Health benefits of betel leaf


Betel leaf can help you if you frequently lose concentration or you feel drowsy when you are in the middle of something important. Also, it can help you if the acne outbursts are robbing you off your looks.

The betel leaf has many other properties which can help to heal many different problems. The betel leaf is also known as “Tamalapaku” in Telugu and “Paan Ka Patta” in Hindi. It is heart shaped leaf which possesses many medicinal properties. Its benefits are underrated but it is highly effective.

The betel leaf is easily available in most parts of the world. Also you can find it as essential oil. You should be careful when you are consuming it with tobacco and other hazardous products. Also, if you take some medications, then talk with your doctor about the usage of betel leaf because it can cause some side effects.

Here are some health benefits of betel leaf

betel leaf

Refreshes breath: The betel leaf can refresh your breath. It protects against bacteria, germs and other oral pathogens in your mouth. It can help to prevent tooth decay. Betel leaf strengthens your gum and reinforces teeth. It can help to prevent oral bleeding. You can mix one drop of betel leaf oil in one cup of warm water and gargle with it in the morning and night so you will have effective protection against oral problems.

Treatment of inflammation: It is known that the betel leaf oil has a phenol known as chavicol which possesses antiseptic properties. You can use it as a natural treatment for inflammation if you suffer from serious conditions, such as orchitis and arthritis.

Treatment of nosebleed: If you suffer from nosebleed, then you can use betel leaf as your natural treatment. It is known fact that many young children suffer from nosebleeds when they play out in the hot sun. The betel leaf will help to stop the blood flow. You should roll a fresh betel leaf and insert it into the nosebleed. This home remedy takes about thirty minutes to stop the blood flow.

Prevents body odor: The betel leaf will prevent body odor. You can add betel leaf oil or juice in your bath water because this will help you to stay fresh throughout the whole day. Also you can make a concoction of few betel leaves soaked in boiled water and a spoon of white sugar added to it. You should drink this home remedy because it will prevent the unpleasant smell of perspiration and menstruation.

Vaginal hygiene: The betel leaf is good home remedy for women who suffer from vaginal discharge and vaginal itching. You can boil betel leaves and used them as a genital wash. In some countries, betel leaf is used by women after giving birth because it is causing genital shrinkage.

Stops earache: If you have earaches, then they can be painful and irritating. You can use the betel leaf juice or oil as a home remedy for this problem. You should mix betel leaf juice or oil with coconut oil and put 2 drops in your ear. You will notice that you will get instant relief from it.

Treats headache: If you suffer from headache, then you can use betel leaf as your home remedy. It has cooling and analgesic properties. You should apply betel leaf on your forehead to get a relief from the headache. Also, you can use the betel leaf oil for the same purpose.

Improves alertness: If you are suffering from nervous exhaustion or if you feel sluggish, then you can use the betel leaf to improve the alertness. You should mix betel leaf juice with honey and take it one teaspoon of it because it acts as tonic. You can take this home remedy two times per day. This home remedy improves the mental functioning and it treats debility. It will energize and motivate you and you will be cured from the sluggishness.

Heals wounds and infection: Betel leaves can help to heal wounds and infections. You should crush a few betel leaves, extract the juice and apply it on the wound or infection. Then, put a betel leaf over it and wrap it using a bandage. You will notice that the wound will heal in a period of two days because it prevents the growth of destructive microbes.


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