Health benefits of bambara nuts – controls diabetes

bambara nuts

Bambara nuts are food crop which is predominately cultivated in the West Africa. It is a type of groundnut which is one of the most common used food sources in Nigeria. Also, it can be found in West Java, Madagascar, Malagasy, Zambia, Swahili and Mali Islands. It is used in the production of many different delicacies. In Nigeria, bambara nuts are also known by other names, such as Gurjiya, Kwaruru, Epa – Roro and Okpa. Bambara groundnuts are regarded as false nuts, rather it is a legume and it has a lot of protein as well. Usually, bambara nuts are used to make Okpa and it can be taken along with soaked garri flakes, drinks and Pap.

In many cases, bambara nuts are consumed because they give energy and they taste great when they are prepared but also they have many health benefits for all people. Nowadays, this nuts gained popularity all around the world and they are used a lot in USA. You can use the roasted nuts in making soups or other foods.

The bumbara nut has laxative properties which can help in the digestion. The bambara groundnuts grow at best in the drought hit area, as well as in the areas where there is heavy rain. In many parts of the world, these nuts are used as food for animals. This nuts have 65% carbohydrate and 18% protein which are making it one of the best foods which you can add in your diet.

Health benefits of bambara nuts

bambara nuts

Prevents osteoporosis: Bambara nuts have phosphorus and calcium which can help you to have strong bones and in this way they can prevent osteoporosis.

Prevents anemia: Bambara nuts have good amounts of iron and copper which can help to prevent anemia.

High in probiotics: It is known that foods and beverages which are made from this nuts are rich in probiotics and they can help to maintain and grow a complement of good bacteria in our gut which is very important for our health.

Great for the gut: Bambara nuts have anti – inflammatory properties and they are rich in probiotics. They can be used as a home remedy for the natural treatment of many diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, IBD, IBS and diverticulitis.

Anti – inflammatory: Bambara nuts posses anti – inflammatory properties and they can help in the treatment of pain, redness, swelling, joint pain, arthritis and inflammation in general. The inflammation is the first step toward disease so you should eat this nuts to help prevent diseases.

Prevents stomach cancer: Some of the best way to prevent stomach cancer is the consumption of bambara nuts due to probiotics and anti – oxidants found in them which in addition of anti – inflammatory properties are the making this nuts some of the best foods for preventing stomach cancer.

Helps with insomnia: It is known fact that bambara nuts have good amounts of magnesium which can help in the natural treatment of insomnia.

Easy to digest: If you want some easy legume to add in your diet, then Bambara nuts are the best choice for you because they are much easier to digest than other legumes.

Lots of protein: Bambara nuts have 18% protein which is very important for legumes. Also, these nuts have a protein called lysine that is not found in many plant sources. Also, bambara nuts have threonine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, lysine, isoleucine and leucine and they are similar to soybeans which is a reason why they are easier to digest.

Lowers cholesterol: This nuts can help to lower cholesterol and also they can help to prevent cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Lots of antioxidants: Bambara nuts have a lot of antioxidants which can help to prevent many diseases. Also, they can help to heal and prevent DNA damage.

Lots of energy: This nuts have a lot of good carbs which are giving you a lot of energy to do everyday activities.

Prevents malnutrition: Bambara nuts have all nutrients which are bodies need to prevent malnutrition.

Prevents diabetes: This nut is a good source of plant protein that helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A 2007 study results further revealed that the blood glucose response was better with this nuts.

A complete food: Bambara nuts are classified as a complete food because they are rich in all nutrients needed for our bodies.


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