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Benefits of Juices

Diseases and symptoms

Neurofibromatosis (NF) – types, symptoms & causes

This is a genetic disorder which is causing tumors to form on the nerve tissue. These tumors can develop anywhere in your nervous system,...

Multiple System Atrophy

MSA (multiple system atrophy) is a rare and degenerative neurological disorder, which is affecting the body’s autonomic (involuntary) functions, including muscle control, bladder function,...

Different types of teas and their benefits

12 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Tea

If you have never used lemon tea, then it is a good time to start doing it. This is a form of regular tea...

7 Proven Health Benefits of Mormon Tea

Mormon tea has many health benefits, such as protect against kidney infections, boost the immune system, increase energy, mitigate allergies, promote respiratory health and...

Body Building

Baby Care

Essential Oil Benefits

Rose essential oil – protects your stomach from infections

The health benefits of the rose essential oil can be attributed to its properties as uterine, antidepressant, stomachic, antiphlogistic, nervine, laxative, antiseptic, hepatic, antispasmodic,...
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Natural Treatments

Latest Reviews

Best natural home remedies for treating your tonsil stones

If you’ve noticed swelling or discomfort at the back of your throat then you might have encountered tonsil stones infection. Even though they are...

Food Benefits

Molokhia prevent the development of macular degeneration

Molokhia has many health benefits such as reduce inflammation, improve circulation, helps in growth and development, improves sleep habits, increase cognitive abilities, improve blood...

Impressive health benefits of white pumpkin

Pumpkins can be found in different varieties and colors, such as white, grey, brown, bright orange and yellow. The white pumpkin is common in...

Health benefits of Salacia reticulate

The scientific name of Salacia reticulate is Salacia reticulate. It is an inherit flowering plant of the genus salacia. It is often cultivated in...

Soybean oil prevents atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks

Soybean oil has many health benefits such as boosting eye and skin health, improve growth, prevent osteoporosis, reduce cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease,...

14 Benefits Of Jaggery For Skin And Health

Jagegry has many health benefits, such as provide good amounts of minerals, sweeten the food in a healthy manner, acts as a digestive agent...
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Gingko biloba is part of the Gingkoaceae family. Its origin is from China. It is also known as Silver apricot and Maidenhair. It is...





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