Treating Autoimmune Disease through Natural treatments and Home Remedies

Autoimmune Disease home remedy

This disease is affecting up to 50 million Americans. This disease develops when your immune system decides that your healthy cells are foreign. As a result of this, your immune system is attacking your healthy cells. Autoimmune disease can affect one or many different body tissue and this depends on the type of it. Autoimmune disease can also cause abnormal organ growths and changes in the function of your organs. There are 80 types of autoimmune diseases. Many of these diseases have similar symptoms which is making difficult to recognize them. Also it is possible to have more than one at the same time. This disease usually fluctuates between periods of remission and flare – ups. This disease often can run in families and 75% of these families are women. There are many symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo, pernicious anemia, celiac sprue disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, type one diabetes, Addison’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease and Grave’s disease. [1] Talk with your doctor if you suffer from autoimmune disease because he or she will tell which is the best medicine or natural treatment for you. Here are some home remedies for autoimmune disease:

Autoimmune Disease – Home Remedies

Gluten Free Diet: This is a protein that is present in high quantities in wheat that helps to treat autoimmune disease; this protein is known to contribute a lot to allergic reactions. Therefore an individual who is suffering from this condition should avoid food that has this type of protein. This is because the allergic reactions that the protein contributes to normally initiate the autoimmune disease. The protein also provides good grounds for development of celiac disease which normally has a low tolerance to sensitivity of Gluten. This therefore has ability to initiate this condition. [2]

Fish Oil

Fish oil has high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids; this is a significant component in preventing inflammations in the body. As a result it protects the body from initiating immune response against it which ends up making it to attack itself. This should be taken by either eating fish which has this content in them or even getting extracts of the fish oil.

Vitamin C

This condition is always initiated by imbalance in the immune system, this leads to its inability to function naturally. As a result the immune system becomes unable to support itself and to perform its normal functions. In this case the vitamin C works best to ensure the response of the disease is curtailed and that autoimmune disease is relieved. [3]


Regular rest is important; it enables the body to be able to absorb the necessary minerals and vitamins from the food eaten. In this way it helps to boost the immune system of the body, this lowers instance of autoimmune disease which can result due to lack of certain significant elements in the body.

Meditation and Yoga

These two practices are effective in relieving stress; they can help you recover from tension which can initiate imbalance in the hormonal distribution in your body hence initiating the above condition. Therefore you are supposed to have a period of close to one hour on a daily basis for meditation and yoga so that you can stabilize the immune system by reducing tension in your body.


This is a practice which aims certain healing point, the practice has been carried by Chinese since the ancient times. This is done by using therapeutic needles aimed at certain healing points, this helps in eliminating wide range of illnesses and autoimmune disease is one of them. Never the less it requires proper learning from a well trained or experienced individual. [4]

Soak Up the Sun

Spending substantial time basking in the sun ensures that you get enough vitamin D regularly. This vitamin`s availability is significant in preventing and treating autoimmune disease. This can be achieved by boosting the immunity system of the body hence preventing self attack of the body. This is made possible because ultraviolet waves from the sun has effective action against such condition hence instant healing can be achieved when you constantly expose yourself to substantial sunlight.


This medicinal root is established to posses’ adaptive reaction directed towards immune system. This helps in making immunity strong minus initiating it. This medicine operates in a different way from herbs; this is because it has plant sterols which are active in triggering the body to produce age as well as gender hormones which are important in attending to this type of disorder. It also ensures that the endocrine system is properly functioning by stimulating both the pituitary glands as well as hypothalamus to properly do their roles.


This is a practice which can be done at home and it involves treatment of the patient with warm water so that stiffness experienced in the joints can be eradicated, it also helps in elimination of pain in the joints hence giving a greater outcome by preventing inflammations which can initiate immune response.

Make Simple Life Style Changes

Initiate exercise in your life style this is because exercising makes you to remain healthy, it ensures that you are fits and secure from such conditions. Exercises improve your flexibility as well as extent to which you are motile. This improves the rate at which you take in oxygen into your body system, high oxygen intake in the body system allows you to purify the blood hence your organs remain healthy. As a result of this the immune system attains optimality in their function hence protects you from autoimmune Disease.


This is a form of peptide that helps in enhancing the curing of autoimmune Disease because it is a good detoxifier that ensures that major toxins in your system are effectively eliminated. This includes major toxins such as toxic chemicals and metals. Therefore increasing the levels of the component in the body works to prevent any instance of degeneration of the body`s tissues.


autoimmune diseaseThis is a form of alga which is blue green in nature it is a natural remedy to autoimmune Disease, since it is rich in minerals, it has powerful antioxidant components and it also has abundant vitamins. Due to this it has the ability to step up the proportion of immune factors which are responsible of fighting infections in your body. These are significant in the treatment of the autoimmune disease hence it is recommended that constant taking of this form of ailment can really work effectively to give a positive outcome within a narrow span of time. [5]

Relaxing Your Mind

This can be achieved by practicing certain exercises like breathing exercise, meditations this helps to initiate internal healing of the body and this go through your body system which makes the system to be able to generate enough antibodies which will help to fight against conditions which can make the system to react against the body.


This herb is composed of Curcumin which is responsible for reduction of Inflammation-boosting enzyme in most autoimmune disease. While using this medication you are supposed to take one cup of milk and boil it after this add to it a half of teaspoonful of turmeric powder, leave this to simmer for three minutes then drink the prepared ailment. This practice will be effective it is repeated on a daily basis before going to bed. Despite this there is also an alternative for this which can perform the curing effectively as well. What is required of you is to avail around 500 mg of turmeric supplements and take this supplement three times on a daily basis. The outcome will be also great if turmeric is added to your meals.

Coconut Oil

What makes it a good medicine for this condition is that it is composed of lauric acid which is effective in waging fight against the inflammatory condition and it also fight disease that promotes the buildup of the bacteria. The fatty acids in it are effective to enhance metabolism you. You are supposed to be taking at maximum three tablespoonful of virgin coconut oil on a daily basis, this will help to effectively combat the condition and cure you from the disease. Alternatively, constant massaging of areas that have been affected by coconut oil which have been warmed for three times every day, works to increase lubrication and prevent stiffness. This is effective to stop further attack hence it makes it an effective treatment for autoimmune disease. [6]


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