Strawberry guava improves eyesight and promotes brain health

benefits of strawberry guava

The strawberry guava or psidium cattleianum can help you to lose weight and it will give you the essential nutrients. The strawberry guava is also known as Peruvian Guava or Cattley Guava. This is bright yellow or red colored fruit which resembles a guava. The yellow variety is known as lemon guava and the red variety is called strawberry guava. This fruit is available in the summer. It is native tree of Brazil. This tree rapidly spread by sending up new sending up new shoots and through natural propagation by seed. It is considered invasive species in Hawaii. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber, as well as magnesium and potassium. It is rich in pectin which is a soluble fiber that can help to lower the blood cholesterol and it can promote digestion. The seeds of strawberry guava have Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are beneficial for the brain function and development. In the most cases strawberry guava is eaten in fresh form. Also paste can be made from strawberry guava which is often spread on toast.

Strawberry guava health benefits

Treats scurvy: This fruit is more nutritious than other fruits like orange and other citrus fruits. The strawberry guava has about five times of Vitamin C in such fruits. This is making it one of the best natural treatments for boosting immune system and treating vitamin deficiencies like scurvy.

Promotes brain health: Strawberry guava has B – vitamins such as Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 which are very important for the brain development. The Vitamin B3 is increasing the blood flow to the brain and also it is stimulating the cognitive function. When you eat strawberry guava, then it can improve your brain health.

Constipation: It is rich in dietary fiber which is very effective home remedy for heart problems, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol. The fiber is excellent bulking and digestive agent. Fiber bulks up the hardened stool and it can help to force it through the intestines.

Thyroid health: This fruit is rich in copper. This element is very important and it can help to regulate the metabolism by promoting the thyroid metabolism which can help to regulate hormone absorption and production.

Treats dysentery: This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and fiber which are very helpful in maintaining the stomach health. When you chew the strawberry guava, then its astringent properties inhibit the microbial growth and they can help to flush the excess mucus from the intestine which is helping to cure dysentery.

benefits of strawberry guava

Strawberry guava uses

Improves eyesight: The strawberry fruit has good amounts of Vitamin A. When we have Vitamin A deficiency, then it can lead to weak vision and night blindness. When you are consuming Vitamin A on regular basis, then it can improve your eyesight and it can boost your health. This vitamin can prevent the cataract formation and it can improve the general health of eyes.

Anti – carcinogenic: It posses anti – carcinogenic properties. Strawberry guava has polyphenols and cancer – fighting free radicals which restrict tumor growth and they can purge the body of harmful free radicals. Also they have lycopene which is powerful antioxidant. This component is effective in preventing certain types of cancer.

Anti – diabetic: It can promote the weight loss, regulate the blood pressure and it has a lot of fiber. All of the mentioned properties are making the strawberry guava a very excellent anti – diabetic agent. The fiber in it can help to regulate the sugar consumption and it is reducing the risk of glucose and insulin spikes in the body.

Stimulates digestion: Strawberry guava is rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Fiber can help to push food through the small intestines and it stimulates digestion. This is making the strawberry guava excellent digestive agent.

Promotes weight loss: It can help you to shed the extra calories. Strawberry guava is rich in fiber which can help to reduce cholesterol and it aids in digestion. There are some studies in which are said that the high fiber diet can aid in weight loss.


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