How to stop joint cracking naturally from home?

How to stop the bone crackling in natural way

Bone crackling is not serious condition. But in some cases it leads to pain. There are many studies which have tried to figure out is there a connection between joint cracking and arthritis. In these studies there were many different answers. There was a doctor who has proven that not every single person who shakes its hand it had a chance of getting arthritis. There were people who have crackling just one hand while the other was not crackled. They do not have arthritis. But it is a good idea to try the bone crackling. If you are crackling them a lot, then you have a chance to get a pain in them. You can crack many parts of your body. Here are some natural ways how to stop the bone crackling:

How to stop bone crackling in natural way

Natural ways to stop the bone crackling in your neck: When you are crackling your neck, then you affect on the regular movement of your neck. This can lead to arthritis of the joints of your neck. You can feel a pain in your neck. Also you can feel a pain in your shoulders or you can have headaches. If you are crackling the bones of your neck constantly without stopping, then you can feel numbness in your fingers and arms. Here are some natural ways how to stop the bone crackling in your neck:

Regular massage of your neck: You should constantly massage your neck. It will help you to prevent the spasms of your neck and also you can improve the circulation in your neck [1]. People who are crackling their neck bones are feeling spasms and this leads to bone crackling in their necks. They feel better when they crackle their necks. This is a reason why they should massage their necks on regular basis.

bone cracklingStop joint cracking naturally

Exercise: When your head is held tightly in one position for a long period, then you have muscle spasms. You should make easy exercise in your home even in your office to relax your neck and to rid of the muscle spasms. Also these exercises will help you to remove the cracking sound. It is very simple exercise. You should bend your head forward so your chin can touch your chest. When you are making this exercise, then you are stretching the back muscles in your neck. Also you will feel that the muscles in your neck have more strength than usual. Also you should band your head on your sideways because in this way you can release the strain of your muscles. You should make this exercise 2 or 3 times per day to prevent bone crackling.

Warm fomentation: When you have neck spasms, then you feel stiffness and pain in your neck. A warm fomentation with hot water bottle or a heat bags can help you in the stiffness and pain [2]. When you apply this remedy on your neck, then the crackling sound of your joints will be gone. If the cervical spondylosis is severe, then you should make a physical therapy of your neck.

Natural ways to stop the bone crackling in your knees: When people are crackling their knees they do not feel a pain. But if the pain is constant when you crackle them, then you should try to stop the crackling. Talk with your doctor for the ways in which you stop this bad habit. Here are some natural ways which can help you to stop the bone crackling of your knees:

Strengthen your knees: The knee joint is having a vital role for the strength of out body. When you strength your leg muscles, then you are increasing the strength of your knees. The best exercise which you can do to increase the whole leg strength is to squat below the parallel. You should start with an empty bar. You should lead your focus to the Squat techniques. You should add a weight in your each workout. When you squat your knees with a good technique, then you will feel better after you have done exercises in a period of 2 – 3 months.

Squat correctly: The knee position of squats depends on the length of your torso and legs. When you do this exercise, then you can notice if your knees are coming over your toes or they are not coming over your toes. This depends from your construction. This means that not many people have the same position as knee. When you are making partial squats, then they are not improving the strength of your knee. They can lead to muscle imbalance and bone crackling. When you do this exercise you should remember that the hip joint must be lower than the knee joint. You can ask someone to check the depth or you can check it by yourself. If you squat your knees straight down, then you have increased risk of bouncing your knees. You should squat done your knees. Firstly, you should move your hips. Then, you should push your hips back as much as you can. You should lower the weight. If it is necessary, then you should stretch your hamstrings. Your adductors can be strengthening when your knees are out. Your feet and your things should be in a line. You should squat your knees in and toes out or knees our and toes in to put compressive forces on your knees. If you make the squatting with your heels on the floor, then you can feel a lot of stress in your knees. Also there are others exercises for weight lifting which can lead to knee pain. If you make the push press exercise on your toes, then this can hurt your knees. [3]

Warm – up: You should raise the temperature of your body by warming –up the lubricants of your joints. You should make a dynamic stretching. Every exercise that you made should be started with an empty bar. You should consult with your doctor how to make this technique for you.

Improve hip mobility: We know that our knees are the parts of our body which are making our body stable. Also we know that our hips are a reason why we are moving. When you are not having enough movements or when you use poor techniques for improving the hip mobility, then you can increase the problems in your knees. This is a reason why you should talk with your doctor about this procedure.

Improve ankle mobility: We have said that we are not moving our hips enough, then this can lead to knee pain. The same situation is happening with our ankles. If you use tight calves, then this can lead to posterior knee pain. This is a reason why you should move your ankles more often.

Glute activation: The lack of hip mobility and the tight hip flexors are a reason for the dormant glutes [4]. When you have weak glutes, then this can cause you problems in the squat such as knees buckling, heels coming off the floor etc. You should improve the glute activation.

Soft tissue working: When you pop you knees, then this leads to joint stress. If you want to rid of the bone crackling in your knees, then you should make a therapy with foam roller or tennis ball. When you are triggering the points in your peroneals, then this can lead to knee pain. You should massage them with a tennis ball. You should not massage just your knees; you should also massage your whole legs.

Learn to jump: When you are landing with straight knees, then your joints are absorbing the force which is bad not just for your knees, but also it is bad for your hips, back and ankles. You should lend in a half squat if you want to have the best results. In this way your tendons and muscles are absorbing this force and not your joints. This means you can use any kind of normal jumping such as Power cleans, basketball, pylometrics etc.

Eat healthy: You should enter more vitamins and minerals in your body which can help you to reduce the pain which is caused by this bad habit. The food which you consume will help you to improve your joints, skin and digestion. If you have joint destruction, then you have an inflammation. You should use fish oil as your natural remedy because it will help you to reduce the inflammation. You should eat supplements with fish oil and fatty fish. You should eat vegetables and fruits because are full of vitamins and antioxidants. You can improve the connective tissue health if you consume berries. [5]

Stop doing what hurts: You should avoid all the things that put an extra pressure of your joints such as hamstring/adductor static stretches with locked knees, straight – legged deadlifts and leg extensions.

Supplements: You should add supplements in your diet which can improve the health of your joints such as whey, fish oil, multivitamins and creatine. They can help you to build your muscles stronger. In this way you can reduce the bone crackling which leads to pain.


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