13 Top Health Benefits of Petai

petai for pregnancy

The scientific name of petai is Parkia speciosa. It is also known as peteh or pete. It is exotic annual tree of prolongan’s type (Fabaceae). Its origin is from Malaysia, Brunei Indonesia, peninsular Thailand and the Philippines. Petai is green and it becomes black when it is ripen. It is large plant. Its length is from 35 – 55 cm and it is 3 – 5 cm wide. In one cup of petai there are 124 Kcal. The major nutrients in petai are carbohydrate, Vitamin B2, protein, Vitamin C and iron. The leaves of petai can be used against jaundice. Seeds of petai are valued as a carminative.

Seeds of petai are eaten raw, blanched and sometimes mixed with ingredients, like belacan, chili, garlic and dried shrimps in a dish called sambal petai or used in stir – fries, salad, soup, curry and other hot spicy dishes. Petai has smooth reddish – brown bark. Seeds of petai can be applied externally to wounds. Seeds of petai can be dried and seasoned for later consumption. The young flat fruit pods with undeveloped seeds can be eaten raw, fried or pickled. Usually, half – ripe pods are pickled in salt. Petai has moderate to high levels of purine, so people who are susceptible to gout should avoid it.Here are some health benefits of petai:

Petai help in hangover

Petai can be combined with honey and milk and it can be used as home remedy for easing hangovers. It can help people with hangovers because it can easily enhance the blood glucose levels while the milk is wonderful for calming, as well re – fix fluid level within the body.

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The petai can help to reduce the effects of acidity and it can decrease the irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Improving digestion

Petai is rich in fiber which can help in the digestion of food. Those people who have digestive problems, like constipation, can use petai in their diet, because it can help to reduce this problem. Also, petai have a natural antacid effect within the body. If you feel nausea and fullness from consuming too much petai, then it can help you to eliminate the pain sensation.

Healthy eyes

Petai has Vitamin A which is very important vitamin for the health of your eyes. If you want to have healthy eyes, then petai is the right choice for your diet.

Petai good for warts

You can put the petai in the place where you have warts and this home remedy will help you a lot.


There are some studies in which are found that the daily consumption of petai can help to prevent death caused by strokes by 40%.


The petai has potassium which is an important mineral for stabilizing the heart beat. Also, this mineral sends oxygen towards the brain and it can manage the water balance of the human body. When we are anxious, then our metabolic rate increases and our potassium levels are decreased. This can be balanced with the usage of petai in your diet.

Helpful in quitting smoking

Petai can help people who want to quit smoking. It has Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, along with the potassium and magnesium and all of them can help you to stop smoking.

Temperature control

There are many cultures in which petai is used as cooling bean, which means that it can reduce both emotional and physical temperature of pregnant women. In Holland, some women consume petai to make sure that their born baby is having a cool temperature.


Petai is used as dietary food toward intestinal disorders due to the soft texture, as well as smoothness. This is a raw fruit which can be consumed without distress in long – term cases. It can neutralize the levels of acidity and decrease the irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Good for nerves

It is known that the petai has good amounts of Vitamin B which can help to relax the central nervous system, so you should add this plant in your diet.

Morning sickness

When you eat petai between your meals, then it can keep the blood glucose levels up and it can prevent the morning sickness in females.


The petai is all – natural antacid for the body. If you have heartburn, then you should add petai in your diet.


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