Natural treatments and home remedies for bowel problems

bowel problems

When people are having bowel problems they feel some of the following conditions: bloating, gas, abdominal pain and spasms, rectal bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, inability to defecate or pass gas, loose and watery stools, weight loss and constipation. This condition can affect man and woman as well. They are having poor control of their bowel. It is affecting more the adults then the young people but they are not excluded from this condition. They should take some medications which are prescribed from their doctors or they should try home remedies and natural cures as their treatment. They should not feel embarrassed from their condition. It can happen to every single person. You should first try to use home remedies and natural cures to win against your condition. If they are not helping to your problems, then you should visit your doctor. Here are some natural cures and home remedies which can improve your condition:

Natural treatments for bowel problems

Water: This is one of the best home remedies for treating the bowel problems. It is the perfect home remedy for colon cleansing. You should drink lot of water if you want to have the best results. It is recommended drinking ten to twelve glasses of water per day. When you are consuming lot of water during the day, then you are giving lubrication and liquid to your body which is vital for eliminating the free radicals in your body. The natural peristaltic action is stimulated when you are drinking plenty of water during the day. This is very helpful to your body because food can properly move through the digestive system. Also when you are drinking lot of water, then you are making your body to be hydrated. Also you should drink plenty of fresh vegetable or fresh fruit juices during the day. When you are drinking plenty of water, you are ensuring yourself that you will not make any blockage in your gastrointestinal tract. The function of your colon will be normal. [1,2]

Apple juice: When you are drinking apple juice, then you are consuming one of the best home remedies for the bowel problems and colon cleansing. This juice is improving the function of the liver and the entire digestive system. Also it is improving the bowel movement. When you are drinking apple juice you are riding of the free radicals and toxins in the body. The best apple juice which you can consume is the fresh apple juice. If you are not having an opportunity to drink fresh orange juice, then you should drink organic apple juice. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to drink one glass of unfiltered apple juice. When 30 minutes have passed after you have drunk your apple juice, you should drink one glass of water. You should repeat this process several times per day in a period of 3 days. Also if you want to add other juice in your treatment, you should drink prune juice. You should not consume solid foods. You should try to avoid them. [3]

Lemon juice: This juice has Vitamin C and another anti – oxidant components which are helpful for having healthy digestive system. Also this remedy is very effective for the colon cleansing and the bowel problems. In a glass of lukewarm water you should mix small amount of honey, one lemon and a pinch of sea salt. You should drink this remedy every morning on empty stomach. With drinking this mixture you will have better skin condition, better bowel movement and lot more energy to do everyday activities. In a glass of apple juice you should add two tablespoons of fresh – squeezed lemon juice. You should drink this remedy 3 – 4 times per day. When you are drinking this mixture, then you are thinning out the mucous which is in the bowel. You should drink either of the mentioned remedies in a period of few days. [4]

Raw vegetable juice: When you have bowel problems it is a good idea to stay apart from cooked for one or two days. In this period you should prepare for yourself juices from raw vegetables. Chlorophyll which is component of the green vegetables is taking a big role in toxins elimination. Also this kind of juice is rich with enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals which are giving energy to your body and also your health is on high levels. Herbal teas are also recommended for bowel problems. Ready – made vegetable juices are not recommended being consumed because they are not having active enzymes which are helping to your body to remove the waste products from food. You can use a blender or juicer to make vegetable juices from spinach, carrots, corn, kale, beets, squash etc. [3]

Fiber – rich foods: You should eat food which has high amount of fiber because it is cleaning the colon from all toxins which can lead to serious diseases. This element is also helping in the softening of the stool and also it is improving the bowel movement which has big role in riding of the waste products in the body. Also this kind of food is very helpful for many other intestinal problems. Fruits which are rich with fiber are apples, pears and raspberries. Vegetables which are rich with fiber are broccoli, peas and artichokes. Beans, cereals, nuts, seeds and whole grains are also rich with fiber. [3]

Yogurt: You should eat yogurt every day because this product will help you to have healthy colon. This is probiotic food. You can consume any kind of yogurt but is recommended consuming yogurt with active and live cultures which are introducing the good bacteria in the gut which is helping in a promotion of the digestion. This product is also very helpful in the fight against the other inflammatory bowel diseases. Calcium which is component of the yogurt is also reducing the growth of the cells which are in the lining of the colon. Irregular bowel movements, indigestion and flatulence are can be solved by eating yogurt. You can eat yogurt just as yogurt. If you do not like the taste of the yogurt you can add in it fresh fruits such as berries, apples, bananas and limes. [5]

bowel problems

Flaxseed: When you add flaxseed in your diet, then you are consuming a great natural remedy for colon cleansing. This home remedy is rich with natural fibers, omega – 3 fatty acids and antioxidants which are making it the perfect natural remedy for bowel problems. When you are adding flaxseed in your diet, then you are removing the expand food and water from the colon which will help you to remove the toxins from the body. Also this remedy is very effective at preventing diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Ground flaxseed can be added in healthy foods such as fruits, cereals and yogurt. Also there is another remedy which can be used if you want to have fast results. In a glass of water you will need to add one tablespoon of this kind of flaxseed. You should drink this mixture 30 minutes before you go the bed or before you eat your breakfast. [6]

Sea salt: This is also effective natural remedy for the colon cleansing because the sea salt has detoxifying properties which will help you a lot in the bowel problems. In one glass of water you should mix one tablespoon of sea salt. Boil this mixture. You can drink this remedy in two forms cold or warm. First thing that you should do in the morning is to drink this mixture. You should wait few minutes. Then, you should lie down. When you are in this position you should massage your stomach with gentle massage in the colon area. This massage will help you a lot in the stimulation of the bowel movement. Also this remedy will help you to rid off the free radicals and toxins in the body. This mixture will also help you to clean your digestive tract from regular feces, bacteria, parasites and accumulated fecal matter. You should repeat this process 5 times per month. In some cases this mixture is a reason for diarrhea. If you do not want to get diarrhea, then you should drink lot of fresh juices and water through the day. People who have hearth health problems or who are suffering from high blood pressure should not use this mixture.

Aloe Vera: This herb has detoxifying properties which are making the Aloe Vera the perfect natural remedy for colon cleansing. This home remedy will help in the reducing the symptoms of the bowel problems. When Aloe Vera is your natural remedy, then you are not helping yourself in the prevention of the bowel problems, but also you are helping yourself to other problems such as skin infections, diarrhea, headaches, constipation and gastric pain. In fresh Aloe Vera gel you should add lemon juice. Put these ingredients in a blender to make a smooth juice. Then, you should put this kind of juice in your refrigerator for 2 -3 hours. In a period of few days you should drink this mixture several times per day. [7]


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