10 Best Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

english breakfast tea vs black tea

A rejuvenating and soothing cup of English breakfast tea has many amazing properties, such as promoting mental health, improving heart health, reducing cholesterol levels and detoxifying the body. English breakfast tea or English tea is more than 80 years old. It is a blend of Kenyan tea, Ceylon tea and Assam black tea. This type of tea is most commonly used on the English breakfast table which is reason why it has its unique name.

English breakfast tea has a rich and tangy flavor, somewhat similar to malt and it can be accompanied with lemon or milk. It has very soothing aroma with slight notes of raisins. This tea has a deep red color when infused. Also, it is high in caffeine. You should talk with your doctor if you are breastfeeding or pregnant before you add English breakfast tea in your diet. Also, talk with your doctor if you have never used this tea before so you can avoid side effects. This tea is calorie free.

It is rich in nutrients, such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Also, it is rich in B vitamins, like folate, and minerals, like fluoride, that can help to promote dental health. It has many different antioxidants, including polyphenols, like thearubigins and theaflavins. This tea can help in the treatment of asthma and improves respiratory health. English breakfast tea can promote the production of red blood cells. It can improve the bone health. Here are some health benefits of English breakfast tea:


English breakfast tea treat kidney stones

English breakfast tea will provide your body with necessary fluids and this can help to prevent the formation of kidney stones and this will maintain your kidney health.

english breakfast tea caffeine

Improves dental health

This tea has fluoride which can prevent the tooth decay and promotes gut health. There was one study in which children who drank English breakfast tea have shown tooth decay latter than children who drank carbonated beverages.

Prevents cancer

English breakfast tea has a component called TF – 2 which can help in the fight against colorectal cancer cells. This component can suppress the Cox 2 which is gene associated with colon cancer.

Keeps you hydrated

It is rich in caffeine which makes it a good hydrating agent. You should drink two to three cups of this tea so it will make you sure that your body will not lose any of the essential water content.

Increases concentration

In a single cup of English breakfast tea there 40 – 70 mg of caffeine which is great wake up drink. It can help you to stay alert and your mood will be refreshed throughout the day.

English breakfast tea improve heart health

There are some studies in which are shown that drinking English breakfast tea on regular basis can open blocked arteries and it will reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack. Also, this tea can help to lower triglyceride levels, low – density lipoprotein and blood glucose levels. It can help to promote the overall health.

Promotes weight loss

English breakfast tea promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut which can help to improve digestion. This tea will give a push to our energy metabolism in the liver and this can promote weight loss.

Reduces cholesterol levels

The regular consumption of English breakfast tea can lower the LDL cholesterol in your body which will reduce your risk of atherosclerosis. It aids in increasing the good cholesterol body due to its high antioxidant content.

Eliminates stress

There are some studies in which are said that English breakfast tea can help to reduce cortisol levels in the body which is the major stress hormone. It is a black tea blend and this is a reason why it can eliminate stress.

Detoxifies the body

It has theaflavins, thearubigins and flavonoids which are possessing anti – oxidant properties. They can help in the fight against free radical damage in the body and it can promote the overall health. Also, these antioxidants can help to slow the aging process of your skin.


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