14 Impressive Health Benefits of Pumpkin juice

how to make pumpkin juice

The pumpkin juice is extracted from raw pumpkins. This juice has gained popularity all around the world. Children love this juice. This juice has many health benefits and this is a reason why it can be used as a healthy substitute for carbonated drinks. It has high amounts of Vitamin D and minerals, such as phosphorus, iron and copper. Pumpkin juice is a suitable way to get the nutrient from pumpkin. This juice is recommended for vegetarians because it is delicious and it has many health benefits. Also it is used in many sweets and pharmaceutical preparations. Here are some health benefits of pumpkin juice:


Moisturizes dry and damaged hair

This is a very effective juice for moisturizing the dry and damaged hair. You should put two cups of chopped and cooked pumpkins and one tablespoon of yoghurt in a blender and add one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey in it. You should let it stay there for fifteen minutes and then wash out thoroughly using shampoo and conditioner as usual.

benefits of pumpkin seeds

Promotes hair regrowth

Pumpkin juice has Vitamin A which is very beneficial for the scalp. Also it has high amounts of potassium which is a nutrient that can help in the promotion of regrowth of hair. This can be very effective home remedy for the treatment of hair loss.

Used in anti – wrinkle and hydrating creams

Pumpkin juice has high nutritional value and this is a reason why it is ingredient in many hydrating and anti – aging creams. The pumpkin juice is widely used in many facials in combination with other ingredients, like Vitamin E oil, lemon juice, yoghurt and honey for different skin types.

Effective in healing burns, bites and inflammation

It is a cooling agent which means that it is very effective in the treatment of inflammation, abscess and burns and it can help to get a relief from the insect bites. Pumpkin juice is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are anti – oxidant properties and also it has zinc and all of them have excellent healing properties.

Maintains healthy and beautiful hair

The fresh pumpkin juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta – carotene which can help to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Boosts immunity

Pumpkin juice has Vitamin C and other minerals which can boost the immunity and also it protects the body from many diseases.

Heals viral hepatitis A and reactivates liver function

Those people who suffer from viral hepatitis A can drink pumpkin juice as part of their regular diet. It has biologically active substances which can help to reactivate the liver functions.

Relieves morning sickness

Pregnant women who have morning sickness can drink pumpkin juice because it will give them a relief from it.

Excellent cooling agent

The mixture of honey and pumpkin juice is excellent cooling agent and also it can help to lower the body temperature.

Lowers high blood pressure risks and reduces cholesterol

This juice can minimize the risk of high blood pressure. It has pectin which can help to reduce the cholesterol.

Good sedative benefits

Pumpkin juice has sedative properties which can help to cure insomnia. It is recommended drinking a glass of pumpkin juice mixed with honey if you are insomnia patient.

Aids proper functioning of kidney and urinary system

Pumpkin juice can help in the treatment of ulcers and acidity. This juice can enable the proper functioning of kidney and urinary system.

Aids digestion and cures constipation

This juice is beneficial for the digestive system and it can help to cure constipation and loose motions due to its laxative properties.

Prevents arteriosclerosis

The pumpkin juice is a great cleanser which can help you to rid of the build – up of arterial deposits and at the same time it will reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. It is rich in antioxidants which can help to prevent the arteriosclerosis.


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