Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

Natural cures for osteoporosis

Pine apple and apple are best fruits for preventing osteoporosis

Bone is a living tissue which is constantly absorbed and replaced. But as we are...
Natural cures for razor bumps

Natural treatments for razor bumps

It is a known fact that men shave regularly to give a clean and smooth...
Natural carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

Top best natural treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome

CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) are a condition which is affecting the arms and hands and...
Treat-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- aturally

Natural treatments and home remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome

This is illness which is characterized by extreme fatigue which lasts for more than 6...
ganglion cysts

Effective natural treatments for ganglion cysts

These cysts are also known as Bible bumps or Bible cysts. They are small, round...
Natural cures for common cold

Natural cures and home remedies for common cold

There's are many people who say that there is no cure for the common cold....

Diseases and their symptoms

Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers – causes, symptoms, types and other complications

Mouth ulcers are types of sores which appear in the mouth and they are often...

Pneumonia – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

This is a kind of lung infection which can make you feel very sick. When...
folliculitis symptoms causes

Folliculitis – symptom, causes, different types and risk factors

Folliculitis is a common skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed. This condition is...
bartholin cyst symptom causes

Bartholin’s Cyst – Symptoms, Causes and other risk factors

Bartholin’s glands are located on the both sides of vaginal opening. They secrete fluid which...

Constipation – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

When you have difficult passage of your stools or you have infrequent bowel movements which...
Bell's palsy

Bell’s palsy – Symptoms, causes and other risk factors

Bell’s palsy is making sudden weakness in your facial muscles. You will be feeling that...

Food and its benefits

health benefits of red spinach

Health benefits of red spinach

Many people have never heard about the red spinach. They know that the green spinach...
Health benefits of kombucha

Kombucha tea health benefits

Kombucha is a type of fermented beverage (green or black tea) which has refreshing qualities....
Health benefits of dandelion tea

Dandelion tea benefits – natural weight loss and prevent fat formation

There are many people who cannot imagine their lives without a cup of some kind...
Health benefits of comfrey

Health benefits of comfrey – Soothes throat problems ,Relieves pain and inflammation

One of the most miraculous herbs which are found in nature is the comfrey. Comfrey...
Health benefits of lily of the valley

Keeps digestion healthy and lightens skin tone with benefits of lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is sweet – scented flowering plant which symbolizes vision of a...
Health benefits of winged beans

Health benefits of winged beans

The leaves, stems, flowers, seeds and tubers of the winged beans are all edible in...


HIV natural treatment

Alternative natural treatments and remedies for managing HIV

The HIV harms the immune system by destroying the white blood cells which fight against...
Natural cures for Dupuytren's contracture

Natural treatment & home remedies for Dupuytren’s contracture

This condition is also known as Duputyren’s disease palmar fibromatosis. It is a hand deformity...
side profile sick female having ear pain touching painful head

Natural treatment & home remedies for neuralgia

This is a burning and stabbing and often severe pain that is caused by an...
Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

Natural treatment & home remedies for myasthenia gravis

This is a type of autoimmune disease. MG causes severe muscle weakness. The immune system...
muscular dystrophy

Natural treatment & home remedies for muscular dystrophy

This is a terrible muscle disease which can affect the quality of your life. MD...
Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

Natural treatment & home remedies for morgellons disease

This condition is not well understood. The Morgellons disease is highly controversial and doctors are...