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cataract home remedy, Natural cures for cataracts

The eyes are one of the most important parts of our bodies. If they do not function well, then we cannot see what we are doing or where we are going. There are many different diseases that affect our eyes no matter what our age is. But older people are having the most problems with eye diseases.

One of the most common eye diseases is cataracts. People who suffer from this condition see that everything around them fades away. In everything they encounter, there is a certain mist or fog. If you have these symptoms often, then you have cataracts. This condition develops at a very slow pace. When this problem becomes a debilitating and serious problem, then people try to find the best remedy. You can have surgery to rid of this condition.

Also, you can make surgical corrections to have better eyesight. But also, there are many natural cures and cataract home remedies that can help you to improve your eyesight. But before you take some of the mentioned cataract home remedies, you need to talk with your doctor.

If these natural treatments help you to give relief, then you may not have to have an operation. You should start using these home remedies and natural cubres when the symptoms of cataracts are in the early stages.


13 Home remedies for natural treatment of cataracts

Vitamin C

It is said that if you increase your intake of this natural cure, then this can help you in the prevention of cataracts [1,2].

You should eat a diet that is rich in Vitamin C and also increases your intake of Vitamin C supplements. This natural cataract home remedy will have a reverse effect on cataract formation. This home remedy has antioxidant properties, which can help you to prevent occurrences of cataracts. The lens of our eyes has a maximum concentration of Vitamin C compared with any part of our bodies.

If you are diagnosed with cataracts, you should talk with your ophthalmologist about the recommended Vitamin C intake.

Cineraria Maritima

This cataract home remedy herb is also known as a dusty miller, and it can help you to dissolve cataracts [3]. If you use Cineraria Maritima tincture, then this can prevent the development of cataracts.

Also, it has shown that it can reverse the effects of existing cataracts. You should not use commercial tinctures. Instead, you should use this mother tincture diluted in saline water.


Papayas have this component papain which has the ability to aid protein digestion. Many people who suffer from cataracts have difficulty or inability to digest protein in their bodies [4].

The protein can cloud the lens of your eyes, and it can lead to severe cataract formations. You can take this natural cure if you suffer from cataracts. You can take it in the form of a supplement. This cataract home remedy will prevent further episodes of cataracts.


Bilberries are one of the best home remedies that can help you to heal many life-threatening diseases. Cataracts are not a life-threatening disease. You can use this natural cure to remove the haziness of vision, which is a very effective home remedy for this condition. This cataract home remedy is rich in anthocyanosides which are flavonoids. They will protect the retina and lens of our eyes from the damage that is caused by oxidation. [5]


This natural cure can reverse cataracts laden eyes. It is a very happy news that there are some natural cures that can reverse the effects of this disease. You should take wheatgrass supplements in your daily diet, or you can drink wheatgrass juice every day because this will help you to remove the haze from your eyes.

This kind of natural cataract home remedy treatment was tested on dogs, but also it was tested on humans. But many more studies should be done on the feature because it should be 100% sure that it will help you in the fight against cataracts. [6]

Green tea

This is one of the best home remedies for vision problems and general eye health. You should take this cataract home remedy three to four times per day because, in this way, you will get all the health benefits.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that can give your eyes a new surge of life. Also, you can take this natural cure in the form of supplements. You should talk with your doctor about the recommended dose of these supplements. [7]

Milk and almonds

People who suffer from cataracts have eyes that remain red and irritated. This is a serious problem for those people who must deal with it. You should soak almonds overnight in the milk. You should be sure that the milk is unadulterated milk. If you do not have this kind of milk in your home, then you should use another cataract home remedy from the mentioned ones.

When you soak almonds in milk, nutrients penetrate them, and you should fortify them. You should apply the milk drops on your eyelids because this will help you to reduce the redness and also it will help you to reduce the general irritation of your eyes. Also, you should consume these almonds if you want to have clear-looking skin.


There are some medical journals in which it is said that this natural cure can reverse the effects of cataracts on your eyes and also it can put your eyes on the right track. This cataract home remedy has high amounts of antioxidants and beta-carotene. You should consume this wonderful natural cure in your daily diet if you want to prevent the formation of cataracts in your eyes. [8]

A diet rich in raw vegetables

We know that if we consume raw vegetables, then we will have good health. They are rich in nutrients. They are also rich in Vitamin A, which acts as a potion for your eyes. You should make a salad from lemon juice and olive oil which you sprinkle on top of this salad. Add this kind of salad to your daily diet.

Also, you should never forget to wash your vegetables when you eat them in a raw form because this will help you to prevent other types of diseases. You should always care about your eyes, and raw vegetables are one of the best ways in which you can do this care. Also, you should drink fresh vegetable juices such as carrot juice because it will help you to have healthy eyes. [9]

Natural cures for cataracts, cataract home remedy

Garlic cloves

This natural cure has many health benefits that can help us keep our eyes healthy. Also, this cataract home remedy can help you positively affect your cloudy eyes. You should consume two to three garlic cloves every day. This natural cure will clean your lens, and this effect is compared to cleaning your eyes with soap and water. You should try this natural treatment if you suffer from cataracts.

Alpha Lipoic acid

There are some studies in which is shown that Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the best natural cures for cataracts. This is a nutrient that is very similar to vitamins. This is also an antioxidant component. It can help you to eliminate the free radicals in your body, which in most cases is a reason for cataracts. This kind of natural cure will help you to restore the Vitamin C and Vitamin E levels in your body which can help you to have healthy eyes.

You should take 600 mg of this cataract home remedy twice per mouth. But talk with your doctor about the recommended dose for you. [10]


We know that phytonutrients are one of the most important chemicals which will promote healthy cell development and growth. Many of these phytonutrients act as antioxidants which will help you to fight against the free radicals which are causing damage to your eyes.

Also, they will help you to stay protected from the side effects of free radicals in any part of your body. You should consume a lot of phytonutrients in your diet because they will help you to stay healthy. You can find them in supplement form, or you should consume dark-colored vegetables and fruits (which are yellow, purple, red, or green colored) that are rich with phytonutrients.


One of the most important nutrients for your eyes is lutein. It is carotenoid. This compound is also a major component of the yellow and orange pigments that are found in many vegetables and fruits.

There are many studies in which is shown that this natural cataract home remedy component is very important for protecting our eyes from cataracts, and also it can protect us from other diseases that can happen to our eyes.

You can find this nutrient in many complex multivitamin-mineral supplements, but you need to talk with your doctor about the recommended intake amount. Also, you should take enough amount of this nutrient from vegetables and fruits, which will boost your eye health. [9]


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