Aloe Vera gel is a very effective home remedy for oral herpes

Natural cures for oral herpes

Oral herpes is the herpes which is on the lips. The oral herpes is generally known as cold sores or fever blisters. This type of infection is spreadable. It results from the HSV (herpes simplex virus) which is activating aching blisters. This virus is spreading by means of skin – to – pores and by touching skin. There are 2 types of HSV which can cause oral herpes known as HSV – 1 and HSV – 2. [1] They get in the body via wet skin of the mouth and sexual organs. You should know that the herpes is a persistent circumstance and it can be active after years of mendacity dormant within the frame. It is known that the HSV – 1 is causing herpes on the mouth while the HSV – 2 is causing disease on sexual areas. [2] Those infections which are caused by the HSV – 1 are due to eating in same utensils, sharing lip balms and kissing. This virus is spreading extra speedy through an infected person. The symptoms of oral herpes can vary from mild to severe and usually they are appearing within 3 weeks after someone gets infected with the virus. The most common symptoms of oral herpes are including enlarged lymph nodes; infections on eyelids or eyeballs; headache; red blisters; small blisters filled with yellow fluid; itching near mouth and lips; burning near mouth and lips; difficulty in swallowing; swollen glands; sore throat and fever. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from oral herpes before you start taking some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Oral herpes treatment

Licorice root: It is known fact that eating licorice root has many advantages for the frame. Also this is a wonderful home remedy which can be used for the treatment of oral herpes. This natural cure works by supplying the human body with the important vitamins which can fight against infections and illnesses in which oral herpes is also included. The licorice root has glycyrrhizin which can fit to deliver down the herpes infection. Also this home remedy has antiviral properties which are making it one of the best home remedies for oral herpes and other different similar diseases. [3] You can make the licorice root in a form of tea. Also you can make paste of licorice root and then apply it on the affected region. When you are taking a good hygiene, then it can help you to reduce your chances of getting oral herpes.

Orange and red vegetables: These foods are recommended for treating herpes because they are rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, bioflavonoids ad carotenoids which can help with wound/skin healing and they raise overall immunity.

Take a proper hygiene: It is very important to have proper hygiene because it can reduce your chances of getting oral herpes. You should apply creams on blisters instead of rubbing them. You should avoid using utensils and toothbrushes which other people also use it. You should avoid touching people who suffer from a cold sore. You should wash your hands frequently. Also you should try to add usage of sunscreen in the daily routine. You should avoid extremely acidic, salty and sweet foods.

Astragalus: This can be beneficial home remedy for oral herpes. It was found that this home remedy has anti – herpes simplex virus activity [4,5,6]. Talk with your doctor before you start using this herb as your natural treatment for oral herpes.

Garlic: There are many people who do not want to eat garlic because it is smelly but this is one of the best natural cures for oral herpes. It is very beneficial for this condition because it has excessive antiviral properties. Garlic has antiviral nature and other characters which put an effort together to fight against infection on pores and skin. If you do not want to cook the garlic in your meals, then you can take it in supplement form as your natural treatment for oral herpes. If you have chosen to apply sparkling garlic, then you should crush some garlic cloves and then apply the resulting paste on the affected parts. Let it stay there for 20 minutes and after that, rinse it with water and wash the affected area with soap. [7]

Natural cures for oral herpes

Natural cures for oral herpes

Hydrogen peroxide: This is one of the best home remedies which is working best when it is used directly. It is known for its sterilizing capacities and it has an excessive concentration of oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is a remarkable germ – killer and this is a reason why it can be used as a natural treatment for oral herpes. When you are using hydrogen peroxide as your natural treatment, then you should be sure that you are using 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with little water because in this way you will be sure that it will not damage the skin. You should drop some hydrogen peroxide into the affected area and let it stay there and provide relaxation for a few minutes. You should rinse the affected area and then repeat it until your symptoms improve.

Apple cider vinegar: This is a very effective home remedy which can help you to govern the herpes outbreak. Those people who want to improve their immunity and health, need to use the apple cider vinegar as their natural treatment on regular basis. This natural cure is rich in vitamins and nutrients which can help to improve the overall health. Also it has harsh properties which can fight against the oral herpes and convey below control. You should dip cotton in apple cider vinegar and observe it onto the affected area up to 3 instances an afternoon and let it stay there for five minutes. You should rinse it with lukewarm water and then dry properly followed by protecting cream.

Lemon lip balm: We know that the lemon is taking part of the mint family. This home remedy can help you to lessen the inflammation and redness that are associated with the blisters. Also the lemon balm can help to give a relief to some signs and symptoms of oral herpes such as scabbing and pain. It is the best option to use a lip balm with as a minimum as 1% lemon balm. Also there is another option and that is to use a compressed product of a lemon balm tea because it can give you comparable benefits. Also the lemon balm can additionally assist shield against other major outbreaks. [8]

Aloe Vera gel: This is a very effective home remedy for oral herpes. You can grow the Aloe Vera at your home. There are some studies in which are connected this plant with cold sores and they are confined but also in these studies was said that when you apply it directly is very useful in soothing the skin when some cold sores break out. Also it has residences that may prove it is beneficial for oral herpes. [9]

Baking soda: One of the most powerful and speediest home remedies which can help you to rid of oral herpes is the baking soda. Also this home remedy can help to reduce tickly and painful sores. You should take a cotton and then moist it in baking soda. You should apply it without delay at the infected area. This home remedy will enable to dry out the exuding blisters.

Ice: Ice is a very fast home remedy which can help you to cure the oral herpes at your home. This natural cure presents immense relief in the herpes ace. You should take a few ice cubes and then crush them. You should fill the ice chunks in a plastic bag and then wrap the pliable bag in a sheet – like thick cloth. You should place the ice – filled bag at the sores for ten to fifteen minutes because I this way the itching and swelling will go away. You should repeat this natural treatment for multiple instances in a day.

Lysine: This is an amino acid. This amino acid can be used as oral herpes cure [10] or as a preventative supplement but a lot more studies should be done in future because they can show if this is true or not.

Echinacea plant: This is a therapeutic plant and also it is possessing anti – viral properties. This home remedy is regarded for enhancing the immune system. All parts of Echinacea (here are included plant leaves and roots) can be used as a natural treatment for oral herpes. Also you can use it in a form of juices, tea or drugs. [11]

Olive oil: This type of oil is understood for conditioning the skin and pores. It is rich in anti – oxidants and it is one of the best home remedies for herpes sores. You should use one cup of olive oil and then allow it to heat. You should add some lavender oil and bee wax in a pot. You should allow it to cool down. After this home remedy is cooled, then you need to put this home remedy over the affected region.


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