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Health benefits of ridge gourd

The ridge gourd is a popular vegetable which is obtained from the annual vine. The outer texture of this gourd is having ridges. This gourd is one of the highly praised vegetables in many different South Asian countries. This gourd is propagated by the seed during the summer season.

It is a vine which means that it requires suitable substratum for the optimum yield. This gourd is known as “Jhinga” in Bangladesh. The scientific name of this gourd is Luffa acutangula. The taste of this gourd resembles zucchinis. The fruit and leaves of this gourd are used.

This plant is easy to cultivate and it is even grown indoors in regions with colder climates. This gourd is rich in magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, iron, phosphorus and manganese. This gourd is only edible before it ripens. This gourd is also known as Ghinga, Taroi, Kharro, Zika, etc.

Health benefits of the ridge gourd

Health benefits of the ridge gourd

Anti – inflammatory properties

The ridge gourd has anti – inflammatory properties which can help in the fight against the chronic inflammation. We know that the chronic inflammation is one of the most common causes for many different health problems in our bodies.

Weight loss

This gourd has adequate amounts of fiber which can produce good effects for people who want to lose weight.


It is known fact that the intake of this gourd is producing good effects for diabetes prevention. This is possible due to the goodness of the peptide and alkaloids in it. We know that the diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is marked by the inability of the human body to regulate the elevation of the glucose level in the blood.

Proliferation of gut flora

The ridge gourd has undigested and fermented fiber which can nourish the gut flora. This is known as prebiotics. Prebiotics are different from probiotics. Probiotics are the live microbes.

Constipation soothing

This gourd has adequate amount of fiber which is producing beneficial effects in preventing the constipation. The constipation is happening due to an inadequate movement of the bowel and it can be soother upon the intake of ridge gourd.

Prevention of depression

The ridge gourd is rich in magnesium which is producing good effects in the prevention of depression.

Prevention of cancer

We know that the cancer is marked by the uncontrolled growth of the cells. The ridge gourd has good amounts of antioxidants. You should consume foods with an ample amount of antioxidants, such as ridge gourd because it can help to prevent the cancer.

Prolonged life

The ridge gourd has high amounts of antioxidants which can help to expand the human life. Also, the antioxidants in the ridge gourd can help to soothe the damaging effects of the free radicals.

Manage acidity

The ridge gourd has the ability to manage the acidity, as well as the ulcers. Also, the ridge gourd is a cooling agent and it aids in healing burning sensation during the urination.

Skin care

If you are looking some food to help you with the skin care, then you should add this gourd in your diet. It has blood purifying properties which can help you to stay clear from pimples and acne.

Purifying the blood

It is known fact that this gourd has the ability to purify the blood. It can boost up and nourish the liver health and it can protect the liver from the alcohol intoxication.


If you suffer from jaundice and you are looking for some natural cure, then here is ridge gourd. It can help in the treatment of jaundice and it can help to strengthen your immune system.

Good for eyes

It is known that this gourd is rich in beta – carotene which can help you to have good eyesight.

Allergy protection

There are some studies in which are said that this gourd can give you a relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Antimicrobial activity

In the Ayurvedic medicine, this gourd has been used as home remedy for fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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