7 Impressive Health Benefits Of Beech

beech leaves edible

Beech has many health benefits and some of the most important benefits are next: protect against chronic diseases; detoxify the kidneys; relieve pain; prevent ivnfections; reduce respiratory distress; boost newborn health; improve the health of the skin; protect the immune system; ability to stimulate hair growth. It trees are very common throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

The name beech is describing the genus Fagus, which has more than a dozen of different species. It trees work as an excellent firewood, to smoke various alcohols and foods and also it is constriction material for everything from tables to cabins. Also, It tree has many medicinal properties. Flowers, branches, nuts, leaves and bark of tree can be used for many different applications and ailments when they are prepared properly.

There are certain parts of tree which are toxic so if you have not experience with beech tree before, then talk with a trained professional which can help you. It is known fact that most varieties are specific to one continent or geographic region so it depends on your location which properties will have beech trees and beech nuts. This genus is quite similar and medicinal benefits should largely be the same. Here are some health benefits:

Beech has antiseptic properties

The branches of tree tree can be distilled down, in a process of dry distillation, to produce a type of tar or creosote, which can be applied topically to wounds because it has ability to protect them from microbes and infections. Also, you can apply this sticky substance to skin to soothe inflammation, reduce the signs of scarring and aging and improve its appearance. There should be done a lot more studies to approve or disapprove this home remedy for the treatment of burns, frostbite, boils, psoriasis and eczema.

beech leaf tea

Kidney disorders

Seeds of beech are considered as toxic in large quantities, but a decoction can be made to stimulate urination and boost kidney function. Beech is a diuretic which is able to clear out toxins from the body, including excess water, waste, salt and fats and it can improve the overall efficiency of your metabolism.

Antioxidant potential

The bark of beech tree is rich in lignans and other antioxidant substances which can boost your immune system. Antioxidants can help to neutralize free radicals which are cause for chronic disease and cell mutation, including cancer. Talk with herbalist how to use the bark of tree as your home remedy in the fight against free radicals.

Beech relief from headaches

You can boil the leaves of beech to create a poultice or a salve because it is proven that they have analgesic properties. In the traditional medicine, poultice was used to treat headaches and other mild pain related problems. Nowadays, they are still used in some markets as herbal analgesic. This can help in both ways – oral consumption and topical application.

Beech improved digestion

It is not common to eat the leaves of beech tree but the leaves and shoots have been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy. They are rich in fiber and cellulose which are good for the digestion. It offers a viable foraging food which is much needed on camping trips, hikes, etc.

Infant health

Beech nuts have high levels of Vitamin B6 which is very important for pregnant women because it can ensure that the health of their babies is good. Vitamin B6 is also known as folic acid. This is an essential vitamin to prevent neural tube defects in infants, so you should add beech nuts in your diet. You should use them in moderation, because they have toxins which should not be consumed in large quantities.

Hair care

Beech nuts have unique chemical composition which is shown that can stimulate the hair growth and it can strengthen hair follicle beds. If you suffer from brittle hair or hair loss, then you can extract the oil of these nuts and add it to carrier oil which you can use on your hair to boost it strength and appearance.


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