Best 10 Red Sandalwood Health Benefits

red sandalwood tree

The scientific name of red sandalwood is Pterocarpus santalinus. It belongs to the Fabaceae family and genus Pterocarpus. It is endemic to the southern Eastern Ghats mountain that ranges in the South of India. This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood and this wood is not aromatic. You should not confuse the red sandalwood with the regular sandalwood which is very aromatic. The bark of it does not have any smell and unlike sandalwood, the bark is red in color.

The flowering season of red sandalwood is from February to April. It is used to color foods and for pharmaceutical preparations. The extract of the stem is used as a hair conditioner in the commercial cosmetic productions. Here are some health benefits of red sandalwood:

red sandalwood seeds benefits

Red sandalwood has anti – aging benefits

The sagging, wrinkles and crow’s feet are the first signs of skin aging. It has anti – aging properties. You can strengthen your skin by using a mixture of two teaspoons of steeped and cooled chamomile tea with four teaspoons of red sandalwood powder. Both elements have antioxidant properties and they will leave your skin renewed and moisturized. Also, there are some people who use a mixture of rosewater, glycerin and red sandalwood powder on daily basis to fight against the signs of aging.

Insect defender

It has been shown that the red sandalwood has healing properties and it can give you a relief from the insect bites. You should mix red sandalwood powder with turmeric and lavender oil and use it as a topical cream in the treatment of swelling and itchiness of insect bites.

Sunburn relief

If you are exposed too much to the sun, then it could lead to itchy and painful patches on the face, arms and back. You can make a mixture by combining two tablespoons of almond oil, four tablespoons of cocoa oil and four tablespoons of this powder. With the usage of this mixture, you can soothe and prevent the further irritation from sunburns. You should apply this home remedy directly to the affected area. You should let your skin to absorb this home remedy for 15 – 30 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water.

Acne and scar removal

It has antimicrobial properties which can help in the fight against acne and scars which usually appear on the upper arms, back, chest, neck and face. You should create a paste of one tablespoon of red sandalwood powder, one tablespoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of camphor oil with rosewater. You should apply this paste to the affected area. You should let this home remedy to stay there through the night and rinse it well in the morning.

Wound healing properties

It is known fact that It has amazing wound healing properties. It is wonderful home remedy for the treatment of small wounds and cuts. You can wash the minor scrapes and cuts with red sandalwood water, because this can help in the faster healing of wounds.

Gastro – protective properties

There are many factors which can cause injury to the gastric mucosal. Some of the most common factors include infection, aging, alcohol consumption and certain medications. The gastric mucosal injury can lead to several ulcers and if you consume the red sandalwood internally in the proper dosage, then it can protect and prevent you from ulcers.

Red sandalwood good for diabetes

It has been shown that it has anti – diabetic properties. It has active components which can reduce elevated blood sugar levels significantly, so you can start using it.

Anti – bacterial properties

It is known that the red sandalwood has anti – bacterial properties which can fight against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. This property is a reason why the red sandalwood is used extensively for skin care.

Antiseptic benefits

It has antiseptic and healing properties which is a reason why it has been used in the Ayurvedic medicine. You should sprinkle red sandalwood powder on the damaged skin, so you will gain the antiseptic properties of it.


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