Health benefits of clove oil

Health benefits of clove oil

The clove oil has many health benefits, such as treat sty; prevent premature ejaculation; control diabetes; sparks hair growth; treat acne; fight fatigue; alleviate effect of vomiting and nausea; treat respiratory issues; minimize stress; boost immune system; treat toothache; fight throat and mouth inflammation; treat infection. The clove oil is indigenous to Madagascar and Indonesia. Cloves are found in the nature as the pink flower buds of the evergreen tree.

Cloves are hand – picked and the buds are left to dry until they turn brown and after grinding them, the powder is used in cooking or it is made into an essential oil for various purposes. Cloves are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese and all of the mentioned minerals are used for treating and preventing PMS, anemia and osteoporosis.

You should remember that the clove oil is very potent in nature and this is a reason why it should be used small amounts and in a diluted form prior to ingestion or application. The clove oil can cause blood sugar to drop so this is a reason why diabetic patients, pregnant women and women who are nursing should avoid it.

Health benefits of clove oil

Health benefits of clove oil

Treats sty: Sty is in an inflammation on the eyelash. It can be incredibly painful and irritating. It can cause a lot of eye problems which is making hard for the person to see from the affected eye due to the swelling. The clove oil has antibacterial property which can help to prevent eye infections.

Prevents premature ejaculation: There are some studies in which are said that the clove oil can help to prevent premature ejaculation but there should be done a lot more studies in the future to confirm these results. The topical application of this oil mixed with water to the glands can enhance the sexual performance. This oil can promote the blood circulation to the genital region and it has anesthetic effect which can help to prolong the erection.

Controls diabetes: The clove oil can help to regulate the blood sugar level which can make it extremely useful for diabetic patients. There are some studies in which are said that the glucose and postprandial response systems are more controlled when this oil is acting in the body’s mechanism. This is possible due to the concentration of phenol found in the clove oil which is one of the highest compared to other spices.

Cleans the blood: The clove oil can help to help to purify the blood. There are some studies in which are said that the fragrant extracts can minimize the toxicity in the blood and also, it can stimulate the antioxidant activity in the whole body and it can strengthen the immune system, as well as clean platelets.

Sparks hair growth: The clove oil has hair follicle stimulating properties which can help you if you are tired of looking to thicken your hair. The clove oil livens up and invigorates hair follicles by stimulating the blood flow to the scalp. When the blood flow is stimulated, then it brings nutrients to hair follicles which can spark hair thickness and growth. Also, you can mix clove oil with some olive oil and apply it on your hair once or twice a week and you will notice very effective results.

Treats acne: It is known that the clove oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can sterilize the acne prone skin and it can help to fight against bactria which are responsible for causing acne.

Helps with earaches: You can make a blend of warm sesame oil and clove oil and use it as your home remedy for earaches due to its anesthetic and analgesic properties, regardless of the underlying cause. Also, it can help to curb the ear pain associated with cold and nasal congestion.

Helps fight fatigue: The clove oil can help to boost your energy and it will minimize platelet aggregation and it can thin the blood. It can help to enhance your blood circulation system. It is acting as a brain stimulator and a cardiovascular tonic.

Fights throat and mouth inflammation: You can use the clove oil as your home remedy for mouth ulcers due to its anesthetic properties.



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