6 Impressive Health Benefits of Lovage Oil

lovage oil benefits

The lovage oil is derived from both the roots and the leaves of the lovage plant. The scientific name of lovage plant is Levisticum officinale. It is a hardy, herbaceous perennial that is native to southern parts of Europe. In England, it is known as love parsley and in France is known as bastard celery. The lovage can grow up to two meters in height and it resembles other umbellifers, such as parsley, coriander, and fennel and it has large umbels of yellow – green flowers with seeds.

The lovage oil which is specifically extracted from the plant roots is widely used as a flavoring agent in liquors, nonalcoholic beverages and a variety of edibles; a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetic products and perfumes. The lovage oil is helpful in treating inflammation of the eyes, skin diseases, chronic constipation and jaundice. During the middle Ages, the lovage was very popular for healing kidney stones, sore throat, malaria and rheumatism. You should make a patch test on a small portion of your skin to check if you have some allergic reaction or any sensitivity from the lovage oil.

It is not recommended the usage of lovage oil when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should not use it without your doctor’s approval if you have existing plant allergies or you are taking anticoagulant medications, like Coumadin to avoid unfortunate incidents. Here are some health benefits of lovage oil:

Lovage oil  prevents and treats kidney stones

There are some studies in which are shown that the lovage oil can help to treat kidney stones. Also, it can prevent the formation of kidney stones by restricting cystinuria (this is a condition where there is an excess secretion of an amino acid called cystine in the urine). You should talk with your doctor about the best way of using the lovage oil as your home remedy for the kidney stones.

lovage oil recipe

Heals UTI infections

The lovage oil has the ability to prevent the urinary tract infections. It is condition where the person experiences pain in his or her pelvic region along with a burning sensation while passing the urine. Also, the affected person feels the need to pee more often than usual. The lovage oil has a component known as CAN, which is very useful in treating and preventing the urinary tract infections in children, adults, as well as pregnant women. UTI is very common during pregnancy, but medications for this condition should not be used in the pregnancy, so ask your doctor if the lovage oil will be safe for you.

Lovage oil treat GI disorders

It can help in the treatment of all kinds of GI disorders. It can help to treat stomach pain, constipation and other different types of colic. It can help to reduce the bowel irritation and it can help the stools to pass smoothly. The lovage oil is very effective in treating bloating or excess gas.

Prevents blood clots

The clotting is a good thing because it clogs or blocks the process of bleeding and it prevents unnecessary blood loss. The blood clots, especially within the blood vessels, supply blood to the vital organs, such as heart and they can be deadly. The lovage oil can help to prevent the blood clots, so you need to talk with your doctor which is the best recommended dosage for you.

Reduces inflammation

We know that the inflammation is a painful response by the body, which is causing loss of movement, swelling and redness. The inflammation can result from diseases or infections. The lovage oil has a component known as z – ligustilide which can help to prevent the inflammation, no matter what the cause is.

Rich in antioxidants

The oxidation is a process that results in free radicals and this in turn, paves the way for various diseases and early aging. Antioxidants are substances which can help to neutralize the free radicals and they can prevent deadly diseases from attacking you and making you healthy. The lovage oil has a component called z – ligustilide which is a potent antioxidant and it can help your body to stay away from the free radicals.


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