Peony: Amazing 10 Health Benefits

Health Benefits Of Peony

The peony has a mixture of different compounds, mainly flavonoids, tannins, and polysaccharides, and a unique glycoside called paeoniflorin. All of the mentioned components can provide you with different health benefits. The scientific name of peony is Paeonia Officinalis. It is not just a beautiful spring flower, but it has many benefits for your health too.

Health Benefits Of Peony

You can plant peony in the ground using tuberous roots, so it is ideally should have three eyes to be sure that they grow strong. You should cut peony before it blooms for the best results. The peony will open up once you put it in a vase with warm water. You need to be patient while growing your flowers because it can take up to three years to produce a high–quality harvest. There are many different variants of peony and all of them are known for their beautiful aesthetics and scents.

The history of peony dates back to ancient China more than 1,000 years ago. The peony has many therapeutic benefits which can help you with different health problems. You can use the peony petals in your salads. Also, you can make jam or jelly of peony or add them to donuts or pastry dough. You can eat the entire flower if it is steam – cooked and you can serve it as a side dish. Here are some health benefits of peony:

Reduce oxidative stress

It has been found that the peony has antioxidant properties, so this can be used as a home remedy for people who have oxidative stress.

Produce antibodies

There are some in vitro studies in which are shown that peony can help to boost the production of immunoglobulin – M at low concentrations. Also, it is noticed that the production of the antibody is inhibited at higher doses.

Manage inflammation

It has been found that peony can help you to get relief from inflammation-related conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Also, there are some studies in which are found that peony can help to minimize factors, such as pain, synovial hypertrophy, cartilage degradation, and joint swelling.

Relieve pain

There was one study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology in which it noted that the compounds of peony have analgesic properties. This is a reason why peony can be used as a home remedy for relieving pain.

Immune system

The peony has a long tradition in traditional medicine as a home remedy for supporting the immune system. It can help to promote a healthy immune response and it can modulate the immune system.

Increase white blood cells

There was one study done in 2016 in which is found that the active compounds in peony can help to increase the number of white blood cells, as well as reverse the atrophy of the thymus.

Antispasmodic properties

There are some studies in which are shown that peony can be used for its antispasmodic properties in the treatment of epilepsy and preventing seizures.

Heart health

The peony is used to support heart health in general. It can help to protect against oxidative stress and it can reduce stress-related tension. Also, it can help to reduce platelet aggregation and relax blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation.

Digestive and intestinal issues

In traditional medicine, peony is used to support healthy digestion and it can address digestive disorders. Also, in traditional medicine, peony has been used for constipation and irritable bowel caused by inflammation.

Eye health

The peony can help to support healthy vision by reducing the incidence of dry eye.

Blood tonic

The blood tonic is a traditional term that is used for a concoction for unspecific nerve pain, chronic fever, allergic reactions, inflammation, gout, fatigue, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and rheumatism. In traditional medicine, the peony is used as a blood tonic. It can help to decrease the inflammation and it shows antispasmodic properties and it has been shown to soothe nerve pain. Also, you can use peony as a topical treatment for hemorrhoids.


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