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Babchi Oil: Amazing 4 Health Benefits

The babchi oil has the scientific name Psoraleacorylifolia. It belongs to the family Fabaceae. Also, it is known as Bakuchi in Sanskrit. The seeds of this plant are used to extract essential oils with the help of the process of the steam distillation method. In Ayurvedic medicine, babchi oil has been used as a vasodilator, pigment, and cardiac tonic. It can help in the treatment of many health problems, such as reproductive ailments, stress, vitiligo, leukoderma, and leprosy. The babchi oil has many powerful chemical constituents, such as is psoralen, analgesic, psoralen, linalool, bakuchiol, etc.

The babchi oil has many healing properties, such as tonic, diuretic, cardiac, antifungal, etc. In traditional medicine, babchi oil is used as a home remedy for vitiligo. Also, it was used in the treatment of grey hairs. If you want to use babchi oil as your home remedy for some kind of disease, first talk with your doctor so you will be sure that there are no bad effects on your health. The babchi oil should not be used internally. You should avoid sun exposure after using babchi oil. Also, pregnant women should not use babchi oil. Here are some health benefits of babchi oil:

Health Benefits of Babchi Oil

Babchi Oil: Amazing 4 Health Benefits

Treat cancer:

The babchi oil can help in the treatment of cancers, such as lung cancer. The babchi oil has chemical components, such as bavachinin, corylfolinin, and psoralen which can help in the treatment of cancers. Also, it can help to slow down the growth of osteosarcoma and lung cancer cells.

Treat reproductive problems:

The babchi oil has aphrodisiac properties, which can support the reproductive health of both women and men. It acts as a tonic and it can help to enhance vitality. The babchi oil can help to treat premature ejaculation, lack of sexual interest, frigidity, incontinence, and impotence. You can make a mixture of two drops of babchi oil, two drops of cinnamon oil, two drops of ylang-ylang oil, and 3 ml of jojoba oil.

You should use this mixture to massage your lower abdomen, genital organs, and lower back. This home remedy can help to enhance mood, stimulate reproductive organs, relax nerves, and uplift senses. You should add one drop of rose oil, one drop of sandalwood oil, and two drops of babchi oil to the warm bathing water to enhance your mood.

Respiratory health:

The babchi oil can help to lower chronic fever which is known as Jwarahara. You should make a mixture of one drop of peppermint oil and two drops of babchi oil in steam inhalation and inhale it. It can help you to get relief from asthma, breathing problems, headache, sinusitis, colds, whooping cough, nasal congestion, and bronchitis. You can massage your chest, throat, and back with one drop of babchi oil with vaporizing ointment. This can help to improve the health problems with your respiratory system.

You can also add two drops of babchi oil to warm bathing water. This can help you to stay away from respiratory infections. You can make a mixture of two drops of babchi oil, one drop of cajeput oil, and two ml of coconut oil and massage your foot soles on it. This can help you to lower your body temperature which is caused by high fever.

Oral and bone health:

The babchi oil can help to strengthen your bones because it is promoting the calcification of bones. It has a high concentration of calcium. You can make a mixture of two drops of birch oil, 10 ml of sesame oil, 5 drops of babchi oil, and two drops of black cumin oil. You should massage your body with it. It can help to stimulate your bones, promote calcium and it will assist in recovery from bone dislocation, and boost health in the case of osteoporosis.

Also, it has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and astringent properties which can help to treat bleeding gums, halitosis, plaque, and weak gums. Also, you can strengthen your teeth with the help of babchi oil. You should gargle by adding one drop of clove oil and one drop of babchi oil in a cup of warm water in the night and morning. Your teeth will be strong as never before.


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