Health benefits of elephant apple

Health benefits of elephant apple

The scientific name of elephant apple is Dillenia indica. This is an evergreen large sized shrub which belongs to the Dilleniaceae family. It is native to the North Eastern parts of India. Elephant apples can be consumed both in ripe and unripe stages. Usually, they are used for chutneys as well as other popular pickled dishes. This fruit comes into season during fall months which depends on the region.

The maturity of this fruit is in October and November. The lengthier harvesting period is from October through March. This plant is found growing in evergreen forest or tropical rain forests, often along rivers and it prefers well – drained sandy loam. This tree grows best in a rich and slightly acid soil. The fruit color is greenish – yellow. It has bitter sour taste. This fruit is widely used due to its medicinal value.

The bark and leaves are used as astringent and laxative agent. Also, the juice of elephant apple can be used as a cough mixture and a cooling beverage for toning up the nervous system. In the indigenous system of medicine, the leaf, fruit and bark of this plant are used. The juice of elephant apple is used as a cardio tonic. This fruit can help to get a relief from the abdominal pain and it controls the heat in the body. When the elephant apple juice is mixed with water and sugar, then it can be used as a cooling beverage for fevers and cough mixture.

Health benefits of elephant apple

Health benefits of elephant apple

Cure stomach – related problems: Elephant apple has tannin which is very beneficial for the endless loose bowels and stomach treatment. The bark of this tree blends along with the nectar and it is playing an important role for the stomach problems. This is a reason why this extract is used as home remedy for cholera and many other similar conditions.

Protects kidneys: It is known that the elephant apple has stimulant properties and it is safe framework. This home remedy can help to secure kidneys reliably. In the Indian studies is though that this apple is the best home remedy to expel kidney problems. Also, it is effective home remedy for the heart and liver.

Improved RBC count: Elephant apple has abundant amounts of iron. It is recommended for people who suffer from iron – deficiency anemia to consume this apple on regular basis. The regular usage of elephant apple can help to flush out impurities and toxic substances in the bloodstream.

Constant energy levels: Elephant apples have abundant amounts of B vitamins. You should consume elephant apples on regular basis if you are feeling weak very easily. They can help you to feel more energetic. Also, B vitamins are needed for the brain and nerve cell function and to stay in healthy conditions.

Delayed aging: Elephant apples have Vitamin C which is very important for people who want to look young. This vitamin is important for the synthesis of collagen which is a type of protein that can help the ski to stay firm so in this way it has reduced chances of getting wrinkles. Also, this vitamin is antioxidant in nature which can help in the fight against free radicals which are cause for skin aging.

Fights infections: Elephant apples are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin is very important in maintaining a strong immune system. If you are susceptible to cold, flu or any other type of infection, then the frequent usage of Vitamin C – rich foods, like elephant apples, can help you to stay protected. You should eat this apples on regular basis so in this way you will stay protected from infections.

Good for eye health: Elephant apple is rich in Vitamin A which is known that it can help to keep the eyes healthy. There are many eye problems which can lead to vision loss so doctors are recommending a diet that is rich in Vitamin A. The regular usage of Vitamin A is very beneficial for taking good care for your eyes.

Lower blood pressure: If you want to keep your blood pressure in normal levels, then you should eat elephant apples because they are rich in potassium. It will help you to keep your blood pressure at bay.


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