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Home Remedies and Natural Cures

Natural cures for atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation treatment through home remedies and natural cures

This is a heart condition which is causing the heart to beat in irregular and...
female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction – dark chocolate is the best treatment

A sexual dysfunction or sexual problem refers to a problem during any phase of the...
Natural treatments for scoliosis

Natural treatments for scoliosis – Oregano, alfalfa and whole pieces of fruit

This is a sideways curvature of the spine which is happening most often during the...
Natural cures for Morton's neuroma

Morton’s neuroma treatment at home through natural cures

It is a painful condition which is affecting the ball of the foot and this...
Natural cures for sinus polyps

Home remedies for sinus polyps – turmeric, onion and garlic

If you have strange bumps inside your nose, then you may have nasal polyps or...
prostate enlargement natural cures

Enlarged prostate treatment through home remedies and natural cures

The enlarged prostate is also known as BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). This is a type...

Diseases and their symptoms


Rash – causes, types, symptoms and other associated risk factors

When someone has a rash, then this means that he or she has a change...

Stomatitis – Types, causes, symptoms and other risk factors

When someone has sore and inflamed mouth which can disrupt a person’s ability to sleep,...
bruise, brauises home remedy

Bruise – Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Bruise Bruise is skin injury which is resulting in discoloration of the skin. People often think...
Bloody nose

Bloody nose – Types, causes, symptoms and other factors

Bloody nose When people are having bloody nose (or it is also known as nosebleeds), then...

Melasma – symptoms, causes and other associated risk factors

This is a very common skin problem. Melasma is causing dark and discolored patches on...
Paget's disease of breast symptoms

Paget’s disease of breast Symptoms and Causes

The Paget's disease of breast is a rare form of the breast cancer. This disease...

Food and its benefits

Health benefits of navy beans

Health benefits of navy beans

A lot of people can think that navy beans are unimpressive and ordinary beans but...
Health benefits of velvet apples

Health benefits of velvet apples

Many of us have never heard about this kind of fruit. The scientific name of...
Health benefits of tamarind

Health benefits of tamarind

Tamarind is sweet and delicious fruit. It has many applications and uses for culinary and...
health benefits of sardines

Health benefits of sardines

Sardines have many health benefits such as prevention of age – related macular degeneration, certain...
health benefits of nuts

Nuts reduce blood pressure and increases heart health

Nuts are very beneficial part of any diet. They have many health benefits which can...

Health benefits of persimmons

Persimmons are exotic and delicious fruit which not only have a sweet taste but also...


treating acne with turmeric

How to treat acne effectively with Turmeric

For not only women but also men, acne is said to be an enemy of...
Treat-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- aturally

Natural treatments and home remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome

This is illness which is characterized by extreme fatigue which lasts for more than 6...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome – symptoms, causes and risk factors

CFS is a shortcut for chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a complicated disorder which is...
osteoarthritis home remedy treatment

Top 10 home remedies and natural treatments for Osteoarthritis

If you’re overwhelmed by osteoarthritis pain, you may find relief in these natural remedies. You...
health benefits of rosewater

Health benefits of rosewater – improves scalp health and reduces dark circles under eyes

Rosewater is also known as “Gulab Jal”. This is a by – product of the...
Health benefits of squash seeds

Effective health benefits of squash seeds

These seeds are high in nutritional value. They are excellent source of vitamins like beta...