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Natural treatments and home remedies for cystic fibrosis

This is an autosomal genetic disorder that is most commonly affecting the lungs but cystic fibrosis can have secondary impacts on many other organ systems, including the liver, intestines, and pancreas. Chronic lung infection is the main symptom of cystic fibrosis.

Chronic lung infection is including pneumonia and related conditions which are weakening and breaking down the integrity and strength of the lungs over time. There are some cases when lung transplants are necessary. There is no cure for cystic fibrosis so this is a reason why people who suffer from cystic fibrosis tend to have a shorter life span. [1] You should avoid the other lung infections which can exacerbate and speed up the decline of your lungs. This is looking like you are treating the symptoms of cystic fibrosis and not this disease but at this point of the medical history, this is the best thing that can be done. In recent years, there are extensive therapies and understanding of cystic fibrosis which could lead to successful management but there is still no permanent remedy. There are many home remedies for cystic fibrosis and some of the most effective are Vitamin D, oats, green tea, licorice, curcumin, ginseng, fish, garlic, peppermint, ginger, cayenne, and hyssop. But there are many other home remedies for cystic fibrosis which can be used in the natural treatment of this disease. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from cystic fibrosis before you start using some of the below-mentioned home remedies for this condition.

20 Cystic fibrosis home remedy treatment

Vitamin D

This is one of the most important vitamins which are needed by our bodies. The sun is one of the most important natural sources of this vitamin. We know that sunshine contributes Vitamin D to our bodies which can directly affect the likelihood of recurrent pneumonia. There are some studies which are shown that the regular amounts of Vitamin D3 can significantly reduce the likelihood of infection recurrence [2].

Green tea

Green tea has catechins and other organic compounds which are directly linked to healthier respiratory systems and a decrease in infection. Green tea can boost the immune system because it is possessing antioxidant qualities but it directly soothes the respiratory system and it is eliminating inflammation which can leave the lungs vulnerable to infection.


You may think that this is not an effective home remedy for cystic fibrosis but oats have some enzymes which can help modify the metabolism and they can combat some of the chemical pathways of cystic fibrosis which can be so cyclical and destructive.

Himalayan salt

When you change cooking salt with Himalayan salt, then you are getting an effective immunological and cystic home remedy for cystic fibrosis which can help to improve the pulmonary function test results or PFT [3]. Also, you should replace the table salt with Himalayan salt. Also, you should place Himalayan salt lamps around the room. If it is possible, those patients who suffer from cystic fibrosis should visit salt caves every few weeks. When you are drinking brine made from Himalayan salt and spring water, then this can also help you to clear your breathing. You should drink this brine on daily basis before breakfast on an empty stomach.


This is a powerful home remedy that can help to reduce lung inflammation and it is demonstrating certain antibacterial properties. You should add curcumin to your food or in the form of turmeric (which is a popular spice). Also, you can make a paste with turmeric and enjoy the antibacterial benefits of curcumin. [4]


This natural cure can be a very useful home remedy for cystic fibrosis because it can reduce coughing.


The licorice rope is a tasty way that can help you to keep cystic fibrosis under control. Licorice has powerful organic compounds which can help to reduce pulmonary inflammation. This means that it has a much better chance of avoiding lung infections which can speed up the healing process of cystic fibrosis. [5]

Decrease consumption of refined and processed foods

You need to decrease the consumption of refined and processed foods, especially those products which are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

Hydrogen peroxide

Those people who suffer from cystic fibrosis can get benefits from a nasal spray which is made with 3.5% of food-grade hydrogen peroxide. You should mix 8 ounces of distilled water with 3.5% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide and you should use this mixture as a saline spray at the first sign of congestion. Also, patients who suffer from cystic fibrosis must drink a glass of water mixed with 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. You should chug this drink all at once and they should not refrigerate or keep it in sunlight because it will lose its effectiveness. You should use this home remedy one hour or 3 hours after meals. You can experience some side effects like headaches and this is an indication that the toxins are being thrown out.

Clove, cinnamon, and peppermint

These substances have strong volatile oil which has one thing in common, aside from smelling very nice. They can help to reduce the virulence and pathogenicity of bacteria which are making them less powerful in the body and they are unable to propagate into more serious infections of the lungs which can complicate the cystic fibrosis. Also, you can drink peppermint tea on a daily basis because this can help to improve respiratory function. There are some studies in which are said that peppermint has antispasmodic and anti-congestive properties [6]. These properties can help to relax to smooth muscles of the respiratory tract to help cystic fibrosis, asthma, and other patients who suffer from respiratory problems.


This natural cure can be used as a natural treatment for cystic fibrosis because it opens airways and it can help patients to breathe easier.

Natural cures for cystic fibrosis


We know that papaya is an exotic fruit that has shown specific strength against the Bacillus and Staphylococcus cereus strains of bacteria and both of these bacteria are associated with the lungs. You should eat papaya a few times per week because it can help to ward off any of those bacteria which are developing in the respiratory tract.

Burdock root

This natural cure can help to balance the oil and water ratio. Also, it can help to improve digestion.

Decrease Omega 6 – fatty acids

You need to decrease the Omega – 6 fatty acids (most refined vegetable oils, such as sesame, corn, sunflower, and safflower found in many snack foods). Before you buy something from the store, you need to check the labels. You should replace the mentioned oils with monounsaturated fats, such as grape seed oil, expeller–pressed canola oil, or extra virgin olive oil.


Garlic is one of the best home remedies for many different diseases. Also, it plays a healing role in the natural treatment of cystic fibrosis [7]. It has volatile components which have a natural antipathy to certain strains of bacteria and many of them are very common causes of lung infection-causing bacteria. You should add garlic to your diet because it can boost the defense system of your body against these types of infections. You should make a garlic paste and rub it on the chest because it can help you in the natural treatment of cystic fibrosis because you will inhale the beneficial vapors as you sleep.

Decrease saturated fats

You need to decrease the amount of saturated fats which you consume in your diets, such as coconut oil, dairy, and red meat. You should replace them with soy-based foods and nuts, such as almonds, cashews, and walnuts.


This herb can be used as a natural treatment for cystic fibrosis because it strengthens lung tissues and decreases mucus.

Omega – 3 diet

One of the best ways to increase your immune system and eliminate lung infections (which can be so detrimental to people who suffer from cystic fibrosis) is to add a hefty dose of Omega – 3 fatty acids to your diet. We know that the Omega – 3 fatty acids protect against excessive mucus production and reduce the inflammation biomarkers and many of them can contribute to infection and illness of the lungs. One of the best sources of Omega – 3 fatty acids are fishes because they have these acids in large amounts. Even the form of fish oil supplements has Omega – 3 fatty acids.


This is a natural remedy for many things and this is happening because ginseng has impressive antibacterial qualities [8]. You can take ginseng supplements, steep ginseng tea for your afternoon tea, or add ginseng powder to your food because all of the mentioned ways can help to eliminate the bacterial infections which attack the lungs in conjunction with cystic fibrosis.


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
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