Fluted Gourd facts and health benefits

Health benefits of fluted gourd

The fluted gourd has many health benefits, such as blood purifier, treatment of malaria, treatment of anemia, good for the digestive system, prevent diabetes, boost the immune system, etc. The scientific name of glutted gourd is Telfairia occidentalis. It is a tropical vine grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. It is member if the Cucurbitaceae family and it is indigenous to southern Nigeria.

The fluted gourd grows in many nations of West Africa, but it is mainly cultivated in Igboland and Calarbland. It is used primarily in soups and herbal medicines. It is also known as ugwu, emeke, fluted pumpkin, etc. It is green when is young, then turns yellow upon ripening and whitish when it is completely ripe. The size of this plant is 15 meters or more long. The weight of fruit is up to 6 kg. The flesh color is yellowish. The propagation of flutted gourd is by seeds. Here are some health benefits of fluted gourd:

fluted gourd benefits


Fluted gourd improve memory

It has certain components which can help to improve the memory. Also, it has vital nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamins and it can aid in the improvement and normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. This can help to improve the cognitive reasoning, memory loss and other health problems which are related with memory health, such as Alzheimer‘s disease.

Fluted gourd improve blood production

There are many doctors who are recommending fluted gourd as a home remedy for people who suffer from s shortage of blood due to the effect of certain illnesses. The presence of iron and other important minerals in the fluted gourd can contribute to boosting of the blood in the body system and preventing anemia.

Treats convulsion

It is known that the fluted gourd can help in the treatment of convulsion in children. You can slice it and mix it with coconut water and a small amount of salt and use it as your home remedy. Also, this home remedy has been used in the treatment of high fever and convulsion for hundreds of years, so it can be used for other conditions too.

Improves the bones and teeth

It is noticed that fluted gourd has a good amount of calcium which the body needs for maintaining healthy bones and teeth and keeping the skeletal system in normal functioning conditions. Also, it has a good amount of magnesium which is playing an important role in making the bone firm and strong.

Boosts immune system

Fluted gourd is rich in vitamins and minerals which can boost the immune system. Also, the leaves of it have antioxidants which can help to maintain the overall health.

Reduces stress

When you consume fluted gourd leaves, then it can help to reduce the stress and depression. This is possible due to the antioxidants which are present in it.

Good for digestive system

The leaves, shoots and seeds of fluted gourd are rich in dietary fiber and they have many vitamins. The gel – like substance which is formed by the water – soluble fiber can help to slow down the passage of food throughout the intestines and it can help in the proper digestion and bowel movements.

Helps nursing mothers

The fluted gourd leaves are having lactating properties. They can help nursing mothers to produce more milk for babies.

Prevents kidney disease

The fluted gourd leaves have high amounts of phosphorus which can help to prevent kidney diseases. The phosphorus can help to prevent the presence of kidney stone, as well as maintaining the work of kidney greatly.

Prevents diabetes

There are some studies in which are shown that when you are consuming fluted pumpkin leaves, then it can help you to prevent the diabetes. It has anti – diabetic properties which can help to reduce and regulate the glucose levels of diabetic patients.

Treats malaria

It is noticed that fluted gourd leaves can help in the treatment of parasitic malaria infection.

Treats cardiovascular diseases

The leaves of fluted gourd are playing an important role in the natural treatment of cardiovascular diseases. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, then you should consume leaves of fluted gourd on regular basis, so in this way you can stay away from this disease.


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