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Home Remedies and Natural Cures

Vitamin D health benefits

Vitamin D (calciferol) can help in the prevention of bone diseases

Vitamin D is also known as calciferol. It has many health benefits such as treating...
Natural cures for Parkinson's disease

Natural treatments and home remedies for managing Parkinson’s disease

This is a chronic and degenerative neurological disorder which is affecting older people most often....
alopecia, Onion, bruises, asbestosis, Tinnitus treatment

Home Remedies and Natural cures for Tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus treatment In this modern everyone at least once has heard ringing or noise in the...
Natural cures for scabies

Best top ten home remedy cures for scabies

Scabies is contagious and uncomfortable skin condition which is commonly seen in young adults and...

Natural relief for migraine headaches – ginger & chamomile

Migraine headaches are one of the twenty most disabling medical conditions all around the world....
mastitis natural treatment

Garlic and fenu greek are best natural treatment for mastitis

Mastitis is an infection of the breast tissue. Most commonly, it affects women who are...

Diseases and their symptoms

Hiatal hernia symptoms causes

Hiatal hernia – symptoms, causes and other risk factors

This condition is happening when part of your stomach pushes upward through your diaphragm. We...
cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet – causes, symptoms and risk factors

Cold hands and feet are very common when the weather is cold. Also the natural...

Goiter – causes, symptoms and other associated risk factors

This is an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland. We know that our thyroid is...
Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps – symptoms, causes and risk factors

Muscle cramps is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of our muscles....
Heel spurs

Heel spurs – symptoms, causes and other associated risk factors

When someone has heel pain, this is a common assumption that this type of pain...
essential tremors

Essential tremors – symptoms, causes and other complications

This is a nervous system disorder, neurological disorder, which is causing involuntary and rhythmic shaking....

Food and its benefits

Amla juice

Health benefits of amla juice

Amla juice has many health benefits such as promote growth and development, stimulate the immune...

Health benefits of pomegranates

Pomegranates are healthy but also they are delicious. They have anti – tumor, anti –...
Health benefits of horsetail

Effective health benefits of horsetail

The scientific name of horsetail is Equisetum. Its origins are from Eurasia and North America....
Health benefits of tuna fish

Health benefits of tuna fish – treats depression & cancer

Tuna fish has many varieties and this is one of the most desirable and valued...
Health benefits of custard apple seeds

Health benefits of custard apple seeds – gain weight and increase metabolic rate

Custard apple is the popular name for Annona Squamosa. This is one of the most...
Health benefits of guava

Guava – Top Health Benefits

Guava has many health benefits that can help you to have effective natural treatment for...


treating acne with turmeric

How to treat acne effectively with Turmeric

For not only women but also men, acne is said to be an enemy of...
Treat-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- aturally

Natural treatments and home remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome

This is illness which is characterized by extreme fatigue which lasts for more than 6...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome – symptoms, causes and risk factors

CFS is a shortcut for chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a complicated disorder which is...
osteoarthritis home remedy treatment

Top 10 home remedies and natural treatments for Osteoarthritis

If you’re overwhelmed by osteoarthritis pain, you may find relief in these natural remedies. You...
health benefits of rosewater

Health benefits of rosewater – improves scalp health and reduces dark circles under eyes

Rosewater is also known as “Gulab Jal”. This is a by – product of the...
Health benefits of squash seeds

Effective health benefits of squash seeds

These seeds are high in nutritional value. They are excellent source of vitamins like beta...