and then filter it. You should add this filtrate to bath water and take a bath in this natural treatment two times a day. You should not consume this home remedy orally because it has hepatic – toxin alkaloids.

White willow bark: This home remedy can reduce the discomfort of herniated discs. The chemical structure of the white willow bark is very similar to aspirin and it will not irritate the stomach. It has anti – inflammatory, analgesic and anti – stringent properties which will reduce the pain. [8] You need to talk with your doctor before you start taking some of the white willow products. It can react with drugs so if you are taking any kind of medication, you need to talk with your doctor before you use them.

California poppy: This homer emedy has analgesic and anti – inflammatory properties which are making it a very effective home remedy for herniated disc. [9] You need to tear the leaves of California poppy into small pieces. Make a paste of them using water. You should use little hot water so that when you apply this paste on the affected area it is still warm.

Horsetail: This is herb which is possessing high amount of minerals in it. It can nourish the tissues and it has ability to heal torn ligaments and broken bones. [10] In a half liter of water you should add some horsetail leaves. You should boil on low heat till the water quantity reduces to half of its quantity. You should cool this home remedy and filter it off. You need to drink 5 ml of this natural cure, 3 times a day. You will notice that horsetail will heal the herniated discs very fast.

Epsom salt: This is one of the most used anti – inflammatory and painkiller agents. You can add three to four cups of Epsom salt in a hot bath water. You should stay inside this water for fifteen minutes. It can help you to get a maximum relaxation. If you are pregnant or diabetic, then you should not use this home remedy. Also if you are taking some kinds of medications, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using Epsom salt bath.

Cayenne pepper: This natural ingredient is very effective for healing herniated disc. You can apply a paste of water and cayenne pepper on the affected area. Also you can brew a cayenne pepper tea once during the day.

Eat and drink right: You should drink lot of water and consume a healthy diet because this can keep several ailments at bay. Our eating habits and daily lifestyle are majorly affecting the body. You should increase your intake of fat free and fiber rich foods and avoid meat and dairy products, until you feel better.

Relax your muscles: You should lie down flat on the floor. You should lift your legs and place a stool or ball underneath your lower legs so that your legs bend at the knees. You should remain in the same position for thirty minutes. You should do this exercise at least two times a day.

Acupressure and acupuncture: These techniques can alleviate the pain. In acupressure finger, hands and elbows are used while in the acupuncture needles are used. You should do these exercises with some professional practitioner which can make them in the right way. These techniques are not recommended for pregnant women and people with high blood pressure.

Massage with essential oils: When you are massaging your body with essential oils, especially on the lower back and spine regions, then it can promote the growth of new cells and it can help with good circulation. It will give you a relief from the pain and it will promote better absorption of nutrients and oxygen. The essential oils will regenerate the cells of the disc and they can stop the disc from getting slipped.

Heat and cold therapy: You should use a heat or cold pad in alternation. It is recommended to apply a cold pad for the first few days because it will reduce the inflammation and in the next days you should switch to the heat pack. You can heat a pad by placing it in the microwave for around fifteen minutes. Further, you should apply it on the affected area after every two to three hours.

Walking: This is one of the best exercises for slipped disc. You should find a flat surface and walk for around ten to twenty minutes after every three hours. You should not push yourself too much especially if you have pain in your legs.


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