Barley health benefits

Health benefits of barley

Barley has amino acids which can help us to have normal diet because we feel full when we eat barley. When you consume whole grain barley, then the levels of your blood sugar are normal. It can help you if you suffer from heart disease, kidney problems, skin problems, obesity, asthma, diabetes, impotence, anemia, arthritis, constipation and hypertension. In the last period there are many studies which have shown that this is incredible cereal for our health. It has fiber which has taken a big role in our diet. It has soluble and insoluble fiber which can help you to have normal health in long period. People can consume the barley in many ways. They can add in stew, salads and soups. Also you can eat it with mutton and chicken. Here are some health benefits of barley:

Health benefits of barley

Prevents gallstones: Women should add barley in their diet because it can help them to avoid the gallstones. It has high amounts of insoluble fiber which means that the bile acid secretion is reduced. It is lowering triglycerides levels and also the insulin sensitivity is increased. Women who consume food which is rich with fiber have lower chances to get gallstones compared with women who do not consume food with fiber.

Keeps colon and intestine healthy: It has high amounts of fiber which can help you to be safe from toxins. Barley grass also has high amounts of fiber which means it acts like fuel source to the good bacteria which is located in our large intestine. They are helping in the fermentation process of fiber which means butyric acid which is result from the previous process can be the primary fuel for our intestinal cells. This celery can help you to have healthy colon. Also it can help you to have clean stomach and decreases the movement time of feces. Also it reduced the chances of getting hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

Prevents osteoporosis: It has high amounts of two important elements known as phosphorous and copper that can help you to have safe and healthy bones. If you have tooth or bone aliments, then you should use barley as your natural remedy because the phosphorous will help you to improve these diseases. Also if you suffer from osteoporosis you should add barley in your diet. In the juice made from barley grass there is 11 times more calcium content compared with the milk. We know that this element is important for our health. Also it has Vitamin B – complex and manganese which can help us to have normal health. When we suffer from anemia, then we do not have enough iron content. This is a reason why we should use barley as our natural remedy.

Controls blood cholesterol levels: It has insoluble yields propionic acid which can help us to have low levels of cholesterol. Doctors recommended barley for people who want to have low – fat content diet.

Health benefits of barleyBarley health benefits

Preserves skin elasticity: It has high amounts of selenium which can help you to have elastic skin. Also it can help you in the protection against the free radicals which can cause you serious skin problems. It can improve the function of our immune system, our pancreas and heart. If you do not have enough amount this element in your body, then this can lead to colon, prostate, skin, breast, stomach and liver cancer.

Supports immune system: It has high amounts of Vitamin C. If we compare barley with oranges, then we can conclude that in barley there is 2x more amount of Vitamin C compared with oranges. It can help you to have strong immune system which means that your chances of getting flu and cold are reduced. Iron prevents the fatigue and anemia because it improves the blood volume. Also this element aids in the normal function of our kidneys and our body cells can develop in normal way. Barley has high amounts of copper which means that is helping in the formation of the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Prevents heart disease and cancer: It has some phytonutrients which are known as plant lignans. When we consume barley, then the friendly flora which leaves in our body is transforming these nutrients in mammalian lignans which are released in our intestine. One of these lignans (new lignans) is known as enterolactone. This lignane from barley protects us from heart and coronary disease and also barley protects us from some types of cancer such as hormonal and breast cancer.


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