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White Sapote: Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits

The scientific name of white sapote is Casimiroaedulis. Its origin is from Eastern Mexico and Central America south to Costa Rica. The color of white sapote is green and it turns to golden yellow when it is ripe. It has a round, oval, or ovoid drupe which is 5 – 10 cm in diameter.

The taste of white sapote ranges from bland to banana-like to peach to pear to vanilla flan. The edible fruit of white sapote is greatly appreciated and it is commonly consumed. This tree is often cultivated as a fruit crop in warm temperature, subtropical and higher elevations of the tropics and also, often it is grown as an ornamental.

It is a medium to a very large evergreen tree. The flowering season is from January to February. Different parts of the white sapote are used as a sedative or treatment for putrid sores, rheumatism, arthritis, and diabetes. The white sapote is used as a tranquilizer, soporific, and sedative.

When you consume white sapote, then it can help in the prevention of cough. You can consume white sapote raw or cooked. When you cook white sapote, then cooking makes them limp and less flavorful. You can use the pulp of white sapote as a flavoring for dairy products, such as ice cream and milkshakes.

Here are some health benefits of white sapote:

Health benefits of white sapote
The internal side of white sapote

Healthier skin:

The white sapote has high iron content, so when you consume it, then it will help your skin to have a healthier and more radiant appearance in a natural way. It has high amounts of Vitamin E which can revitalize the skin and it will make it fresh. Also, it can help you to have skin free of wrinkles.

Works as an energizer:

When you consume white sapote, then it can give you a lot of energy and this is much needed for the body. When you consume only one serving of white sapote, you will get around 80 calories, because it is rich in carbohydrates.

Helps reduce PMS:

The white sapote is very good for reducing pain. Also, it can help to balance the blood levels which are lost during the menstrual cycle. It helps naturally to balance hormones, which can help to have a regulated menstrual cycle.

Acts as an anti-inflammatory:

The white sapote has high anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to combat many different conditions, such as enteritis, irritating bowel disorders, erosive gastritis, and reflux – esophagitis.

Oxygenates the brain:

There are many studies in which is said that the contribution of Vitamin B3 which is offered by the white sapote can help to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it can help in the prevention of some other age-related brain disorders which are leading to cognitive deterioration.

Improve the immune system:

The white sapote is rich in Vitamin C. So, the consumption of this fruit can help you to fight and eliminate free radicals. Also, it can help you to fight against inflammation in your body.

Optimize cardiovascular health:

The white sapote is rich in fiber content, so the consumption of it can help you to control your cholesterol levels. Also, it can help you to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders.

Improves digestion:

The white sapote can help to optimize the digestive processes carried out by the body, because when it is consumed raw, it can give you a lot of fiber.

Curing diarrhea:

Every single person can get diarrhea anytime and anywhere. This is a reason why we need to eat foods which are good for our stomach. The white sapote is one of the best fruits which can help you if you have diarrhea. You should take white sapote, peel it, and then consume it. You will notice that your diarrhea will recover gradually.

Prevent anemia:

The white sapote is rich in iron and folic acid, which can help you to get relief from the anemic conditions and their effects. Iron is very important for hemoglobin, which will carry oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout the body. Also, iron can help your body to make enough oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the process preventing anemia, so add it to your diet.


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