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Clove help in blastomycosis

There are some studies which were done in 2015 and in which were said that the clove oil along with 5 other traditional Chinese herbs (Manchurian wild ginger, orange fruit, prickly ash peel, rhizome alpiniae officinarum, and cinnamon bark) was tested with a Demodex which is a parasite [1]. In these studies was said that none of the mentioned home remedies is having side effects so they can be used as natural treatments for blastomycosis.

We know that cloves are species which belong in the Asian countries, such as Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and even some parts of East Africa. This spice is native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia.

Clove belongs to the family Myrtaceae. It has many medicinal properties which can be used as a natural treatment for blastomycosis. It possesses anti-bacterial properties which can help in the fight against this disease. It is known that clove extract is very effective to kill pathogens.

You need to talk with your doctor about the best way to use this natural cure for your condition. He or she will tell you what the right dosage is for you.

Also, this natural cure is very effective against blastomycosis because it has the ability to boost the immune system. It will improve your immune system by increasing the white blood cell count.

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What you should avoid

You should avoid some foods and beverages if you suffer from blastomycosis. You should avoid starches, sugars, and processed foods which tend to be very sugar or starch-heavy. It is a known fact that the cause of blastomycosis (Blastocytis Hominis) is feeding on these carbs which is creating an even more favorable environment for parasitic reproduction so you must eat your candies and sweets if you suffer from blastomycosis.

Also, you need to avoid alcohol if you suffer from blastomycosis. You may enjoy in a glass of fine wine, craft beer, or aged whiskey but you need to put it on the shelf until you get your gut health back on the track. If you continue drinking alcohol, then the Blasto parasites will continue to feed on the bad carbs that you are consuming even if you make other dietary changes.

Black walnut

This is one of the best home remedies to fight against parasites and fungal infections because it can help to promote good digestion and it is serving as a mild laxative. [2]

Fiber treat blastomycosis

You can use fiber as your natural treatment for blastomycosis because it can help to remove the toxins from your body. You should consume the fiber from foods but also you can take it in supplement form.

Lean proteins

It is a known fact that lean proteins will not provide food for the Blastocystis Hominis but they will give you the 9 essential amino acids which your body needs to function properly [3]. Some of the best choices of lean proteins are certain lower–fat beef or lamb, turkey breast, chicken, and fish. If it is possible, you should try to find meats from animals which are not treated with antibiotics because we know that antibiotics will disrupt the microflora balance.

Whole grains

There are some studies in which is said that people who suffer from blastomycosis can use whole grains in their diets because there are no obvious connections that are seen between gluten and Blasto infection.

Ginger used in blastomycosis

This is one of the most used natural remedies for many different health problems and also it can be used as a natural treatment for blastomycosis. The scientific name of ginger is Zingiber officinale. It is very effective in the prevention of infections [4]. You can use fresh ginger as your natural treatment for blastomycosis. Blasto parasites will not feed on the ginger.


There are many people who are zinc deficiency. This is a very important mineral for our bodies because it supports the immune system and healthy intestinal walls. You can take 300 mg of zinc on a daily basis even if you are not deficient but always you should consult with your doctor before you start taking some supplements.


This natural cure is known in traditional medicine as a natural treatment for eliminating worms. It is having mild sedative properties and it can increase stomach acidity [5]. This is a reason why it can be used as a natural treatment for blastomycosis.


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