Health benefits of angelica oil

Angelica oil

Angelica oil has many health benefits which can be attributed to its properties as tonic, stomachic, stimulant, nervine, febrifuge, expectorant, emenagogue, hepatic, diuretic, digestive, diaphoretic, depurative, carminative and anti – spasmodic substance. This is a very used flavouring agent in food and beverage industry because it has sweet and spicy aroma. The botanical name of angelica is Angelica Archangelica or Angelica Officinalis. This is an African herb and it the 16th century this herb made its way to Europe where it was a popular natural treatment for the Plague which was a dreaded and frequent visitor to Europe in those days. People who suffer from diabetes and women who are pregnant should not use this essential oil. When it is used in higher concentrations, then it can cause skin irritation and also photo – toxicity. When it is used in higher doses, then it can cause excessive stimulation or hyperactivity of the nervous system.

Health benefits of Angelica oil

  • Tonic: Angelica oil promotes the all round development of health, strengthens the immune system of the body and it boosts growth.
  • Stomachic: Angelica essential oil is good for your stomach. It can help to maintain the stomach in a good shape by maintaining the proper balance of acids and bile and by protecting it from infections. Also it can help heal any sorts of ulcers or wounds which are present in your stomach.
  • Stimulant: This type of essential oil is a stimulant for the functioning inside your body. It stimulates the secretion of enzymes, hormones and other juices and it stimulates blood circulation. Also it is stimulating metabolic processes in which are included excretion, absorption and digestion. This means that Angelica oil is stimulating healthy growth.
  • Relaxant: Angelica oil has relaxant effects on our nervous system, body and mind. This is very beneficial in situations of hypertension, anger, anxiety, depression and shock.
  • Nervine: The Angelica essential oil acts as a tonic for our nerves. This is a very effective natural treatment in treating nervous disorders and afflictions and also it can strengthen our nerves. It is stimulant and relaxant in the same time. It sedates the nervous afflictions and it relaxes them in cases of hyper – reactivity and shock while it is stimulating them to make us more alert and active.

Angelica oil

angelica oil

  • Febrifuge: This type of essential oil is capable of reducing fever by fighting the infections which are a reason for fever. Angelica essential oil has diuretic and diaphoretic properties which also contribute to this property of the Angelica essential oil because the removal of waste and toxins from our bodies speeds up the recovery time of infections. Perspiration can also help you to reduce the fever.
  • Expectorant: This essential oil is expectorant which means that it clears the accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory tracts and also it fights the infections which are the cause for colds. This means it can give you a relief from congestion, sinusitis and cold in the lungs.
  • Emenagogue: The Angelica essential oil triggers the obstructed menstruation and it can make more regular. Also, woman who is using this essential oil as her natural treatment can get a relief from other symptoms which are associated with periods such as fatigue, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps and headaches.
  • Hepatic: This oil gives a good protection to the liver and it is making it to function well by stimulating secretions from the liver. It can protect the liver from infections and it can help you to heal wounds in it, if they are present in your liver.
  • Diuretic: This property of the Angelica root is very important for people who suffer from chronic renal failure which is excess accumulation of water in the body. Angelica oil can be a very effective natural treatment for people who suffer from hypertension, obesity, calculi and other symptoms which are associated with the accumulation of toxins in the body such as gout, arthritis and rheumatism.


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