Bubble tea can protect the arteries from developing plaque

Health benefits of bubble tea

There are many people who have not heard about the bubble tea or boba tea. This is tea – based drink which has gained a huge amount of popularity in the recent years and this tea has spread past its native boundaries of Taiwan. In the beginning it was popular with Taiwanese schoolchildren but nowadays it is becoming favorite drink among adults. It has sweet taste, unique ingredients and huge range of flavor combinations. This tea consist of a tea base, which can be black, green or white tea, which is mixed with milk or other fruits and then tapioca balls or jelly are added in it and they sink to the bottom. Also the ice is often blended in this mixture which is resulting in smoothie or slushy consistency.

There are many different flavor syrups and fruits which can be used in this tea but the most popular varieties that are used are bubble milk green tea and bubble milk tea. There are thousands of different combinations of bubble tea which means that the combination with the variety of teas, the amount of milk and the choice of tapioca pearls or jelly has many benefits for your health. People who have diabetes or who have high risk of developing this condition, should not drink bubble tea, because it has high levels of sugar and in fact tapioca balls are basically pure simple carbohydrates. The bubble tea can skew your recommended sugar intake for the day and it can wreak havoc on the blood sugar levels.

When you combine tapioca balls, sweetened condensed milk and the fruit syrup to one glass of bubble tea, then the calorie count can climb past 350 calories. It is not recommended to drink it on regular basis because it can result in weight gain. You can change the condensed milk with almond milk, cut down on tapioca balls and you should use real fruits instead of sugary syrups. If you want to avoid these side effects of the bubble tea, then you should make this tea at your home rather than buying it from markets because you will make a healthy bubble tea at your home. You can get the healthy benefits of the bubble tea when you are using a healthy version of bubble tea which you will make at your home otherwise when it has a lot of sugars, then you will not have its healthy benefits.


Bubble tea benefits

Heart health: It is known fact that the calorie and sugar – rich diet are not always good for our cardiovascular health. If you prepare a healthy version of bubble tea, then its anti – inflammatory and antioxidant compounds can protect the arteries from developing plaque and also this will strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Chronic disease and oxidative stress: Green tea has epigallocatechins and polyphenols which are having impressive effects on the free radicals that are floating around the body. We know that free radicals are dangerous byproducts of the cellular metabolism and they can cause cellular mutation which can lead to cancer and chronic disease. This is a reason why you should add antioxidants in your diet. Make a healthy version of this tea at your home rather than buying it from markets or ordering it online.

Health benefits of bubble tea

Bubble tea uses

Immune system strength: Green tea is one of the most popular flavors of the bubble tea. The green tea has many antioxidants such as catechins and other polyphenols. All of them can aid the immune system by preventing the oxidative stress. If you choose to use fresh fruits in your bubble tea, such as kiwi, strawberry or mango, then you will get a solid dose of Vitamin C in your bubble tea which means that this will boost your immune system even more.

Energy boost: Bubble tea has sugar. Also it has caffeine which is found in the green, white or black tea. The sugar in the combination with the caffeine will give a boost in your energy. Also you can use a healthier version of bubble tea which will have less sugar and this will be a kick start to your metabolism. If you have never used bubble tea before, then talk with your doctor if it suitable for you before it makes some side effects in your body.


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