Mineral Oil: Some 4 Enthusiastic Benefits

Mineral Oil: Some 4 Enthusiastic Benefits

This type of oil is an over–the–counter chemical substance which is made from naturally occurring crude petroleum oil. Mineral oils are transparent and colorless because they have oily liquids that are odorless and tasteless. Mineral oils are insoluble in water and ethanol. They are soluble in volatile oils, carbon disulfide, petroleum ether, ether, and benzene.

There are complex series of processing steps that are needed to make mineral oils that have physical properties, pharmaceutical safe to consume, and purity required to make cosmetics and foods. Mineral oils are also known as lubricant base oils, baby oils, mineral base oils, and base oils. Mineral oils are used a lot and they have a lot of health benefits, which range from softening your skin to easing constipation. Cosmetics have been made with mineral oil for more than a century. If you never have used mineral oil in your daily life, then ask your doctor if it will be suitable for you.

You should not take the mineral oil for more than a week unless your doctor recommends you. When you use laxatives for too long, then it can make your body dependent on them for regular bowel movements and this can damage the bowel and cause malnutrition. Also, the long–term use can cause problems with the salt and water in your body. Pregnant women should not take this oil, because it can interfere with the absorption of some vitamins by pregnant women and this can cause hemorrhaging in newborns.

Mineral Oil: Some 4 Enthusiastic Benefits


Here are some health benefits of mineral oil:

Cradle cap and adult dandruff:

It is known that the cradle cap can affect many infants in the first years of life and this can bring worries to parents. You can rub a small amount of mineral oil on your baby’s head, so you can treat the cradle cap. After you have applied it, you should let the mineral oil stay on your baby’s head for a few hours.

Then, gently massage his or her scalp using a soft brush and comb out the loosened scales. You should be sure to always shampoo your baby’s hair after applying mineral oil, because oil buildup can make the cradle cap worse. If you are an adult and you have dandruff and you want to use the mineral oil for your hair, then you can use the same steps to dislodge your flakes.

Ear wax removal:

You can use the mineral oil to safely remove the ear wax. The mineral oil can help to dissolve the ear wax and moisturizes the ear canal, which makes easier for the wax to dislodge. You can use a dropper to put several drops of mineral oil inside your ear canal. If you are wearing hearing aids or you have had eardrum perforation, then talk with your doctor before you try to remove the ear wax at your home with the mineral oil.


The mineral oil is one of the best soothing and moisturizing agents if your skin is irritated and itchy from eczema. It is one of the best topical products which you can use to treat eczema. Ointments, such as mineral oil, have the highest oil content, so they typically do not burn sensitive skin. When you apply the mineral oil to wet skin, then it is the most effective. If you want to avoid cortisone creams, then mineral oil is a good alternative, especially if you are putting it on your baby’s tender skin.


This type of oil is a lubricant and laxative. When you take mineral oil orally or you are using it as an enema, then it can help you to ease acute constipation. Mineral oil is different from stool softener. Stool softener adds moisture to stools to make them easier to pass. But, the mineral oil works as a laxative to include bowel movement. Also, it acts as a lubricant which makes it easier for the stool to slide down the colon if it gets stuck in the lower bowels.

This can help to ease the pain that is associated with an internal tear (also known as fissure) or hemorrhoid during bowel movement by making the stool less resistant as it comes out. It can happen to pass eight hours to have a bowel movement. You should remember this when you are taking mineral oil as your natural remedy for constipation.


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