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Egusi Oil: Amazing 7 Health Benefits

Egusi is also known as Egusi, Agushi, Egusi melon, Ibara, and wild watermelon. It belongs to the family of watermelon. The egusi is native to West Africa and Central Africa. Also, it has been cultivated in the countries, such as Ghana, Sierra Leon, Nigeria, and Northern Nambia. The seeds of egusi are a great source of fat and protein. Usually, the egusi is cultivated for its oily seed. The egusi oil is derived from the kernel, which is used for cooking, soap making, and illumination. Also, it can be refined and used for table uses.

The egusi oil has higher value and possesses better quality in comparison to the cottonseed oil. Also, it is a great source of arginine, tryptophan, and methionine. Also, the egusi oil has a small amount of calcium and carbohydrate. It is not recommended to use the egusi oil in excessive amounts, because it can cause side effects to your health. People, who have heart health problems, as well as pregnant women and lactating mothers, should talk with their doctors before they use the egusi oil in their diets. Also, sensitive people can get an allergic reaction when they use egusi oil in their diets.

The egusi oil and the egusi seeds have high oil content. This is a reason why the egusi seeds can be used for making butter, margarine, and animal feed. The egusi is most popular and it is mostly grown in Nigeria. Usually, egusi is ground and used for preparing assorted dishes, such as stew and egusi soup.

Egusi Oil: Amazing 7 Health Benefits

Health benefits of egusi oil:

Slows down the aging process:

It has been shown that egusi oil has the ability to counteract the signs of aging, such as dark circles, wrinkles, and dark spots. The egusi oil has antioxidants and niacin which can help to maintain skin health and this can make your skin young due to the ability to prevent aging. You can consume egusi oil or apply the egusi oil to your skin, so it will make your skin glow and be healthy for a long period of time.

Has Vitamin B:

Many studies are shown that the seeds of egusi are rich in Vitamin B, such as pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and folate. All of the mentioned B vitamins can support the flow of blood in the body and they can help you to maintain the cardiovascular system. Also, they can help you to have a better immune system. You can consume the egusi oil or its seeds and this is compared to the regular consumption of Vitamin B supplements because it has many health benefits for your body.

Rich in protein:

One of the richest seeds with protein is egusi seeds. The egusi oil also has protein. It can help to maintain the health of your muscles. The egusi oil has a low amount of calories. The egusi oil has the ability to cure the protein deficiency diseases, such as marasmus and kwashiorkor.

Source of amino acids:

The egusi oil is a rich source of amino acids. In the egusi, oil has two important fatty acids, known as lysine and arginine. These fatty acids can help to regulate your metabolism and they can help you to have better cardiovascular health. Also, these amino acids assist in collagen formation and the connective tissues of your body.

Helps fight cancer:

The egusi oil can be used as a home remedy for cancer and it is the best for breast cancer. In some studies are shown that the component in the egusi oil known as cucurbitacin glycosides has pleiotropic effects on the cells and this is leading to apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. Also, this component in the egusi oil has shown a therapeutic effect against breast cancer.

Aids digestion and boost appetite:

The egusi oil has high amounts of dietary fiber and Vitamin B1, which are good for the digestion of food. Also, the egusi oil can help to boost the appetite due to its constituent Vitamin B1.

Dermatological purposes:

The egusi oil has niacin and riboflavin which can help to maintain healthy skin. The oil which is extracted from the egusi seeds can be used for producing local soap and pomade for dermatological care, so it is worthy to try it.


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