Bay Laurel: 12 Amazing Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Bay Laurel

The scientific name of bay laurel is Laurusnobilis. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the Lauraceae family. It is very common in the Mediterranean areas and the east coast of the Black Sea. The bay laurel is cultivated in southern and western Europe, including England. Nowadays, the bay laurel is distributed in the West Indies, South and Central America, and Africa. This plant is used like a bay leaf for seasoning in cooking. In the world, many other kinds of plants in diverse families are also known as bay or laurel, because they have a similar aroma or foliage to Laurus nobilis.

The bay laurel is a symbol of victory and peace and it represents strength and success. Also, it is famous due to its health benefits to our bodies. The flowering season of bay laurel is from April to May. The propagation of this plant is by seed. The taste of bay laurel is bitter, sweet, and pungent. The essential oil from the bay leaf is used in soap making. You can consume the bay laurel leaves fresh or dried. Generally, the leaves of bay laurel are used in the savory dishes in both US and Europe. Here are some health benefits of bay laurel:

Health Benefits of Bay Laurel

Health Benefits of Bay Laurel

Stimulates appetite:

The bay laurel can be used as a home remedy for people who have lost their appetite due to its health benefits of stimulating appetite.


You can use bay laurel as your home remedy for dandruff. You can add a handful of dried bay leaves to two glasses of hot water. Then, cover it and let it steep for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Then, strain this home remedy when it is cooled. You should use this water to rinse your hair after shampoo.


You can add one teaspoon of honey to one teaspoon of bay leaf powder and eat this home remedy after dinner.


Bay laurel can be used as a home remedy for headaches. You can make a paste of bay leaves and then apply it to the forehead.


You can make tea from the bay laurel leaves. You should boil some leaves in two cups of water. Then, soak small cotton in this warm tea and then apply it on the affected joints for ten to fifteen minutes. This home remedy will help you to get relief from the sore and stiff joints.

Also, you can massage the essential oil of the bay laurel leaf into your body, because this can help you to get relief from the painful joints that are caused by conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. Also, the bay laurel leaves have anti-inflammatory properties which are making them ideal for people who want to get relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Stress and anxiety:

You can use the bay laurel leaf oil to get relief from the feelings of stress and anxiety. Many people have said that inhaling this essential oil can help them to have a relaxed mind and also, they will reduce their feelings of stress. This is one of the best home remedies which can help people who have problems with their sleeping. Also, it can be used as a home remedy for insomnia.


You can grind dry bay laurel leaf and mix it with two pinched of water. This home remedy will help you to get relief from nausea.


You can take dry bay leaf grind. Then, take a half teaspoon powder with a glass of milk at night and do this on daily basis. It can help you to get relief from asthma.

Potent insect repellent:

This home remedy has powerful insect repelling properties. It is known to be able to ward off irritating and unwanted creatures from invading your homes and offices. This can help to keep your surrounding environments and pests – free and this is contributing to a healthy body because you will stay away from all external insects.


You should add one bay laurel leaf to the vegetable soup because this can help you to improve your digestion.

Head lice:

You should take five to eight fresh bay laurel leaves. Then, boil them in a liter of water until it remains half. You should wash your hair with this lukewarm water three times per day.


The hot water extract of the bay laurel leaf can be taken orally as a contraceptive.


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