Natural effective hair loss (alopecia) treatment for women

Natural cures for alopecia in women

The hair loss or alopecia in women is rare condition but when it happens, then it can lead to emotional distress and uncomfortable situations. This can be indicator that woman has some major underlying health conditions and this is a reason why it should not be ignored. There are many causes which could lead to alopecia in women such as autoimmune disorders, stress and protein deficiency. The symptoms of alopecia can vary from being very mild to extreme. The symptoms can include receding hairline, bald patches and thinning of the hair. Physical or emotional stress is one of the most common reasons for hair loss in women. A big surgery trauma, divorce, etc. can be major stress – inducing factor and his could lead to significant amount of hair loss during this period. This condition is happening because her body is putting effort into directing its resources toward getting her though the situation. Also physical changes, such as high fever, sudden weight loss, etc. can lead to hair loss. After pregnancy, there is loss of estrogen and this leads to hair loss in women [1]. Also heredity plays a role in the female hair loss. Also those women who cut down on protein – rich foods have increased chances of alopecia because when they do it, then it leads to malnutrition and the body is trying to save protein by putting hair growth to a halt. This hair shedding is happening in period of two to three months. If you are woman and you suffer from alopecia, then you need to talk with your doctor before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Home remedies for alopecia in women

Coconut oil: In the Ayurvedic medicine this is one of the most common ingredients, especially for hair loss. When you apply coconut oil on regular basis, then it will keep your hair luscious and healthy when you suffer from alopecia. Also it can prevent the damage to hair when you comb it. You should get pure and organic coconut oil and apply it to your hair. Let it stay there through the night. You should wash it off using cool water. [2,3]

Coconut milk: This is easy and useful home remedy for alopecia in women. It is one of the best home remedies for massaging your scalp. When you are massaging your scalp, then it stimulates hair follicles and it increases hair growth. You should grind the coconut shavings and squeeze the milk out of it. You should apply it over your scalp and then massage gently into your roots. You should use a mild shampoo to wash it off after a few minutes. [3]

Gingko biloba: One of the most effective home remedies for alopecia is the gingko biloba leaf. It can improve the circulation in the scalp and it creates a healthy atmosphere for the hair growth. This home remedy is frequently used in the aromatherapy for the alopecia. You can take gingko biloba in form of supplements. You need to talk with your doctor about the correct dosage.

Curry leaves: This home remedy has a balanced set of nutrients which can prevent the hair fall, help avoid premature graying and stimulate the re-growth of hair follicles. This is a reason why it is one of the best home remedies for alopecia in women. You should place five to six curry leaves in a small pan with coconut oil. You should place this mixture inside a vessel filled with water and then heat the water. When this home remedy gets heated up, then you will find a black residue in it. You should let it cool and store it an air – tight container. You should apply this home remedy at least two times a week. Let it stay there throughout the night and in the next morning, you should wash it off. [4]

Natural cures for alopecia in women

Natural cures for alopecia in women

Mustard oil: It is known fact that a few spoons of mustard oil can help to keep the baldness due to alopecia at bay. You can find it easily in markets. It can boost the hair growth, reduce hair loss and increase the volume of the hair. Also it goes well with other oils such as coconut and almond oil. You should boil mustard oil. You should crush a few spoons of henna leaves in it and then mix it well. You should let it cool and then strain it. Apply this home remedy on your scalp.

Licorice root: This home remedy is commonly used as a relaxing substance. It can rejuvenate your scalp. It prevents infections that cause hair loss and it can help you to rid of the dandruff. It can help to retain your hair and it can make it healthy when you suffer from alopecia. Also there are some studies in which are shown that licorice root can promote the hair growth, especially in women. There are many ways in which you can use licorice root as your natural treatment for alopecia. You can finely powder the licorice root and then add milk with saffron to it. You should apply this home remedy on your scalp and let it stay there through the night. You should wash it using lukewarm water in the morning.

Honey: The raw and organic honey is a component which is frequently used in many Ayurvedic home remedies for the hair fall. It can reduce the infections and related hair loss. If you use it on regular basis over a longer period, then it can keep your hair loss at bay for all your life. You can use it with other home remedies as a complementary natural treatment for alopecia. You can use honey by itself or you can mix it with equal amounts of lemon juice, onion juice or curd and apply it on your scalp. You should wash it off after about fifteen minutes.

Almond oil: There are not many studies in which can be proven that the almond oil can contribute to hair care but it is frequently used in products which are increasing the hair growth. You should use almond oil frequently because it can reduce dandruff and split ends and it might consequently stop the hair fall in alopecia areata. You should apply almond oil to your hair. Let it stay there through the night and then shampoo it using lukewarm water. [5]

Chinese hibiscus: This home remedy is used for the natural treatment of alopecia areata in women because it can boost hair growth and stop hair fall. Also it can help to prevent split ends and it can make your hair to look lustrous. You should mix a few petals of Chinese hibiscus in dandelion oil. You should apply this home remedy on your scalp. You should wash it off after fifteen minutes.

Green tea: You should make green tea. You need to drink some of the green tea and keep some part for the natural treatment of alopecia areata. It is one of the easiest home remedies for alopecia in women. It is antioxidant and it has polyphenols which can regenerate healthy cells on the scalp, prevent infections and strengthens the hair follicles. You should make some green tea and let it cool down. You should dip a cotton cloth into it and then apply it on the scalp. You should let it stay there for one hour and then wash it off. [5]

Fenugreek seeds: One of the main causes for hair loss is the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone. It is known that fenugreek is strong blocker of this synthesis and it can encourage hair growth. It is very effective in people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia. You should soak fenugreek seeds overnight. You should grind it with water in the next morning and make a paste. You should apply it on your scalp. Let it stay there for about thirty minutes and then shampoo it. [5]

Rosemary oil: This is a very effective home remedy for alopecia areata. There was one study in which was compared the effectiveness of rosemary in treating alopecia to the effectiveness of a minoxidil, which is a commonly recommended medicine. Both remedies produced equivalent hair growth but the rosemary did not caused as much scalp itching as the minoxidil did. Also it works well as a part of the aromatherapy blends for alopecia areata. The minoxidil disrupts the hormonal balance but the rosemary has not this side effect. You should mix rosemary oil with carrier oil or you can make a blend and then massage it onto your scalp. There is another option and that is to boil and strain rosemary leaves in water and wash your hair using this home remedy. [5]

Lavender oil: It has calming properties which is reason why it is used to improve well – being, reduce anxiety and depression and to de – stress people. It is one of the best home remedies for alopecia in women. There are some studies in which are said that this essential oil can strengthen the hair follicles and it induces hair growth. You should mix lavender with carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil and then apply it to your scalp. Also there is another option and that is to blend the lavender oil with rosemary, cedarwood and thyme with carrier oils, such as jojoba and grapeseed. [5]


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