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Breast cysts home remedy and effective natural treatments

When women are in their reproductive agesbreast cysts are the most common problem in this age. In most cases, this disease is not a cancerous disease, and also it is harmless. But it is very difficult for many women to live with this disease.

When women are in their menstruation period, and when their hormone levels are at their highest place, then they can feel pain and also become swollen. In some cases, they are going away on their own.

In many cases, they do not need medical help. Women are just using painkillers for the pain, which is normal through the menstrual period. Also, there are some breast cysts, home remedies, and natural cures which can help you to improve your condition. They will not cause you any side effects, and also they are safe for your health. In this article let us discuss about 13 natural remedies for Breast cysts.

How to dissolve cysts in breast naturally

Diet control

When you have diet control, then this can be a very effective natural remedy for your condition. But if this breast cysts home remedy has helped someone, that does not mean it will help all women who are suffering from breast cysts.

There was a study in which some women avoided colacoffee, energy drinks, and chocolate because they lead to water retention in their bodies because these products have diuretic properties. When they avoided them, then they noticed that their condition was getting better.

If you are suffering from breast cysts, then you should try to avoid caffeine in your diet. You will see if this diet will work for you. You should not consume black tea and coffee because these products have high levels of methylxanthines which, in most cases, are a reason for breast cysts.

Also, beverages and chocolate are rich in this element.

Caffeine is the most known component of coffee, leading to nerve discomfort and affecting the nerves in your body. There are many cases in which women, who were not taking caffeine, have reduced this disease and also its symptoms. [1,2]

Consume soy based food

Isoflavones are a component of soy-based foods. You should consume soy-based foods when you have excess estrogen in your body. When you are not having normal levels of this hormone, then this can lead to breast cysts. You should eat soy-based food because it is a breast cyst home remedy and will help you reduce the symptoms caused by this disease. [1,2]

Natural cures for breast cysts, Breast cysts home remedyApply heat

When women are suffering from breast cysts, they should use the application of heat through hot water bottles because it can help them reduce the pain caused by this disease.

They can do this breast cysts home remedy to their breasts because it will help them to reduce the breast cysts.

Also, they can shower with warm water. In the markets, they can find heating pads that will help them to reduce the symptoms of this disease. When you feel pain in your breasts, you should apply heating pads because they will give you instant relief from the pain caused by the breast cysts.

Eat food which is rich with fiber

When you have enough fiber in your body, you are reducing the excess estrogen level in your body, which is one of the most common causes of this disease. You should eat bananasbrown rice, whole grains, melonspears, and flaxseed because they are rich in fiber, and these breast cysts’ home remedies will help you to reduce the symptoms caused by this disease. [1,2]

Control the intake amount of salt

If you want to eliminate breast cysts in a natural way, then you should reduce the intake amount of salt. You should not consume a lot of salt because this product leads to water retention in the body, which means that if you use too much salt in your diet, you will worsen your condition

When some women try not to use too much salt in their diet, they notice that their condition is getting better. You should not consume salt because it has sodium as its component.

It is a known fact that this component increases your body’s water retention, leading to breast cysts. Also, you should avoid some kinds of foods, such as canned food and chips, which have high amounts of salt as their component. [1,2]

Evening primrose oil

This is one of the best home remedies for breast cysts. This breast cysts home remedy will help you reduce the chances which can lead to this condition and also reduce the symptoms caused by this disease.

You should take evening primrose oil supplements if you suffer from breast cysts. This oil has one acid, which is known as linolenic acid. This acid is helping to women who are suffering from breast cysts because it reduces the chances of getting breast cysts. Before you start using this breast cyst home remedy, you should consult with your herbalist or gynecologist. [3]

Wearing supportive bra

Women suffering from breast cysts can have pain and breast tenderness which increases at night. Also, the pain and brain tenderness is increased when they are in their menstrual period. When women are not wearing bras during the night (when their breasts are free), then they have increased chances of getting breast cysts.

Women who are suffering from breast cysts should use supportive bras for their breasts. They will help them to eliminate the pain and breast tenderness which are common symptoms when they are suffering from breast cysts.

Also, when they are using supportive bras, which will help them to reduce the pain during the night, which will help them to have a quality sleep. When you are using bras, you should be sure that they are not compressing your breasts too much because if this is your case, then you will have a lack of oxygen.

Cruciferous vegetables

If you are suffering from breast cysts, you should add cruciferous vegetables to your diets, such as cabbagebroccoli, and cauliflower. These breast cysts’ home remedy has natural estrogen, which is helping to women who are suffering from breast cysts to reduce breast tenderness and pain. [1,2]


There are some vitamins, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which reduce breast cysts. They should take the right amount of them. You should consult with your doctor if you are suffering from breast cysts before you start using these breast cysts’ home remedies. He or she will tell you the right intake amount. [3]

Hot compress of essential oils

Chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil are one of the most used essential oils as natural treatments for breast cysts. In warm water, you should mix ten drops of chamomile essential oil and ten drops of lavender essential oil. You will need to dip clean cotton in this mixture. You should press the cotton on your breasts. You should repeat this home remedy twice per day.

This breast cysts home remedy will help you reduce your breasts’ size. Also, it will help you to prevent the formation of new breast cysts. [4]

Hot compress with rice

This is one of the most respected home remedies used many years ago as a natural treatment for breast cysts. It has helped many patients who are suffering from this kind of disease. In a sock, you should put uncooked rice. Then, you should tie the open from the sock normally. In a pan or in the oven, you should warm this sock. Then, you should put the hot compress on your breasts where you feel pain (where you have cysts). 

You should not use too hot a compress because if it is too hot, it can burn your breasts. When you are using this breast cyst home remedy, you are reducing the discomfort and pain caused by this disease. Also, you are preventing the formation of breast cysts.

Apply cabbage leaves

This is one of the best home remedies you can use if you suffer from breast cysts. This breast cysts home remedy will help you reduce the pain caused by this disease [5].

Also, it will help you to reduce the size of the breast cysts. You will need to cabbage leaves. You should cut them according to the size of your breasts. Then, you should tie them over your breasts. You should let this remedy stay on your breasts for half an hour.

Eat more iodine-rich food

The thyroid gland can be inactive if you have an iodine deficiency. When you have iodine deficiency in your body, this can result in breast cysts. Women suffering from this condition should try to eat food rich in iodine because it can reduce the size of their cysts.

Also, you can add iodine salt to the food which you are consuming. This breast cysts home remedy will help you to have normal iodine levels, which means that you can reduce the chances of getting breast cysts.


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]


  1. Lavender has been s ghost own to increase breast adipose tissue. This is why they re!over it from all bedtime baby products. Agree with the post above. This is not a reliable source of information.

  2. The bra suggestion is stupid with zero scientific evidence to support the claim, if anything it’s the exact opposite. This is why people shouldn’t just write random articles online.


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