Top 9 Health benefits of giloy

Health benefits of giloy

Giloy is very effective home remedy for many different health problems. It has many health benefits and it is something which you should definitely add to your diet. One of the most important herbs which exist in Ayurvedic medicine is the giloy. It is known as Indian Tinospora. Often, it is called Amruta which is the Indian name for nectar.

Giloy is used for many different purposes, especially when it comes for the treatment of diseases. You can use it with castor oil to get a relief from the gout. Also you can use it with ginger to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This herb is safe for children who are aged five years and above. But the dose which you are giving to your children should not be given more than one to two weeks.

Health benefits of giloy

Health benefits of giloy

Reduces signs of aging: This natural cure can be used as a natural treatment for the signs of aging. It has anti – aging properties which can help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, pimples and dark spots. It can help to keep your skin beautiful, young and bright.

Treats chronic fever: Giloy can help in the treatment of chronic fever and diseases. Also it is anti – pyretic in nature so it can reduce the signs and symptoms of several life – threatening conditions. It can increase the amount of blood platelets and it will alleviate the symptoms of dengue fever. You should mix a little amount of giloy with honey. This is a very effective home remedy for malaria.

Eye disorders: You can use giloy as your natural cure for eye disorders. It can boost the clarity and you will see better without spectacles. In some parts of India, people are applying giloy to their eyes. You should boil some giloy in water, let it cool down and then apply it over the eyelid. You will see improvements in your condition.

Aphrodisiac: If you think that you are not good in bed, then you can add a bit of giloy in your diet because it will spice up your sex life. There are many studies in which are shown that giloy has aphrodisiac properties and they can boost your libido so they can turn you into goddess in bed.

Gouty arthritis: If you suffer from gouty arthritis, then you should use giloy as your natural treatment for this condition. It has anti – arthritic and anti – inflammatory properties which can help in the treatment of arthritis and its several symptoms, including joint pains.

Asthma: This is one of the most dangerous diseases which people can have. It causes wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc. It is very difficult condition for treating. But there can be taken simple home remedies to reduce the symptoms of asthma. One of the best home remedies for this purpose is giloy. Many experts are recommending giloy as a natural treatment for their asthma patients.

Adaptogenic herb: You can use the giloy as adaptogenic herb. It can reduce the mental stress as well as anxiety. Often, giloy is combined with other herbs to make an excellent tonic herb. This home remedy can boost your memory and it can help you to pay attention at work. Also it can help to clear the brain toxins. Also this natural cure is known for its anti – aging properties.

Diabetes: One of the best home remedies for diabetes is giloy. It acts as a hypoglycemic agent. It can help to lower the levels of lipids and blood pressure. This is making it one of the best home remedies for the treatment of diabetes type 2. Also diabetic patients can drink giloy juice to reduce their high levels of blood sugar.

Boosts digestion: You can use giloy in your diet because it will take care for your digestive system. It can help in the treatment of many different diseases. You can use giloy as your home remedy to maximize the results. You should take half a gram of giloy powder along with some amla on regular basis. Also you can drink giloy juice mixed with buttermilk to get the best results. Also those people who suffer from piles can use this home remedy for their treatment. Giloy will relax your mind and also it will prevent indigestion.


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