Turkey Tail Mushroom: Best Health Benefits

Health benefits of turkey tail mushroom
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The turkey tail mushroom is part of the Trametes Versicolor family. It is one of the 100 species of mushrooms which have been researched for their medicinal properties. It is named for the colorful fall-like palette of stripes it adorns that favor the plume of feathers on turkeys, turkey tail mushrooms have been brewed for so many decades by the Chinese people as medicinal teas. It is not a secret to Chinese people how much amazing is this mushroom.

The turkey tail mushroom develops on dead chunks in woodland environments worldwide. It is a type of bracket fungi, which means that it forms thin and circular stretches that appear leaf-like. The turkey tail mushroom is succulent but is rather crunchy. This is a reason why it is most commonly served as a tea or powder in capsule form. It is often raised mixed with other mushrooms as a supplement which you can find online or in your local vitamin store.

It is best to buy it organic, so you will avoid toxins that may be found in the soil, especially since one of the biggest benefits comes from the impurity the mushroom is developed in, providing nourishment due to its natural environment. Some patients have reported side effects from the usage of turkey tail mushroom-like darkened nail pigmentation, darkened stools, and diarrhea.

Health benefits of turkey tail mushroom

Here are some health benefits of turkey tail mushroom:

May help patients with HIV/AIDS:

There are some studies in which is said that the use of turkey tail mushroom in conjunction with other wild medicinal East African mushrooms can be useful in the treatment of patients with Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is a skin cancer that is affecting people with HIV/AIDS. Also, the same product has shown benefits for patients with HIV/AIDS even without the sarcoma.

The turkey tail mushroom has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This is a reason why an extract of turkey tail mushroom can be helpful. The extract of the turkey tail mushroom is called PSP and it has been studied in vitro, noting it as an antiviral agent which may prevent the replication of the HIV virus.

Aids in digestion:

The turkey tail mushroom has mycelium which can help you to have a smoother digestion process when supplementing with it. The turkey tail mushroom has perfect prebiotics which assists the microbiome. This means that it can help with the growth of good bacteria in the body, including bifidobacterium and acidophilus, which is even more beneficial for people who suffer from the leaky gut syndrome. When you have better digestion, then you can easily lose weight.

Helps in the natural treatment of human papillomavirus:

The turkey tail mushroom can help to heal infections, such as an oral strain of the HPV. In one study were participating 61 patients who suffered from gum disease testing positive for oral HPV, 88% of the 41 patients who received both reishi and turkey tail mushrooms have shown positive effects after only two months of treatment. The HPV in the mouth can sometimes lead to oropharyngeal cancer of the mouth.

Can offer support to chemo patients:

The turkey tail mushroom has benefits that can help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy. It was terminated that scientific trials for a turkey tail mushroom extract to be consumed by people who have advanced prostate cancer are enduring conventional chemotherapy, as well as testing how well it helps women with breast cancer in a combination with a vaccine treatment in hopes of a new and better form of cancer therapy.

It is known that chemotherapy can suppress the immune system, so the hope is that turkey tail mushroom builds the immune system up to better handle the weakness that chemotherapy often causes. When you have a stronger immune system, then it can help you to combat deadly cancer cells, making the turkey tail mushroom potential cancer-fighting food.

Prevents and treats the common cold and flu:

It has been known that turkey tail mushrooms can help to stave off any infection, including those associated with the common cold or flu. It can help your immune system to become more resilient against ill–causing germs. You can include the turkey tail mushroom in your dietary routine when the flu season approaches.


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