Loganberry can treat skin problems like pimples, eczema and acne

Health benefits of loganberry

There are many people who never heard about loganberries before. They are similar to blackberries which mean they have many health benefits. Loganberries were born from the cross between raspberries and blackberries. These berries are a perfect combination of both berry varieties. Loganberries have smaller seeds than blackberries and they are slightly longer than raspberries. Loganberries have a sharper flavor and they are juicer. This fruit is dark red. You can eat these berries in raw form or you can add them in some recipes that feature loganberry. You can prepare loganberries in juices, jams and syrups. These berries are great additions to salads and baked items.

Loganberry health benefits

Low in fat and carbohydrates: These berries do not have saturated or unsaturated fats. It is known that the carbohydrate content of loganberry stands at less than 20 gm per cup and this is not very taxing. Also these fruits offer about 2 gm of protein in the same cup.

Helps in refreshing your skin: Loganberry can help to refresh your skin. It deep cleanses the skin and it treats many skin problems like pimples, eczema and acne. It can make your skin glowy and it will make you to look younger.

Vitamin B12: The folic acid or Vitamin B12 can help to preserve neurological function and DNA synthesis. Also it is playing an important role in the health of red blood cells. Our nervous system needs Vitamin B12 for the proper functioning.

Low in calories: In a single cup of 150 gm of loganberry, there are just 80 calories. This is a reason why this fruit is a perfect addiction to a healthy diet. Also these are ideal berries for people who opt for low – calorie diets.

Health benefits of loganberry

Loganberry benefits and uses

Fiber: In one cup of loganberries, there are 7 gm of fiber which is making it a good dietary source of fiber. They can help to combat several problems that are arising from a lack of fiber. It has been proven that the intake of high fiber in the diet can help to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and diabetes.

Manganese: Loganberries have manganese which can help in the bone and tissue formation. Also this element can aid the nervous system and brain in functioning efficiently. It is very important to have optimum levels of manganese in the body because they can help to treat conditions like premenstrual syndrome, diabetes and arthritis.

Folate: This is a B vitamin which is found in the loganberries. Our body needs folate because it can help to produce the DNA. Also folate is essential for cell division and tissue development. The folic acid deficiency is a major problem in women because it is known that a lack of sufficient B vitamin in pregnant women can lead to neuronal defects in newborns.

Vitamin K: When we consume loganberries, then they can provide the necessary Vitamin K in our diets. This vitamin can enable the protein synthesis for healthy tissues and bones. Also it can help in the blood clot and if this vitamin is not present in the body, then bleeding problems would arise.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is a potent antioxidant which can protect the health. It can strengthen the immune system. This is a reason why the regular consumption of loganberries would build strong resistance against infections. This vitamin is also required to heal wounds and repair the tissues.

Nutrients: Loganberries have many nutrients which are making them similar food to blackberries. These berries have folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and manganese in high amounts.

Antimicrobial: It is known that the loganberries along with the blackberries have high amounts of rutin, ellagic acid and gallic acid. The ellagic acid has anti – viral and anti – bacterial properties. Also it can prevent the growth of cancerous cells and it is acting as a chemopreventative.

Antioxidants: Loganberries are richly colored and they have high amounts of anthocyanins. They are acting as anti – oxidants which mean that they can neutralize the free radicals in the body. The antioxidants in the loganberries are a good defense against the potential diseases like cancer and heart conditions.


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