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appendicitis home remedy

When you have an inflammation on your appendix, then you have appendicitis. When you have this condition, then you can feel a pain in your lower right abdomen. In the most cases this kind of pain begins around your navel and then it moves in other places. As this condition is worsening, then you can feel that the pain is increasing and you can feel that is more severe compared with your near past. Every single person can get appendicitis but people who are between the ages of ten and thirty are having increased chances of getting appendicitis. In the most cases doctors are recommending surgery to remove your appendix.

When you have a blockage in the lining of your appendix, then this condition results in an infection. This infection is termed as appendicitis. [1] The most common symptoms of this condition are: nausea and vomiting, sudden pain that begins on the right side of the lower abdomen, abdominal bloating, low – grade fever that may worsen as the illness progresses, loss of appetite, sudden pain that begins around your navel and often moves to your lower right abdomen, constipation or diarrhea etc. [2] We gave you in this article some of the most used appendicitis home remedy. If you think that some of them can help you, then talk with your doctor firstly and then you can know if it will help you.

Appendicitis home remedy and natural treatments

Fruits and green leafy vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber content and this is very significant in the digestion processes. Taking meals rich in these would be an appropriate way of eliminating appendicitis. [3]


Drinking a lot of water is very necessary for one to stay healthy. Having about ten glasses of plain and filtered water each day is a good remedy for the treatment of appendix pain. Water and other healthy fluids are important in eliminating harmful substances and chemicals from the body and also preventing constipation problems. Water also alleviates bacterial cells as well as cures the inflammation that subjects one to so much pain in the appendicitis. Several healthy fluids such as coconut water, fresh juices and herbal teas will also enhance the elimination of pain in the appendix and act as appendicitis home remedy.


Buttermilk works very efficiently in the treatment of appendicitis. Chronic appendicitis can be cured by taking one liter of buttermilk each day. Buttermilk enhances the prevention of bacterial growth in the appendix. This appendicitis home remedy facilitates easing of the digestive system and relieves one from pain.


Whole wheat including wheat germ and bran should be taken on regular basis to prevent occurrence of appendicitis and several other digestive ill conditions. Consumption of whole grain foods as appendicitis home remedy also enhance better functioning of the digestive tract.

Borage juice

Borage juice alleviates fever caused by appendicitis. Taking one tablespoon of borage juice every day as appendicitis home remedy would work very significantly in the treatment of this disease. [3]appendicitis home remedy

Garlic for appendicitis

Garlic has been studied and found to have anti inflammatory properties and healing significance. This makes garlic to be used so much in the alleviation of soreness in the appendicitis as well as the pain. Garlic capsules can be taken each day or better still garlic can be included in various dishes to enhance the treatment of appendicitis. Raw cloves of garlic can be taken every morning as appendicitis home remedy and by this, appendicitis pain is reduced. Garlic also has antibacterial properties which significantly act as appendicitis home remedy. Garlic helps in boosting of immunity as well as enhance the reduction of inflammation. [3]

Juices of cucumber, carrot and Beet root

A mixture of fresh carrot, beet root and cucumber juices enhance the elimination of pain in the appendix. This juice should be taken on daily basis as appendicitis home remedy to enhance efficient treatment of the disease. One glass of this juice taken once each day should be more than just enough. The juices are combined together as they have a joint action during the treatment of appendicitis and they also facilitate the reduction of symptoms as well. [3]

Fenugreek Seeds Tea

A tea can be prepared by boiling fenugreek seeds in water. This tea should be taken each day so as to bring down the accumulation of pus and mucus in the appendicitis hence reducing the pain associated with the organ. [3]


A preparation from ginger root extract is also known to ease the pain associated with appendix and also helps in the treatment of inflammation. Since there is massive blockage, there is too much accumulation of bacteria around the appendix region; ginger helps out with this. The lymph nodes near the appendix may also seem to be affected and ginger provides relief to this as well. This treatment should be done at least once in a day or when the pain becomes intolerable. Ginger can also be added to boiling water and a tea can be prepared to obtain the extracts of this natural item. Ginger also helps in alleviating the symptoms of appendicitis like vomiting and nausea. Taking of ginger tea on daily basis would enhance the cure of appendicitis. [3]


Turmeric is considered one of the best home remedies used to treat appendicitis. Turmeric alleviates the inflammation of appendix and reduces the pain. Turmeric can be taken with hot milk for efficient results or better still it can be added to boiling water to make tea which should be taken at least once each day. [3]


Lemon works very effectively in the treatment of appendicitis. Lemon helps to reduce the pain and cures constipation and indigestion problems. The citrus content in lemon reduces the pain. Lemon can be taken with honey to level down the symptoms. This appendicitis home remedy should be done on regular basis for efficient treatment. [3]


Mint is known to be a soothing herb and is an efficient home remedy for appendicitis. Taking two to three leaves of mint every day helps in reducing the intestinal gas and alleviates the pain. [3]


Basil is a known wonder herb that is applied in the cure of several ailments. Basil soothes the pain and alleviates the fever. It also helps in leveling down the swelling in the appendix. Basil works very significantly in the treatment of appendicitis. [3]

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very significant in boosting of immunity [4]. This is very important in the cure of appendicitis as it helps in the reduction of the symptoms and also barring the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Green grams

Consumption of green grams has also been found to work efficiently in resolving appendicitis problems. One teaspoon of sprouted green grams should be taken three times or twice each day for enhanced cure of appendicitis. [3]

Gotu kola

Gotu kola is an herb which is very beneficial for the cure of appendicitis. Gotu kola is a Chinese home remedy herb that has been used effectively in cure of the disease. [3]

Agrimonies and Dandelion

Agrimonies and dandelion are also a good combination and are both equally efficient in the cure of appendicitis. The preparation should be taken on daily basis for enhanced cure of the disease. [3]


Yogurt is a reliable natural appendicitis home remedy treatment for countering the inflammation and pain of appendicitis and it also help in the recovery complying with surgery. Yogurt is abundant in proteins which help in quick cure of the disease. Yogurt is necessary in alleviating swelling of the appendix due to microbial infection in the bowel. This is because yogurt contains numerous microbial with live societies known as probiotics which destroy the damaging germs and restore excellent wellness to the gastrointestinal system. Yogurt that is low in sugar or bitter yogurt is preferred as they are easy to digest. [5]


Squash is an all-natural remedy for appendicitis. It is considered to contain nutrients which aids in the healing procedure. Squash fruit is rich in beta carotene which enhances the working of the body’s immune system. This appendicitis home remedy aids in combating infection generated appendicitis in the body. This fruit additionally contains vitamin A which is very essential and is significant for total recovery. Prepared or pureed types of squash fruit can be taken. The juice made from squash can additionally be taken for better health and quick healing process. [3]


This is a natural herb that has been applied to boost durability and the immune system of the body. Ginseng works effectively in the cure of appendicitis. This herb can be taken by patients with irritated appendix as it works significantly in the cure of the disease. [5]

Castor oil

Castor oil is a reliable home remedy for appendicitis. A castor oil pack helps relieve the blockage and reduces inflammation. Castor oil taken orally enhances cure of constipation and improves bowel movements. Castor oil taken on daily basis works very efficiently as appendicitis home remedy treatment.  [5]


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