Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Home Remedies and Natural Cures

erectile dysfunction, asthma treatment

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Asthma treatment

Best natural home remedies for treating asthma Celery seeds for asthma treatment: Celery seed is a...

Treat jaw pain naturally by taking calcium rich food & massage

Jaw pain condition can be very debilitating condition and it can affect your ability to...
How to increase your height in natural way

Top ten methods to increase your height in natural way

People, who have average or short height, always want to be taller. When they are...
natural scar removal treatment

Using coconut oil regularly can remove scars from your face

When our skin is injured, then the scar tissue (fibrous tissue) is formed over the...
poison ivy home remedy

Poison ivy home remedy treatment and other natural cures

There are many poison ivy home remedy which can help you to improve your condition...
basal cell carcinoma treatment

Basal Cell Carcinoma Home Remedy and other natural treatment

Basal cell carcinoma is skin cancer. This type of cancer has shown increasing number of...

Diseases and their symptoms

Geographic tongue

Geographic tongue – Symptoms, causes and risk factors

Geographic tongue is an inflammatory condition which is affecting the surface of your tongue but...
Impetigo symptom and causes

Impetigo – symptom, causes, complications and risk factors

Impetigo is a very common and highly contagious skin infection which mainly affects children and...

Bulimia – Types, Causes, Symptoms and Risk factors

Bulimia is also known as bulimia nervosa. This is very serious disorder which is categorized...

Stomatitis – Types, causes, symptoms and other risk factors

When someone has sore and inflamed mouth which can disrupt a person’s ability to sleep,...
cluster headache

Cluster headaches – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

Cluster headaches is type of headache belongs to the Primary headache classification and this is...
heart disease types and symptoms

Heart disease – different types and associated symptoms

Heart disease is describing a range of conditions which can affect our heart. Diseases which...

Food and its benefits

calamansi juice

Health benefits of calamansi juice – prevent wrinkles

In some parts of Asia drinking calamansi juice is a very popular practice because it...

Health benefits of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B2. It has a key role in the maintaining...
Health benefits of quince

Health benefits of quince

Quince is one of the most used fruits all around the world. It has many...
Apple juice

Health benefits of apple juice

Apple juice is one of the most used, popular and widely used juices. It has...
Health benefits of sassafras

Sassafras antiseptic and analgesic properties can boost our immune system

Sassafras has many health benefits such as protect dental health, increase energy, reduce menstruation pain,...
silicon health benefits

Silicon for glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails

Silicon is known as a beautifying mineral and also it has many health benefits. It...


Natural cures for fever

Home remedies to reduce fever – ginger, garlic, mint and raisins

Fever is a condition in which the body’s temperature is higher than the normal range....

Migraines – different stages, symptoms and causes

A migraine can cause a pulsing sensation or a throbbing pain and usually this is...

Melasma – symptoms, causes and other associated risk factors

This is a very common skin problem. Melasma is causing dark and discolored patches on...
Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome – causes, symptoms and complications

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a common disorder which is affecting the large intestine. Signs...

Insomnia – symptoms, causes and other associated risk factors

This is one of the most common sleep disorders which are making someone hard to...
Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair – symptoms, causes and associated risk factors

Many people have strange bumps which have sprung on their faces. They might think that...