Farro health benefits – can treat tension and ease menstrual cramps

Health benefits of farro

We all use many types of grains such as wheat, malt and barley but many of us have not tried the farro which has Italian origins. In many parts of Europe, The Middle East and parts of Asia, the farro is popular as a part of the food but in other parts of the world is not popular so much. If you are tired of using the white rice as the main staple if your meals, then you should try farro because it is healthy and tasty. The farro grains can be cultivated in poor soil conditions. This grain is resistant to fungi. The yield is lesser than other grains. The taste and texture are close to that of the modern wheat. The farro is available in 3 grades – long, medium and cracked.

Farro serves as a natural source of complex carbohydrates and the carb in this grain is beneficial. This grain has twice the protein of the regular wheat. It has a generous amount of fiber which in fact is better than many other grains. It has essential minerals like zinc and magnesium. Farro has antioxidants and phytonutrients which are very important for your health. It has gluten which is easy to digest. If you have never used farro before, then talk with your doctor how you can add it in your diet. People who suffer from celiac disease should not eat farro. Also those people who have high gluten sensitivity should not eat farro. The best way to prepare farro for eating is to soak and then cook it. Farro has a firm and chewy texture. It has unique texture which ensures you than you can cook it in many ways. Boil it with water and the water should be twice the amount of farro. This grain is delicious in a hot broth and it goes wonderfully with the apples and peaches. Do not doubt to start consuming farro.

Farro health benefits

Wealth of vitamins and minerals: One cup of farro per day is you need to give your body the mineral boost which it needs. It is high in magnesium which can help to treat the symptoms of tension and it can ease menstrual cramps. It has no side effects at all.

Low on fat: This grain is low on fat. In one cup of cooked farro, you will get 2 g of fat which is very close to what you get in more mainstream grains like brown rice. This is making the farro one of the best foods for overweight people. You can consume it in a salad as a breakfast or mid day meal and because it is low in fat, you can even spoon up 2 bowls of the sumptuous salad.

Not heavy in calories: Farro is the perfect meal or breakfast for you if you want to stay low on calories. In a half cup of cooked farro there are as little as 100 calories. This is lower than what you will get from same serving of brown rice and quinoa. People who are on a weight losing regimen and need to spice up their diet need to add farro in their diet because this will help them to break the monotony of oats and the regular cheerios.

Health benefits of farro

Farro nutrition

Source of protein: Farro is not a complete source of protein but it has a good amount of protein. This can be ideal food for people who do not want to take animal meat so they can get protein from the farro. In one cup of prepared farro there are 10 g of fiber. You should eat fiber – rich foods because they will boost your digestion and they will enhance your metabolism. Farro has extremely complex carbs which are breaking down slowly. It means that the energy levels in your body can stay stable.

High in antioxidants: When farro is compared to regular wheat and other grains, then we can say that farro has higher amounts of antioxidants. This grain has cyanogenic glucosides which are making wonders for the general health. You should eat farro because it can help boost your immunity levels and it will protect you from free radicals in longer period.

Complex carbs: The low – yielding wheat variety has complex carbohydrates such as cyanogenic glucosides. They can stimulate your immune system and it will regulate your blood sugar. In one cup of farro there are 8 g of cholesterol – lowering fiber which is easily 4 times that a brown rice, which in itself is considering high in carbs.


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