11 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Rum in moderate quantity

rum benefits for skin

If you want to enjoy in a tropical vacation, then drinking rum is the right choice for you. It is a type of alcohol which is made from byproducts of sugarcane and it is primarily produced in the Caribbean, as well as Mexico and Central America, among many others. It is gluten – free alcohol which is typically sweet and bitter with a burnt taste and it comes in 2 main types, light and dark, depending on the aging process.

The exact origins of rum are not known but it has an unfortunate part in the history because it was a central element of the slave trade. The alcohol content in the rum ranges from 40 – 60%. Rum is very popular in tropical cocktails, as well as common drinks, such as coke and rum. This alcohol can be perfectly healthy when it is consumed in moderation and it can give you many surprising health benefits.

The most common side effects of drinking are dehydration, vomiting and diarrhea. Also, some people claim to have a higher rate of heartburn and indigestion when they consume rum. The binge – drinking of it can increase your chances of cirrhosis and liver cancer. You should always consume it in moderation. Here are some health benefits of rum:

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Rum increase immunity

It is noticed that rum can be effective in the fight against scurvy. Also, it has been proven that it can help to increase the immunity. It is good only for adults and when it is taken in moderation.

Rum decrease stress

It is the perfect choice if you have a bad day at work or you need to release some tensions. There are some studies in which are found that drinking it when you are stressed can boost your mood and it will bring you back to normal and happy self.

Good antiseptic

It is noticed that this drink is good antiseptic. You can dab cotton ball in the rum and then apply it over your wounds. It has the same functions whether it is taken internally or externally.

Fight over scurvy

This is a disease which is caused by Vitamin C deficiency and it is characterized by swollen bleeding gums and the opening of previously healed wounds. There are many studies in which are shown that it can help in the fight against scurvy.

Lowers diabetes

It is proven that drinking rum can lower the levels of cholesterol inside the body. When you are taking two spoons of this drink on daily basis, then it can help you to fight against diabetes and slowly get over it.

Reduces Alzheimer’s risk

There are some studies in which are shown that people who drink it have reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease but this alcohol should be taken under your doctor’s supervision.

Sleep aid

You should try drinking rum if you have troubles with sleeping. It is known that this drink is a good sleeping aid. With a small amount of this drink, you will notice that you will fall asleep like a baby.

Cures anxiety

Every single person feels anxious at some point of his life and many people take it too seriously. It is shown that run can help to cure the anxiety. When you drink rum, then it can make some hormones in our bodies to react and they make us to feel more relaxed.

Cures common cold

There are many studies about rum in which are proven that it has anti – microbial properties which are able to fight against bacteria and common cold. The Indian military has been using it as a home remedy for common cold for years. Usually, they had some rum after dinner and this is one more reason why you can enjoy in drinking this drink.

Lessen muscle pain

There are some studies in which are said that people who drink moderate amounts of rum have less muscle pain compared to people who do not drink. It is made from sugarcane so the amount of sugar in this drink will keep your muscle to have enough sugar supply.

Reduces osteoporosis

It is made from sugarcane so there are a lot of minerals in this beverage. It has the ability to reduce osteoporosis. Also, it can help to alleviate arthritis. You should consume rum under supervision of your doctor. Also, this beverage can help to strengthen your bones so you will have strong bones as you are aging.


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