Neroli essential oil has bactericidal and aphrodisiac properties

neroli essential oil

The health benefits of neroli essential oil can be attributed to its properties as tonic, sedative, emollient, digestive, deodorant, antispasmodic, disinfectant, cytophylactic, cicatrisant, carminative, cordial, bactericidal, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and antidepressant substance. This is another essential oil which comes from a citrus fruit. In fact, most of the medicinal properties of neroli oil are matching with those of other citrus essential oils. This type of essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of flowers of Neroli. The botanical name of Neroli is Citrus Aurantium. Also there is another name – Citrus Vulgaris which is often assigned to this plant. There are not inherent threats of using neroli essential oil. You should avoid using neroli oil when you want to concentrate on something or when you want to avoid sleep because it has strong sedative nature.

Health benefits of neroli essential oil

Emollient: This is a very popular health benefit of neroli essential oil which means it is able to care for our skin. It can make our skin smooth and it will make it free from infections. Also it will add a glamorous glow to it. It can help you to maintain right oil and moisture balance in your skin.

Digestive: This essential oil increases appetite and also it promotes digestion.

Deodorant: The neroli essential oil can drive away foul odors. It can be used on our bodies as a perfume or in the rooms as vaporizers and fresheners. This can help you to drive away the odor. Also it will disinfect the rooms against toxins and germs.

Neroli essential oil

Neroli Essential Oil uses

Tonic: This is a very effective essential oil for all aspects of human health such as boost immune system, proper circulation and correct rate of metabolism.

Sedative: Neroli essential oil sedates all organ systems and metabolic functions of our bodies in which are also included those in our heads. It can give you a relief from irritations, inflammations, depression, anger, distress and anxiety. It can relax both soul and body.

Antispasmodic: The neroli essential oil efficiently handles spasms and also it gives a relief from spasmodic cholera, spasmodic aches, cramps and spasmodic coughs. Also it can help you to relax the muscles throughout your body.

Disinfectant: Neroli essential oil disinfects your body as well as the surroundings. Also it is curing infections of the urinary tract, kidneys, prostate and colon when this natural cure is taken internally. Also it can help to cure skin infections and it protects against new infections.

Cytophlyactic: This essential oil promotes the generation of new cells and also it stimulates the health of people who are already present. This will make you grow healthier, stronger and bigger.

Cicatrisant: This health benefit of the neroli essential oil is working better than any anti – mark lotion or cream. There are some anti – mark applications which are using neroli essential oil as their component. This cause after – marks, spots and scars left by pox, boils, acne to fade away.

Carminative: This property of the neroli essential oils means that it can make an exit sign for gases that build up inside of our intestines and stomachs. All we know how feels when we are relieved of our gases. Inflammation and indigestion are gone, appetite comes back, we feel light and our stomachaches are also gone. Also we get a lower blood pressure.

Cordial: Neroli essential oil can give you protection from colds during winter. This natural cure will keep you warm and it will not let colds and coughs to infect you. Also it will curb the protection of excess mucus and also it will make it easy for you to sleep and breathe in winter.

Bactericidal: This natural cure can kill the bacteria and also it will keep you free from many toxins microbial infections. This natural cure can help you to get a relief from many conditions which are caused by bacteria such as food poisoning, typhoid and cholera.

Antiseptic: If you have wound or cut and you are too far from your doctor and to get anti – tetanus injection, then you should apply this oil on your wounds.


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