Benefits of lilac essential oil – Astringent, Antifungal and Vermifuge

Health benefits of lilac essential oil

The lilac essential oil can help to reduce the fever. Also it can help to treat any kidney diseases as well. The lilac essential oil comes from the leaves of Syringa vulgaris plant. It is native to Persia and Eastern Europe. The lilac essential oil is a steam – distilled extract of the leaves of this plant. Lilac essential oil has light purple color and also it has refreshing floral scent. You should remember that you should not consume lilac essential oil at all. You need to avoid contact with lilac essential oil if you are nursing pr pregnant. Those people who have hyper – sensitive skin should not use lilac essential oil because it can trigger skin infections. You should mix lilac essential oil with carrier oil and apply a small amount of this home remedy to your skin and you will notice if your skin develops an infection or it reacts to the lilac oil. There are some cases when the lilac essential oil can turn red, be very itchy and you can even develop a rash or hives. If you have noticed some of the side effects of lilac essential oil, then you should stop taking this oil and ask for immediate medical help because it will help you to reduce future complications. You need to talk with your doctor before you start using this oil.

Health benefits of lilac essential oil:

Antibacterial: The lilac essential oil is strong antibacterial agent. This essential oil smells divine. This property is making the lilac essential oil an ideal sterilizing agent which can eliminate the bacteria that is cause for infection but at the same time it will leave your home smelling wonderful.

Possible psychic effects: This essential oil has hidden health benefit. The lilac essential oil can boost the psychic abilities which are including a wider sense of perception of the spirit world. This essential oil is an ethereal experience.

Treats skin problems: The lilac essential oil has many health benefits and it has the ability to treat skin problems, such as burns, rashes and cuts. Also the lilac essential oil can help to treat the sunburn. It can protect the open wounds from infections and also it can stimulate the growth of new cells and increase the rate of healing. This essential oil will give you healthy and glowing skin.

Eases anxiety: This essential oil has a characteristically sweet fragrance. It can calm your mind and it can help to ease the anxiety. There are many aroma therapists which are using the lilac essential oil to relax their clients. This essential oil will induce a harmonious mood.

Febrifuge: This essential oil is very effective febrifuge. This is an agent that means that it can help to reduce the fever and it will give you a comfort from its effects.

Health benefits of lilac essential oil

Health benefits of lilac essential oil

Astringent: This essential oil has potential benefits for your skin. It has proven astringent properties which are making it very effective skin tightening agent and toner. When you apply lilac essential oil topically, then it can reduce wrinkles and age lines. Also this essential oil can help to reduce the skin sagging as well. This oil will help to tighten your skin, increase the elasticity of your skin and it can prevent many of the symptoms of premature aging.

Antifungal: This essential oil has antifungal properties which are making it very effective home remedy for eliminating fungi from the body and it can help to lower the risk of fungal infections. It is known that fungal and bacterial infections are susceptible to the effects of lilac essential oil. When they are inhaled through a diffuser, then the lilac essential oil will help your gastrointestinal and respiratory system to stave off attacks from the various airborne pathogens.

Vermifuge: This essential oil is an effective vermifuge. It means that it can help to purge your body on intestinal worms. It is known that vermifuges are anthelmintic drugs. These drugs typically kill or stun intestinal worms and other parasites without harming the body. They are either vermicides (parasite killers) or vermifuges (parasite – stunners).


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