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Benefits of Juices

Diseases and symptoms

Hepatitis B – types, signs, symptoms, causes and other risk factors

You should know that the hepatitis B is a serious liver infection which is caused by HBV (hepatitis B Virus). There are some people...

Common cold – symptoms, causes, risk factors and complications

This is one of the most known kinds of infections which can affect every single person on the planet Earth; When you suffer from...

Different types of teas and their benefits

Health benefits of rosemary tea – gives you beautiful and radiant skin

Rosemary is an herb. It is native to the Mediterranean region. It has delicate taste and aromatic fragrance which are making it favorite all...

Prevent fungal infections, lower anxiety and stress by ocotea essential oil

The ocotea essential oil is not widely known but it has many health benefits. It is highly effective and versatile in its uses. It...

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Essential Oil Benefits

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Natural Treatments

Latest Reviews

Top 10 proven best acne removal natural treatments

For not only women but also men, acne is said to be an enemy of their skin because it may make them look less...

Food Benefits

Health benefits of Jew’s mallow – Healthy eyesight ,Natural moisturizer ,Reduce the rate of graying and Healthy digestion

Jew’s mallow has many health benefits, such as regulate menstrual periods in women; alleviates symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety; fight drug resistant bacterial...

Sweet potatoes heal stomach ulcers and eases bronchitis congestion

Sweet potatoes are also known as yams. They are tuberous crops. Their scientific name is Ipomoea Batatas. Its plant is a creeper with lobed...

Gain weight with help of hazelnuts and Keeps you safe from harsh UV rays

There is no person in the world who have never eaten or heart about hazelnuts. There are many chocolates and hazelnut – based breads...

Longan fruit – reduces blood pressure and increase circulation

Longan fruit has many health benefits such as lower blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce stress, support the immune system and ability to improve the...

Peach health benefits – reduces cholesterol & keeps you young

Peach has many health benefits such as improves cellular health and digestion, helps in detoxification and it has anti – aging properties. It can...
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The butterbur is also known as European butterbur in North America. It is a perennial herbal shrub which belongs to the Asteraceae family. The...





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