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Health benefits of Arugula

Arugula is also known as salad. In the most parts of the worlds it’s known for the name rocket. This is green-leafy vegetable which is produced in the Mediterranean origin. This herb can be easily grown at home. It has small amount of calories which are making this herb healthy for all your body. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K which are providing boost for the bone and brain health. Also it is hydrating food which is keeping your body hydrated during the summer. This peppery flavor is providing natural cooling effect on the body which makes it great food for the summer.

Arugula health benefits 

Cancer: If you are suffering from cancer, then you should consume arugula in your diet. Arugula has phytochemicals which are helping against the cancer. Phytochemicals are effective for breast, prostate, colon, cervical and ovarian cancers. These phytochemicals (indoles, thiocyanates and sulphoraphane) are inhibiting the activity of the cancer-causing cells.

Weight loss: If you want to lose your weight, then you should add this herb in your every day meal. It is reach with vitamins and nutrient components. Also it has low calories which are making it perfect for weight loss. This herb is making balance in your organism without any side effect.

Arugula health benefitshealth benefits of arugula

Mineral absorption: Oxelates are in very small amount found in the arugula compared to spinach. Oxilates are inhibiting the absorption of the minerals by the body’s system. Because arugula does not have oxilates in large amounts, but has iron and copper, this fact makes arugula effective for mineral absorption. You should always know which the healthiest green vegetables are so you can consume it.

Eyesight: Carotenoids which are component in the arugula are improving the person’s ability to see things better. They are slowing down the process of macular degeneration. This process means that the center of a person’s field of vision has become compromised. This could be reason for cataracts. If you add carotenoids in your diet, then you can slow down the signs and symptoms of old ages. The best way to stop it is to eat an arugula.

Metabolic functions: Arugula has B-complex (group of eight distinct vitamins) which is working to keep the organism safe and healthy. The B-complex is participating in all cell activities. Here we can mention production of the red blood cells, fat synthesis, energy production and many other vital processes for the cell and organism health. Arugula contains large amounts of B-complex vitamins in their organic structure.

Immune system: Vitamins, which we mentioned above, are boosting your immune system. With this function your organism has more energy for the everyday activities. Vitamin C which is one of the best vitamins contained in the arugula has ability to keep your immune system health and to defend it from the free radical before they make some damage in your health. Minerals and vitamins which are contained in the arugula are boosting your immune system. Because arugula contains copper, your body is producing more white blood cells. Also is improving the strength of your body, functionality and durability of your immune system.

Healthy body: Vitamin A which is contained in the arugula is antioxidant which is improving the condition of eyes, bones and teeth. The flavonoid compounds in the arugula are protecting the immune system against the lung, skin and other types of the cancers that exists.

Antioxidant: Arugula is a great source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are increasing the oxygen radical absorbance capacity in the people. This ability is measure for antioxidant strength. They are helping to produce healthy cells and also they are destroying all of the unhealthy cells. Antioxidants are also fighting against the free radicals that can make big damage in your immune system. You should always consume an arugula because it can help from simple illnesses such as cold to complex illnesses such as heart diseases, cancer and premature aging.

Arugula for Pre-Natal health

For mothers who are pregnant, arugula is one of the best food choices that they should add in their diet. Folates which are found in this vegetable are decreasing the chances of mental defects in newborns. Arugula is rich with folates as many leafy vegetables.

Merlin Joy
Merlin Joy
Holding a doctorate degree, Dr. Merlin Joy AKA Sinatra developed passion for home remedies from her mother, grand father and grandmother. Sinatra loves to read books and hiking. You can contact her through [email protected]


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