Natural treatment & home remedies for mesenteric adenitis

mesenteric adenitis

The mesenteric adenitis happens when one or more of your lymph nodes are enlarged which is usually happening by an infection. We know that lymph nodes are important parts of the immune system. They have white blood cells, called lymphocytes. The white blood cells fight against infections by producing proteins which capture and fight invaders, like viruses and other microbes. The swollen or enlarged lymph node is the main symptom of mesenteric adenitis. When the lymph node is in a normal size, then it is less than one centimeter in diameter.

There are two types of mesenteric adenitis known as localized lymphadenitis (this is the most common type and it involves just one or a few nodes that are close to the infected area) and generalized lymphadenitis (it is a lymph node infection which happens in two or more lymph node groups). The mesenteric adenitis is happening when the lymph nodes become swollen and enlarged.

This is often happening in response to fungi, bacteria or viruses in the surrounding areas of the body, like the eye, nose, ear or skin. In many cases, the mesenteric adenitis is a complication of certain bacterial infections caused by bacteria like staphylococcus or streptococcus. In other cases, it can be caused by other infections, like mono, cat scratch disease or tuberculosis. If you suffer from mesenteric adenitis, then you need to talk with your doctor about the best home remedies for you because some of them can cause side effects.

Home remedies for mesenteric adenitis

mesenteric adenitis

Cool compress: You should apply a cool compress on the affected area because it can help to reduce the swelling and pain [1]. You should do this natural treatment ten to fifteen minutes a day until the swelling goes down. You should add one to two drops of tea tree oil to the compress because this can help to fight the infection which is cause for mesenteric adenitis. Also, you can elevate the affected part of your body because it will reduce the pain and swelling.

Tea tree essential oil: There are some studies done in India which are said that the tea tree essential oil is effective against bacteria and it can help in the fight against infections. In these studies was said that upon applying tea tree oil, there was an immediate effect that was followed by a slow – released effect over a 24 hour period [2]. After using this home remedy, there is an initial cellular response.

Then, this natural cure continues working within the body to fight against infection. You should know that this natural cure is not for an internal use. You can apply it topically to the affected area, you can inhale it directly from a bottle or you can diffuse it at home. If you have decided to use it on your skin, then you should make a skin test on little area of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then you should mix the tea tree essential oil with equal part of coconut oil.

Oregano essential oil: There was one study done in 2016 in which was shown that oregano has potent anti – bacterial properties which are very effective against some antibiotic – resistant bacterial strains. This natural cure has shown bactericidal effects against all 17 strains that were tested [3]. Also, this home remedy is very effective against viral and fungal infections.

Many doctors prefer the usage of oregano essential oil instead of antibiotics because this home remedy does not cause side effects like the antibiotics. Some side effects of antibiotics is riding of the gut healthy bacteria and increasing your chances of developing digestive disorders. If you suffer from mesenteric adenitis, then you should take the oregano essential oil internally for maximum two weeks. When you are taking it internally, then you should dilute it with water or mix it with coconut oil.

Astragalus root: This home remedy can help to swollen lymph nodes that are caused by a viral infection, like mono. This is possible due to its anti – inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This home remedy is commonly used in the traditional Chinese medicine as a natural treatment for many different diseases and body disorders due to the immune – boosting properties. You can take astragalus as a capsule or tincture or you can buy it in dried form and add hot water to it. [4]

Vitamin C: This vitamin can help you to improve your stressed immune system which is fighting against infections. This vitamin is playing an important role in helping your body to protect itself. Also, it can reduce your chances of developing complications from infections like mesenteric adenitis. The swollen lymph nodes are a sign of infection which already exists in the body so you should take a mega – dose of Vitamin C which is 4,000 mg for adults but talk with your doctor about the best recommended dosage for you. Also, you should eat Vitamin C rich foods, like papaya, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, kale and pineapple. [5]

Apple cider vinegar: This natural cure has acetic acid which has unique abilities to kill dangerous bacteria that are causes for infections in your body. This property is making the apple cider vinegar a natural antibiotic which can help you to treat infections and boost your immune system.

You can use this home remedy as a lymphatic tonic which can help to detoxify your body and promote lymphatic drainage. This will help to your lymph nodes to do their job which is protecting the body against illness and fighting against bacteria. You should take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water three times a day as your home remedy for mesenteric adenitis. Also, you can soak a clean wash cloth in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the inflamed area.

Colloidal silver: If you suffer from mesenteric adenitis, then you can use the colloidal silver as your home remedy. This home remedy attaches to the cell membranes directly and it is producing respiration – blocking effects. The colloidal silver does not create resistance or immunity in the organisms which are killed by this home remedy which is not the case with antibiotic drugs.

This home remedy will destroy the disease and cancer causing pathogens within minutes of exposure. Also, this natural cure has anti – inflammatory activity which can help to reduce the swelling and pain that are associated with mesenteric adenitis. You should take one drop of colloidal silver internally or you can add 5 drops to a neti pot to treat the mesenteric adenitis. You should remember that you should not use this home remedy for more than 14 days in a row. [6]

Manuka honey: This home remedy has shown powerful bactericidal activity against antibiotic – resistant bacteria which can cause serious infections. There are some studies in which are said that the manuka honey, even a raw honey, has a low pH level and high sugar content which can hinder the growth of microbes. Manuka honey can help to stop the growth of bacteria throughout the body and it can help to treat bacterial infections which are causing enlarged lymph nodes. You should look for genuine UMGF manuka honey which has a rating of UMF10 or higher. This guarantees you that the manuka honey have significant antibacterial activities. [7]

Garlic: There are some studies in which are shown that the raw garlic has a chemical compound called allicin which is very effective at killing many different microorganisms which are responsible for both rare and common infections.

Garlic has antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties which can help you to get a relief from the infections which lead to mesenteric adenitis. You should crush and eat two to three cloves of raw garlic every day until your infection goes away. When you are chopping the garlic, then it activates allinase enzymes in the garlic’s cells and this is producing allicin which can help in the treatment of infections. [8]

Echinacea: This herb is derived from the Echinacea plant and it can be used to fight against infections. It can boost your immune system and it can remove toxins which are causing infections. This can help to speed up your healing process. [9]

Licorice: This home remedy is used as a home remedy for many different infections due to its anti – inflammatory properties. Also, it enhances mucosal protection. This home remedy can help you in the natural treatment of mesenteric adenitis by loading your intestinal tract with healthy bacteria. [10]


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